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The Drunken Monkey (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of The Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch, London

222 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6PJ
Cuisine: Chinese
Tel: 020 7392 9606 | Email to The Drunken Monkey | Transport: Liverpool Street | Write review

The Drunken Monkey Review

Where can we start with the Drunken Monkey? Well first off homage must be dished out to the person who came out with the name, what a cracker for a bar. It kinda invokes a drinking venue with an oriental twist for those who enjoy an experience different to the norm you find in London and this is exactly what you get at the Drunken Monkey.

A self described 'Dim Sum Eatery and Bar' the Drunken Monkey sits almost anonymously on the corner of Shoreditch High St and Great Eastern St, perhaps it's lack of immediate prominence is due to it's previous incarnation as a lap dancing venue and thus desire to create an almost non descript facade. Now, rather than entering a den of debauchery, you find yourself stepping into a refreshingly cool new venue. Offering Dim Sum from midday to midnight alongside draft beer, wines and cocktails, the Drunken Monkey has certainly hit on a winning formula.

The Drunken Monkey combines everything positive from London's gastro pubs, with a taste of Manhattan Bar Chic and a large dosage of Oriental Kung Fu spice. Ceiling fans whirl away as a red hue descends from the hanging lanterns above the scrubbed wooden floors and tables. Separated from the main room, by ornate Chinese screens, is a small alcove 'The Concubine Area' is perfect for a group of about 20 (ideal if you're one guy with 19 girls). Whilst slightly raised is the 'Wudan' room at the back, seating around 30. DJs spin their disks every evening from around 6 ish with tunes that successfully enhance the mood of the venue.

Being a Dim Sum venue you'd be crazy not to sample the delicious food the Drunken Monkey has to offer. We did and we weren't disappointed. Dishes such as the 'Chili Salt Fried Squid' (strips of squid in a spicy batter with garlic and chili) 'Drunken Ribs' (small pork ribs, marinated in beer and spices over night and then oven roasted); 'Salt & Pepper Prawns' (king prawns in a batter spiced with pepper, salt and chili) and the 'Barbequed Roast Pork Buns' (semi sweet pastry with a rich barbequed pork filling) at were all as mouth watering as they sound. Regarding cocktails you can choose from the 'classic cocktail menu with a kung fu twist', we recommend the (classic) 'Monkey Mojitos', the raspberry flavored 'Monkey Nuts' and the sweet pineapple house specialty the 'Simian Features'.

It's not often that you go to a bar or a pub in London that's been praised as much as the Drunken Monkey and not be disappointed, but be prepared to be surprised. The young, modern and very hip Drunken Monkey has set a new standard regarding eating and drinking out in London that's going to be a tough act to follow let alone beat. more

Customer Reviews for The Drunken Monkey

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“We’ve booked a table with you on the 11th of December for 22 people but when we are arrived there were only 16 seats ready so the rest of the group had to leave the Drunken Monkey and go somewhere else. Also we didn’t get a dessert and a glass of champagne as it was promised on a set menu. Overall, we were very disappointed with the food as it was undercooked and the service wasn’t as good as expected. I don’t think we will be back there again nor recommend the place to someone else.”
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Eisther A, London (7 years 7 months 6 days ago)

“The dim sum is great as are the cocktails but the staff are appaling. We were there in a large group and didn't notice that our dumplings hadn't arrived with the rest of the meal. When they did arrive an hour after the rest of the food and AFTER the bill we said quite reasonably that we wouldn't pay for them as we were leaving and had out coats on already. We didn't anticipate this would be a problem and the waiter insisted that he wouldn't take them off the bill, and when we pointed out how unreasonable this was, he shouted at us. I would never, ever, EVER go back here and neither should you.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rachel, Dalston (8 years 7 months 11 days ago)

“Was there recently (for the second time after some years) as I had an hour to kill before a gig nearby. The food, 4 micro dots of flabby dim sum took aaaaages to come, think it was c70 minutes. Cocktail was good when the polish barman had finished ignoring me and another chap served me after 15 minutes of sitting at the bar. But due to there abominable service I only caught the last 11/2 songs of the band I wanted to see, and as its not the easiest place to get to or from, frankly I was furious. Summary cocktails not bad, but there are plenty of places serving as good without the atrocious service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
declan88, London (9 years 3 months 4 days ago)

