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Adventure Bar Covent Garden (Bar)

Picture of Adventure Bar Covent Garden in West End, London

20 Bedford Street, West End, West End, London, WC2E 9HP
Cuisine: Pizza Average Price: £12.00
Tel: (020) 7497 0254 | Email to Adventure Bar Covent Garden | Transport: Leicester Square | Write review

Adventure Bar Covent Garden Review

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Best for: soothing those aches and pains of everyday life or celebrating all that life throws at you.

Great: West End cocktails, in all their wild and wonderful ways.

I seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time in cocktail bars of late. Actually, truth be told, I’ve spent a lot of time drinking cocktails full stop. At home, if I’ve had an especially good/bad/successful/unsuccessful (delete as necessary) day, you can usually find me at the kitchen counter, book in hand, grinding sugar with mint or blending chocolate with cream and adding spirits free poured until I’ve achieved a cocktail that satisfies my mood. When I’m out I spend time perusing cocktail menus, carefully choosing my cocktail of choice, which differs every single time I pass through the hallowed cocktail bar doors.

Therein lies my point. For all the moments in our rich and varied lives, I can think of a cocktail to compliment it. And at Adventure Bar in Covent Garden, there really is every cocktail you’ve ever heard of, and some you haven’t, all handily contained in one menu under one lively roof.

Umpa Lumpa
Chuck out that family sized box of Maltesers. Throw away the Milk Tray. If you’ve just dumped your boyfriend/girlfriend, or you’ve just been dumped, or if you’ve had a hazy first date and they never called you back, dry your eyes and sink an Umpa Lumpa cocktail. With Malibu, rich chocolate and hazelnut liqueurs, milk and cream, this cocktail has all the naughty ingredients necessary to soothe a broken heart. Add a gaggle of your best friends and your emotional wounds will be repaired in no time.

Japanese Slipper
You’ve just had a review at work and you’ve been offered a promotion or a pay rise. Or your desk has been moved to that sunny space by the window, or the person you always hated has finally upped sticks and left. Great news at work should be celebrated with a Japanese Slipper; a cocktail as eye-catching as it is tasty, made with fresh lemon and lime, Cointreau, Midori and lemon juice, all topped off with a cherry. It is described by Adventure Bar as a ‘Guilty Pleasure’, so you’ll have nothing to feel guilty about after one or two (or three or four). You deserve it!

Amaretto Stone Sour
The Amaretto Stone Sour is a cocktail with attitude. Favourite football team trounced in a local derby by a devastating amount? That top you fell in love with no longer in stock? Your commute to work taken three hours longer than it should’ve? After Adventure Bar’s Amaretto Stone Sour – a mixture of Amaretto, fresh lemon and lime juice, sugar syrup and pressed orange juice – all those niggles and irritations of a bad day will be eased away.

Absolutely Fabulous
Whether you’re celebrating being a year older or commiserating that fact, you need a cocktail on your birthday to make you feel as young on the inside as the clothes you wear make you look on the outside. Step in, the Absolutely Fabulous cocktail. Made from Absolut vodka, raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice and Prosecco (for added sparkle), this cocktail is the ideal accompaniment to your glitzy birthday suit. This fruity concoction is the perfect present to yourself. Just make sure your mates bring along the birthday cake.

Happy or sad, excited or downbeat, the Adventure Bar is on hand with a role call of great cocktails for every event in your rollercoaster life. However, small disclaimer: you probably shouldn’t celebrate getting up in the morning with a cocktail. That is unless you wake up next to Brad Pitt. And then I’d suggest straight-up champagne. more

Customer Reviews for Adventure Bar Covent Garden

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“The most friendly staff in London? Possibly!! Amazing night, good music, and fun.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alex, London (5 years 9 months 16 days ago)

“I have been to the adventure bar a few times now and knew i wanted to hold my Birthday celebrations there. From booking my tables to the end of the night you did not disapoint. The staff are amazing and the cocktails always perfect. Thank you for making my birthday one to remember and i will probably see you again next week :-)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
stacey, essex (6 years 24 days ago)

“Amazing place. I had a birthday party there and the atmosphere was pumping from 5pm and it kept getting better. I highly recommend this place to anyone up for a good night, with great staff (Petra you totally rock), amazing atmosphere and great drinks, happy hour is a must. No minimum spend, just rock up. Thanks adventure bar for a happy birthday.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kylie, london (6 years 3 months 21 days ago)

