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The Royal George (Bar)

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133 Charing Cross Road, Soho, London, WC2H 0EA
Cuisine: Bar
Tel: 0207 734 8837 | Transport: Tottenham Court Road | Write review

The Royal George Review

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Nestled discreetly on the border between the Democratic Republic of Soho and the malodorous Principality of Tottenham Court Road lies the tiny sovereignty of Royal George. Here, beasts of all species, some dazzling and spruce, others unkempt and in need of a muzzle, roam freely on the plains fronting the bar. They graze on a menu that seemingly consists entirely of gourmet burgers - which isn’t such a bad thing, especially when faced with an awesome prospect of the man-eating stilton&mushroom bap-attack. That man’s name is Christian and I am that man! And yes, that burger was YUMMMMM.

It was no wonder, therefore, that upon discovering Royal George, one member of my bar-trekking crew, a clansperson of that veggie-type-deviation, bemoaned the lack of ‘V’ options on the menu. It was of no matter, however, for her minx-like gaze was distracted soon after by the tasty alternative sat at an adjacent table. We gave him the name, Mr Green Jumper.

As is the case with most unknown wildlife in new, undiscovered areas, we encountered a great variety of creatures domiciled within – most appeared to be aged between 25 and 35, with the exception of a few fledgling students who were drawn to the pinball machine like moths to a lightbulb. We studied the elders’ nocturnal habits more closely for a while - Mr RatsTail, Mr Shavedhead and Ms LeatherJacketStuddedBelt were quite clearly all pre-gig breeds considering the close proximity of the Borderline venue and BOTH Astorias. Chatting wildly just below them in the seated position was a group from the post-work species - Mr ChortleTurtleneck, Miss ExtremePerm and Ms Marks&SpencersLunchBag.

The overall landscape of Royal George felt like a realm that was still contemplating, with great affection, the grungier aspects of the 1990’s - but for all the right reasons: bright-coloured cartoons and purchasable original artwork proudly bounced from the walls; the lampshades and furniture had the look of ramshackle Christmas booty from a burglar who had swiped them from a charity shop, only to have a change of conscience at the last minute; plus, chairs were available outside for those visitors who’d rather watch the animals from the safer side of the glass. Even the toilet situation was venerable.

Royal George’s drinking culture seemed, at first, to centre around strong, imported beers (such as Bellevue Kriek and Leffe), but after speaking with the noble head of this mystical state, a Lord by the name of His Highness Ian Krouwel, I discovered that it had been nominated by the likes of Jim Beam and Bullet Bourbon to become a flagship for their new products, and was thus transforming itself into a more urban-bourbon roost. The manager also told me that with new laws affecting, closing time was at a staggering 1am, from Thursdays to Saturdays, with DJs sounding the call on two of these days. This was, indeed, a pleasing referral as the music policy was, thankfully, loud and a little bit high street - ‘a little bit high street’ meaning music you wouldn’t mind buying – basically anything you COULD NOT find in Woolworths.

Being that it is set just off the Charing Cross Road, and that Ryanair doesn’t fly there 4 times a day, means that Royal George has a ‘need to know’ appeal that it probably doesn’t aspire to. However, this exclusivity means it possesses a regal kind of vibe and unless you accidentally stumble across it one drunken night whilst trying to find the sweet-FA headquarters in Soho Square, we’ll keep it a secret, shall we?

Royal George – a place that makes you feel like you belong, a place to stay, a sanctuary from the outside world. It was all very exciting, I wanted it to go on for longer. more

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“A great all round venue - food was fantastic. I'd recommend the George to anyone!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bronwen Stephen, London (15 years 3 months 10 days ago)

“Went there last wednesday to catch a band (LovesJones) brilliant venue! beer pretty pricy but no cover charge!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
h J Mcghie, [ Unknown ] (17 years 24 days ago)

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