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“I'd like to nominate Drunken Monkey in shoreditch for the title of worst table turners ever. I booked a table for 6pm on Monday and was told beforehand that i'd have to vacate it at 7:30pm. I arrived a few minutes early and finishd at around 6:50pm so stayed sitting with my friend to finish our drinksand continue chatting. It was then I was asked if I'd like to pay my bill and finish up at the bar. I told them that I'd barely finished 5 minutes earlier and nonetheless had booked until 7:30pm. The waitress went away and bought the bill without further prompting, she didn't push me to move however. I thought I'd secured my place till 7:30 but imagine my surprise when a couple came and plonked themselves squarely in front of us at our table in a not too subtle hint! To be fair to the couple, they seemed very sheepish at the episode and I'd challenge anyone to top such bad customer service!!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James, London (9 years 6 months 26 days ago)

“Worst Restaurant in London. Ordered a jug of water for the table, which did not come out. After 30 minutes I went looking for it and got it myself from the bar. Our group ordered the set menu, but a number of the dishes did not come out. We brought this up with the wait staff, and quite some time later (after they had cleared the place mats) one extra dish came out, we were still missing quite a few that were supposedly included in the set menu. The bill was brought to the table, and we paid it thinking the worst was over. Later after most of our group had left, the manager came and told us that his staff had made a mistake on the bill and those of us that were left had to hand over extra money. Avoid this restaurant at all costs.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Owen, London (9 years 8 months 20 days ago)

“Good food/drinks, but badly let down by the service and the bar layout. Went to the Monkey on Saturday night and got seated right next to the door under a speaker, the music was so loud that none of us could hear one another. When we asked the staff to lower the music slightly we received a very definite "no". So we were literally forced to finish our food ASAP and leave the place. If you are looking for a bar to have a few drinks - the Monkey is definitely a good option (although there are plenty of alternatives in the area), but don't go there to dine...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Max Mazourov, London (10 years 2 months 21 days ago)

“I absolutely love this place. It's an extremely lively bar. You cannot fault the food or the drinks (especially a Black Buffalo) and the atmosphere is second to none.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kiki, London (10 years 4 months 9 days ago)

“Friday 1st Feb off the train from Brighton - straight into a throng of people - it was already busy at 7pm and just got busier. It was my friends birthday, Wavey Davey - and he chose a great bar! Good decor, long bar and seating for Dim sum in little nooks and up a few stairs at the back. The food was great and was brought quickly, the nature of the food meant that was perfect for eating and getting on with the serious art of drinking. Which we all did. I can't fault the Drunken Monkey, apart from that when it came time to leave I couldn't find my coat (neither could Wavey Davey) so if anyone was there last night and mistakenly took my Berghaus infinity smock, grey - (ideal for walking up mountains or playing beach volleyball in winter) then please could you return it to the bar - I miss it very much and froze for the rest of the weekend in London. Everyone else have a great time, it is a good spot.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Karen, Brighton (10 years 5 months 15 days ago)

“This place is fairly mixed - we went there for a work function, & although the food was great, it was all put on the table at once in a great rush! Otherwise the service staff were friendly, but maybe overworked. Not wearing a uniform meant that I tried to flag down a fellow patron to ask for wine glasses to go with our 2 bottles of wine delivered some 10 or so minutes earlier. As for the cocktails, well there was a lot of ice in those glasses so they were quite watery.... I ordered a drink maybe called a 'guru' which was just a bad mix and didn't really taste like the ingredients on the cocktails menu. And then they kept wanting to bring us the bill before we were ready to stop drinking! At 7pm we were asked to leave as the table was booked. On enquiring whether we could be moved, we were moved to a table that was exactly the same just over the other side of the room. And a small group of people came to take our original table, so I couldn't understand why they couldn't have just changed their seating plan to place the new group on the table opposite. Anyway the food was great, just do your drinking elsewhere!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
helen, london (10 years 7 months 7 days ago)

“I love the Monkey. I've been going there pretty much weekly for the past 3 years and thought it was about time I gave it a big thumbs up. The cocktails are fantastic, the food is tasty and the bar staff are very friendly. I've had the occasional waitress service which has left a lot to be desired recently thats the only reason its getting 4 not 5 stars. Aside from that its been a favourite place of mine to really get the night started for ages now!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
katie, london (10 years 8 months 17 days ago)

“Went there for a bite and a beer on a Friday lunchtime and was very impressed with food, especially salt and pepper squid, chicken satay and Vietnamese spring rolls. Service was good, although admit it was quiet at the time. Great alternative from eateries in Square Mile and not all that far from Liverpool St.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
KEVIN BUCKLES, colchester (10 years 10 months 19 days ago)