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“When I rung to ask for a table the service was superb and nothing was to much trouble and that continued as when we arrived on the night the staff were efficient, lively and fun! We hadnt been here before and we were very impressed with the atmosphere, the table full of party hats and poppers, really good fun....we will be back!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kathy Wadhams, Harlow (6 years 4 months 5 days ago)

“I had a birthday party here recently and the venue was amazing. The staff were so helpful and accommodating. I had a brillaint night and would highly recommend this bar for any party. The atmosphere was superb.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rachel, London (6 years 7 months 11 days ago)

“Very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful staff at the bar. And also brilliant staff working on the reservations team - very swift, courteous and efficient organisation of a birthday night done at short notice...and they even found our lost property and returned it to us afterwards (the sign of a good night!)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mary, London (6 years 8 months 4 days ago)

“Had a really great time. All the bar staff are great and really add to the night. It's my 2nd time at the bar and will be booking parties again soon. Thanks to everyone one for a great xmas party.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jenny quinn, london (6 years 8 months 29 days ago)

“I LOVE Adventure Bar. Also the bouncers are just REAM. Especially Adriano. Can't wait to go back there next week!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Amy, Essex (6 years 9 months 15 days ago)

“Adventure Covent Garden has a unique skill of making you feel like a regular whilst making every night unique and exciting. It is now my first choice for any celebration and the 241 cocktail happy hour means there's no excuse not to pop in for one after work. The staff are friendly without being overbearing and the music is brilliant. An amazing adventure - every night!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Abi Faircloth, London (6 years 10 months 24 days ago)

“Had my birthday night out and I would highly recomment it. Had such a fun evening and the free champagne helped also. Staff were very friendly and helpful - definitely returning again soon.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Suzie, London (6 years 11 months ago)

“My favourite bar in the West End! Could spend every night here!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Emily, London (7 years 11 days ago)

“WHAT a night!!! Booked adventure bar for my birthday/engagement party based on web reviews having no idea what it would really be like. From the minute I arrived and was greeted by Anton, the world's most hyper man, to the time we staggered out at closing I NEVER stopped smiling. The staff are fantastic, the music is pure gold cheese and the cocktails are unique and fabulous. If you want a great party it has to be Adventure Bar- I'm already thinking up excuses to go back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Isabelle, Reading (7 years 26 days ago)

“I booked a booth for my birthday on 17th June. I had never been to the bar before and booked it due to the reviews! I was not disappointed. When we arrived the doorman was really nice and not rude as some can be. He told me where to go and a member of staff would show us where to go. The booth was ready and waiting for us with party poppers and party hats! At first I thought the cocktails were very expensive, however, after tasting one I realised you definitely get what you pay for as they were delicious and made with really nice expensive ingredients. The alcohol was potent and they set our night off with a bang! The staff are really friendly and the music really fun. A great place to go with a group of friends to catch up, drink and bop along to the tunes! Only negative is it isnt a place you can stay all night, but it was a perfect way to start the evening. Will definitely be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jo Humphris, Poole (7 years 2 months 25 days ago)

“This place is a real gem!! The cocktails are excellent, the staff are so friendly and lovely, they play fantastic music and the whole place just has a really great vibe. Booking a table doesn't cost you a penny, and if there's eight of you they might even throw in a free bottle of champagne! How many places in London can deliver that?! This was my second time there but I'm already planning to have my birthday there later in the year. The staff really make the place, chatting away and genuinely interested and concerned about you having a really great night. I can't sign their praises highly enough. And if you do go, give the Monkey Midget Briefcase a whirl.... The name is cool enough by itself but its was also delicious!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Libby Wright, Leatherhead (7 years 3 months 4 days ago)

“I hired a space for my 29th Birthday, and we arrived early but were immediately greeted and told our space would be ready in two minutes. We had party hats, party poppers and were introduced to everyone and made to feel really at home. The cocktails were great and the free champagne was awesome - especially with sparkler. Once the music got going the bar staff really joined in on the fun - this the only place i've been where you are actively encouraged to dance on sofas and the bar staff dance on the tables. A hilarious and fun night was had with some great cheesy music and a lot of my friends said they would be back again and booking spaces for their birthdays”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rachel, Tunbridge Wells (7 years 3 months 11 days ago)

“I read the reviews on here and though I'd try it out. And wow I had an amazing time from the time I walked in till the time I left. The bar staff were all extremely friendly and unlike any other bar I have been to in London. They made sure I had an amazing night and gave me more poppers when I said there weren't enough (I'm a child at heart). I would highly recommend this bar to everyone in London hoping to have a great night out. The music was great too and the drinks were very good. You must try this bar at least once in your life!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Justin, Harrow (7 years 3 months 25 days ago)

