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Fire & Stone (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Fire & Stone in West End, London

31/32 Maiden Lane, West End, London, WC2E 7JS
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified] Average Price: £15
Tel: 020 7632 2084 | Email to Fire & Stone | Transport: Covent Garden | Write review

Fire & Stone Review

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If you’re looking for fusion dining, look no further. Fire and Stone is the latest offering from Carodene, a west-end restaurant group.

Centrally located on Maiden Lane, this venue certainly has the wow factor – wanna-be movie stars can flounce up the illuminated staircase, past a monstrous pebble-dashed pizza oven – reputedly the UK’s largest, offering 29 new wood-fired, stone-baked pizzas - to the huge, airy restaurant which is almost big enough to house a 747. Decor-wise, think Manhattan chic with a touch of the orient. An industrial grey ceiling reminiscent of up-turned egg cartons meets blood red walls adorned with Japanese cherry blossom and bamboo-effect accessories. It’s still early on a Monday night but the smart retro seats are already packed with diners.

Continents collide on the menu too. After a limited starter selection of pizza crusts or, well, pizza crusts (from £3.95 - enough for two), we ponder a weird and wonderful journey around the thin-crust of the world. Dipping into the Americas section, Fire and Stone’s Acapulco (£7.95) was deliciously peppy – slow-cooked chill beef with jalapenos, red onion and mozzarella, slathered in sour cream and guacamole. My hesitations over how well Asia would translate onto pizza dough were laid to rest – (four) juicy garlic prawns nestled on a generous heap of glistening fire-roasted peppers, drizzled with chilli oil, spring onions and hoi-sin sauce – brilliant fresh flavours with an oriental twist (Lombok, £7.95).

The verdict? As an alternative pizza experience, Fire and Stone have combined all the right elements in a chic, stylish environment - from the excellent service down to the complimentary mineral water. I did find the caramel and banana pizza with coconut ice cream (£4.50) delicious but it was an overkill after my two previous pizza courses. Perhaps a few additions to the bookends of the menu would be the icing on the cake – or should I say, the topping on the pizza. more

Customer Reviews for Fire & Stone

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“Quick pizzas, great variety too. Not cheap but then this is a West End restaurant. It does get quiet loud and busy too so don't take a date here. Good for those on the run. Not the best pizza in London though (see Franco Manca in Brixton for that).”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tony Pugilli, Streatham (7 years 1 months 3 days ago)

“The idea of pizzas with toppings from different worldwide dishes isn’t very nice; I’d recommend you to stick to the sensible choices. It was a very busy Tuesday night and obviously they were rushing around trying to avoid eye contact with dinners to prevent more work, although they did seem nice whilst serving. However, when it came to paying! I found it VERY CHEEKY that the OPTIONAL service charge of 12.5%! was included in the total without any subtotals to tell you how much it would be without the service charge. And to add to this! Before I was able to ask for this to be removed from my payment, the lady took my card and went off with it to their till without a word (a card should never leave its owner’s sight as you would never know what they would be doing with it, they could be copying down your card details and you would know until you find money missing from your account! And I wasn’t too happy about that). I was expecting it was a chip and pin, but she came back with a receipt I had to sign for my card payment with the optional service charged included without asking! I ask her if the 12.5% service charge was optional and she replied “yes!” and turned away immediately! (I’ve read many other similar reviews where they’ve done this before, one even said they left without having a birthday cake they brought with them because they would’ve been charged for their service to cut and serve the cakes). I was very annoyed with this! And she OBVIOUSLY knew! Giving”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Susan, London (9 years 9 months 16 days ago)

“Nice venue, good service, LOUSY pizza. My fiance & I had dinner there on Sat night & were so disappointed we were still talking about it the next day. We ordered the Bombay & the Byron Bay and were simply underwhelmed by the flavor or rather the lack there of. Someone needs to buy a spice rack for the chef - Or better yet - purchase him a flight to New York to learn how gourmet pizza is done! The only reason we may go back is for the half-price wine bottle happy hour. But this time we will order the San Francisco which is the closest to a margharita pizza- hopefully they can't screw that up! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lisa, London (12 years 10 months 27 days ago)

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Fire & Stone Opening Hours

Monday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Friday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Saturday: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Wednesday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Thursday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm    

Additional Information

Fire & Stone Food & Drinks

  • Cuisine Type: [Other/Unclassified]
  • Average Price: £15

Fire & Stone Food Menu

Fire & Stone’s team of dedicated restaurant chefs make everything with the finest fresh ingredients, making sure that you always have a first rate experience every time you visit the restaurant.

Updated 04/07/2017

Item Description Price
Giant Cous Cous & Pomegranate Salad Cous cous, red peppers, pomegranate, fennel, mixed leaves, dried cranberries & toasted pine nuts £ 11.95
The Melbourne Burger 6oz beef patty with melted brie, sweet red onions, free range egg served with tomato, lettuce & gherkins £ 12.95
Florence Pizza Cheese sauce base topped with garlic spinach, Kalamata olives, toasted pine nuts, mozzarella & a free range soft runny egg £ 10.95
Crayfish Linguine Crayfish linguini, cherry tomatoes, rocket with white wine, chili & garlic with olive oil £ 12.95
Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cheesecake Dessert With chocolate sauce £ 6.25

Food downloads

Fire and Stone ALC Menu
Here at Fire & Stone, we boast a delicious menu packed with tastes and flavours from around the world, delivered straight to your plate in London.

Fire & Stone Drinks Menu

As well as fantastic gourmet global food, Fire & Stone offer a superb selection of drinks, designed to suit all tastes and occasions.

Choose from a great selection of quality wines, Champagnes, beers and spirits, or try one of the stunning cocktails. They also offer a delicious range of soft drinks, shakes & mocktails.

Updated 04/07/2017

Item Description Price
Apple & Elderflower Gin Fizz (Cocktail) Beefeater Gin and St. Germain Elderflower liqueur are shaken with pressed apple juice, fresh lemon juice, honey, fresh cucumber & mint, topped with soda £ 7.90
Lavender & Elderflower Pink Lemonade (Mocktail) Elderflower cordial, lemon juice, lavender & Peychaud Bitters topped with Belvoir traditional cloudy lemonade £ 4.50

Drink downloads

Fire & Stone ALC Menu
Please find our range of cocktails, wines, beers and new mocktails available.

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