“I hired an area of this vibrant bar/club for my 22nd birthday, and i'm so glad I did. The place had the perfect party atmosphere with awesome 'belt you heart out' music with party hats to boot! The staff were really friendly and ensured all of my guests and I had a great time. Hiring an area of a bar/club in central london normally costs a bomb and comes with serious issues, but it was just so easy at Adventure bar. The place was full with people adding to the atompshere, but not so full it was uncomfortable. Have already organised another night out to celebrate the end of exams to this bar. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to go out, dance and sing some of your favourite songs and generally have a fantastic time.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nadia Taylor, London (7 years 4 months 4 days ago)

“People, if you are planning a party, whatever the size, go to Adventure Bar. I read all the 5* reviews and thought some things are too good to be true, but I promise this place is fantastic. I had a brilliant night for my birthday. Staff are very attentive and make you feel special from the second you walk through the door. Music is great and appeals to everyone. Lots of my friends were new to this bar and said they would be having their birthdays here. I can't wait to come back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tom P, London (7 years 4 months 8 days ago)

“Had a fantastic night,felt very well looked after by the lovely bar staff and would highly recommend the bar.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
celia powell, london (7 years 4 months 15 days ago)

“I booked an area for my birthday and the section provided was in a perfect location. The bar staff are fantastic and clearly well trained in customer service. If you want somewhere with great cocktails, laid back environment and an all round perfect bar, then try this one!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nick Brunton, Brixton (7 years 4 months 19 days ago)

“I love this bar! I've been several times and recently had my birthday drinks here as well. The staff are fantastic, amazing atmosphere, drinks and music. A night out at Adventure bar never disappoints!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sonia G, Toronto (7 years 4 months 22 days ago)

“We held a charity mixer event here, on a Saturday night. The atmosphere was fantastic, awesome bar staff, very welcoming almost family feel! Happy hour is great value for money and you can also ask for off menu drinks. Music was GREAT unfortunately left before the dancing started :( PERFECT way to spend a chilled out evening with great mates :) Am currently recommending it!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nishadi, London (7 years 5 months 6 days ago)

“I normally vist the Dulwich Adventure Branch however for my Birthday i decided to Venture over to the Covent Garden one and it was fantastic! Staff were great i even recognised some of them from Dulwich. The music catered for all my guests taste and the drinks were fab and not too pricey! The venue itself was quirky and funky. I love Adventure Bar and will be sure to return and would recommend it to anyone who is after a good night.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Danielle Worker, Kent (7 years 5 months 9 days ago)

“I booked an area for a joint birthday party. I had never been to the bar before but decided to take a chance having seen such positive reviews. The music catered to all tastes and kept the atmosphere lively. The tube like tunnels gave a quirky feel to the bar as did the cool photo murals. The staff were fantastic. I had a brilliant night. Its not a touristy bar which I think is a plus... especially in Covent Garden. I would definitely recommend this bar!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Harriet, London (7 years 5 months 12 days ago)

“Had my birthday drinks and it was really great! Everyone had a great time! Staff were very helpful and great service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Majean, London (7 years 5 months 19 days ago)

“I booked an area to celebrate St Patricks day and I think it has probably been my best yet. Although its not a Irish bar the atmosphere was like one. Having arrived early, I was welcomed to sit at the bar and was kept company by all the bar staff while I waited the hour for my friends to arrive. When they did we moved to our reserved table which was decorated with party hats and party poppers. We were regularly checked on to make sure all was ok, and the night was ended with us dancing on the chairs with the bar staff. The cocktail selection was vast and themselves were delicious, and there was plenty of wine to pick from. I will definitely be coming again, very soon hopefully!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bibi Lacey-Davidson, London (7 years 5 months 27 days ago)

“Well organised, friendly staff and good atmosphere”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Vishal Maru, Leicester (7 years 5 months 27 days ago)

“I booked an area for a leaving do, having never been here before, and am so glad I did! The atmosphere was great, the cocktails were delicious, and the bar staff were the friendliest and most helpful I have EVER come across. My friends and I all loved Adventure Bar, and I would definitely recommend it... if I wasn't moving abroad, I'd be back in a flash!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alanna, London (7 years 5 months 27 days ago)

“We arranged a leaving party at this bar. I found it by chance on the internet. We had a fantastic night, everyone enjoyed themselves. The bar staff were brilliant, so friendly! The music was good, a wide range but well put together. It had a great atmosphere - we would definitely go back again!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Stacie, Harrow (7 years 6 months ago)

“We stumbled upon Adventure Bar in covent Garden whilst I was entertaining visitors. We arrived at 4.30pm on a Saturday and the idea was to nip in for a cocktail before dinner, as the promotions was buy one get one free. Well we stayed in there all night. From start to finish, the atmosphere was pumping, the staff are especially great - friendly fun and remember your name. The premisis are really nice and the music is great, proper cheesy and modern at the same time! I have since been back 4 times, have booked areas with no problem and will be celebrating my birthday there too. Keep up the good work guys and see you soon!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nick Brunton, Brixton (7 years 6 months 10 days ago)

“I reserved a table for a colleagues birthday and was pleasantly surprised when not only were Adventure Bar extremley happy to accommodates us but offered us a free bottle of champagne on the house too!. I got to the bar shortly after my work colleagues to find them all in party hats, popping party poppers and taking advantage of the fantastic happy hour deals on the cocktails. This made for a table covered in many different yummy cocktails, on top of that when we received the champagne it was presented with a huge firework sized sparkler coming out of it making us feel like we were in a club where you would have to pay hundreds for a table, i.e it made us feel very special. We ended up staying the duration and had a great night so much so that my friend is having her 30th at the Clapham Junction branch this Saturday and I can't wait for a fab night that I know we can expect.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jo, Balham (7 years 6 months 10 days ago)

“I booked an area as part of a hen day and we had a great time, it was an excellent end to a great day out. Thanks to all the bar staff.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lou Arnold, Sudbury, Suffolk (7 years 6 months 17 days ago)

“I held my 24th birthday party here last week and had a fabulous time. I was looking for somewhere that I previously believed to be nonexistant in London - a bar that was reasonably priced, unpretentious, friendly and lively with a great atmosphere and cocktail list. Let me tell you, Adventure more than fits the bill. I'm so grateful to the awesome staff for making me feel special and well taken care of despite it being a busy Friday night. Thanks guys!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lauren Hurley, Stratford, London (7 years 6 months 24 days ago)

“Never been to Adventure Bar before so before coming I searched the web for some reviews. Most of them were 4-5 stars so I was very optimistic. I booked a table and sent invitees to friends. As we arrived around 7pm (16 of us) bar was already pretty busy (happy hours 2for1 was on!) and we were greeted by a member of the staff, who offered us two tables at the back of the lounge - but right in front of the second smaller bar - perfect spot! To get the party started we received a complimentary bottle of bubbly and went right back to the bar to order some cocktails. Through the night we must have probably tried everything from the menu - and I have to admit that all of the cocktails were absolutely excellent! PornStar and Flaming Zombie is a must! Jake - once again Many Many Thanks for serving us that night!!! Music was great, atmosphere fantastic, really nice interior - what else can I say?! Hm.. Yes, we were the last revelers to leave the bar that night .. And will definitely be coming back!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Roland, London (7 years 7 months 3 days ago)

“I had my birthday there last week and it was a great evening! I had reserved an area and so we had space to put coats/bags etc which was great. The bar staff were really friendly, the cocktails were fantastic and the music was awesome. Despite the lack of specific dance floor everyone was dancing all night! Everyone had a great night and commented on how good the venue was. Its also a great location as its so central that everyone could get there easily. I would definitely recommend Adenture!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah, Hammersmith (7 years 7 months 3 days ago)

“Great Staff with excellent attention to detail. Great Value drinks - especially within happy hour. Great evening had by all.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Victoria Huggins, Oxford (7 years 7 months 5 days ago)

“I’ve been a fan of the Adventure bars in Balham & Clapham for quite some time now. Both bars have the fun factor from the minute you walk in till the minute you leave. The bar staff never cease to amaze me with their skill to be serving a round of 6 cocktails whilst taking my order - Pure talent! Then I hear Adventure is going to Covent Garden; could my favourite cocktail bars possibly get any better? The answer is YES, not only have you got the buzz that in my opinion is only found in Adventure bars, you have the extra excitement of being in the heart of London. The prices remain as reasonable as the other bars & not “amended” to suit the in town price bracket but yet the service you get is 1st class. The surroundings are immense & you could quite easily think your in the middle of Manhattan & ordering a Martini is as instinctive as ordering a pint anywhere else. I urge anyone to try it out – I guarantee once you Adventure into these bars nothing else will compare!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Esme, Surrey (7 years 7 months 8 days ago)

“Really good service, had my birthday here and the staff were really helpful and friendly. Happy hour has quite good value for money. I would definitely recommend this to anyone else wanting to go for a drink somewhere lively but still relaxed.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Natasha, London (7 years 7 months 9 days ago)

“what a great place! the staff are brillilant and great fun, the atmosphere is top drawer, the drinks are amazing, the music is good and this is the place to be for a buzzing night. this place is the place to be, and its so much bigger down there than the outside make it look. I will be going back on a regular basis”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
karl evans, Coulsdon (7 years 7 months 9 days ago)

“Great cocktails, very good value for money (especially in happy hour), and top time had by all my guests. I'll be back!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Matt, Buckingham (7 years 7 months 9 days ago)

“I held my 26th birthday party here last Friday night, having decided to do so not even having seen the bar before, but based on the enthusiastic member of staff that called me to give me some honest info and assured me I would have a great time. And i did! Great value for money, tasty cocktails,ridiculously cheesy music perfect for dancing,and what's more - party hats,party poppers,a free bottle of champagne for my party! By the end of the night I was buzzing with jaeger-bomb and music fuelled joy, a party hat firmly on my head and a smile on my face! Thanks for am amazingly fun night - and for the bar staff who loved my mental party crowd rather than kicking us out! I will definitely be back...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Charlie Erskine, [ Unknown ] (7 years 7 months 10 days ago)

“I booked The Adventure Bar for my 40th birthday celebrations and from start to finish it was a great evening made more enjoyable by the very accommodating and friendly staff. Everyone in my party said they would come back as they enjoyed it so much. Thank you for a memorable birthday!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Julia, Wallington (7 years 7 months 10 days ago)

“Just a great place to go if you like a wide range of tasty cocktails and a buzzing atmosphere. Plus Adventure seem to have the friendliest bar staff in London - they even provide hats & party poppers on your table if it's a celebration.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah McAllister, London (7 years 7 months 26 days ago)

“Pretty nice bar with a good range of cocktails and skillful mixers behind the bar. Not the cheapest, you wouldn't expect a cocktail bar in Covent Garden to be so. The two-for-one happy hour would make it great place for pre-dinner aperitifs or after-work drinks. The best innovation, however, is that they play episodes of classic comedy over the speakers in the Gents! Popping to the loo is just that bit more fun when you've got Blackadder or Alan Partridge bringing a smile to your face as you pee!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Phil, Stoke Newington (7 years 9 months 3 days ago)

“Wow what a great night! I was taken to Adventure Bar in Covent Garden (I have been informed there are also bars in Clapham, Dulwich and Balham all of which I will be visiting!) for Christmas drinks and I had such a great time! The cocktails were amazingly tasty and creative and better yet for the first few hours were 2 for 1! The staff were extremely friendly and I can safely say the night was a huge success with Adventure's quality choice of tracks causing everyone to throw a few shapes on the dance floor! My new favourite bar in Covent Garden!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rupa, Hampstead (7 years 9 months 4 days ago)

“The range of cocktails and the price that they ask for them is amazing for Covent Garden, especially if you hit the bar during happy hour. This used to be the Bok Bar and my goodness what a change! Sleek furnishings, soft lighting, classic tunes, and bar staff who actually enjoy their work. Refreshing for the West End.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tony Spoon, Camden (7 years 9 months 11 days ago)

“i felt compelled to write a quick review of this bar after a great night i had there. the bar ticks all the boxes for me, fun staff making awsome cocktails, all dancing and having a laugh. great music, nice friendly crowd, stunning layout (arches inside). i'll be back”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
David, Watford (7 years 9 months 12 days ago)

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Your favourite bar in the west end will be filling stomachs night after night! Our delicious new menu features some of the finest Pizzas EVER alongside a selection of sides to get your tongue tingling!

Updated 10/02/2012


To unveil the secrets of the Adventure Bar drinks menu, you will have to visit it yourself!

Updated 10/02/2012

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Adventure Bar & Lounge is a cocktail bar that creates the party and is a great venue to start, finish or look after your entire night. The staff do all the hard work so you can just enjoy yourselves!

Updated 16/12/2010

Name: Adventure Bar
Type: Entire Venue
Days: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Cost - Hire Fee: £ 0 / Min Bar Spend: £ 0
Options: Seating Available,
DJ: Provided
Capacity: 150
Notes: Book a party for any amount to guarantee you space. Book early to receive a free bottle of Champagne worth £40* to kick start your celebrations! <br />*conditions apply.

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"Great experience, anyone who has memories of old London will get this, be prepared to be fleeced, by girls who are in fairness trying to earn a living, that involves showing you their fanny." Which venue is this?


"Great experience, anyone who has memories of old London will get this, be prepared to be fleeced, by girls who are in fairness trying to earn a living, that involves showing you their fanny." Which venue is this?

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