“We went to the Drunken Monkey for a friends birthday and had a great time, the food was fantastic and the drinks reasonably priced. Fantastic vibe, we are going back next week!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mel, London (11 years 3 months 27 days ago)

“What a great find! I'd been told to check out the place for a while now great cocktails and food and definately value for money. I went on a Frday night so it was very busy but was impressed by the quality of service the girl who served us was very helpful and even gave us an idea of where to go afterwards to continue our debauchery! Well done Monkey, will be back very soon for your infectuious Mango julep!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Angela Bofill, London (11 years 3 months 29 days ago)

“We had an awful experience here. The music is really loud, so much so that you can't here your friends talk and evidently the waitress cannot hear your order. We received one less dish than asked for, and of the remaining dishes one was wrong (seafood dumplings instead of pork and chive). When pointed out (three times) to three different members of staff it took forever to sort out by which time we asked for the bill. At which point it became apparent that the waitress hadn't taken our order properly. When we pointed out this to her, she didn't apologise just told us that we didn't ask for the last dish (there were 3 of us who remember doing so). We won't be going back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anna, London (11 years 6 months ago)

“Great place, there all the time with my famely, love the food, lovely staff, even my kids love eating there, wow”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
chris, wembley (11 years 8 months 4 days ago)

“Noisy and busy all the time and consequently its quite warm in the drunken monkey, but what amazing food! Really lovely, authentic and great value for money.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Hannah, London (11 years 9 months 3 days ago)

“This bar has it all, in terms of the location the decoration, the music and the food, the one thing that lets it down (and I say this after several visits and feedback from friends) - is the service. What do you have to do to get served in this place?!!!! Every time I go I end up going to the bar to buy my own drinks as the waitress disappears and does not seem to see waving arms positioned directly in front of her vying for some attention - whether it be to order more food, pay fot he bill- they just don't seem interested. The manager (or current acting manager) Vicente is a lovely guy and when I explaiend the waiting time to him and about his staffs disinterest he was very apologetic but I guarentee if we ever go back it will be the same laissez faire attitude to serving and quite franky that is enough to put me off from going back here - other than to drink at the bar. Such a shame but I guess that's how it goes......”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Charlotte, London (11 years 10 months 26 days ago)

“A group of 17 of us ate there for a friends birthday and it was the best meal I have had since I have been here. We had a set menu which was £10 each and I have never seen so much food in my life!! We had a few vegetarians too and the food they had was also fantastic. It was great. There was nothing that I didn't like about the place. The service was excellent. the staff were really helpful and friendly and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jessica Davis, London (12 years 1 days ago)

“I thought this place was great, nice staff, nice food, nice atmosphere, it gets really busy thou its well worth the money but need some decent music.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
natasha, hackney (12 years 5 days ago)

“Been there lots, great drinks, good knowledgable bar staff, friendly security. The music on Fridays & Saturdays is generally o.k, midweek also good, however, Sunday nights seem a bit flat, the music sounds a bit samey, (un-inspiring house music) & the DJ...well....just looked a bit uncomfortable being there. (Suprised with the other reviews about the food....I thought it was o.k). ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jo, London (12 years 16 days ago)

“A good place to drink but avoid the food at all costs. I went here last night with a friend who had been to the Drunken Monkey a couple of years ago and had great food. But the food we had last night was shockingly bad: the spring rolls arrived in seconds and judging by their appearance had been reheated in the microwave - flaccid, extremely greasy, and looking worse than a service station sausage roll. The taste was pretty awful too. We ordered three other dim sum items, all of which were very sub-standard. I've had better Chinese food everywhere else I can think of (and that includes cheap takeaways). I thought the venue was great and the restaurant gets a 'poor' rather than 'dire' rating for bringing a large bottle of beer in a champagne cooler!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jo, London (12 years 3 months 7 days ago)

“Drunken monkey is a cool bar - great decor, good music, nice atmosphere. However, I was not impressed with the dim sum - it was very salty and not what I would call dim sum really. The menu says that dishes arrive when they are ready, but our fried squid failed to materialise even though they kept saying it was on its way. The cocktails are more expensive than other bars in Shoreditch and not nearly as good. I would go back there, but I wouldn't eat. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jen, London (12 years 5 months ago)

“The Drunken Monkey is the Best Bar I've been to in London. Brilliant food, loved the Chinese Elvis nights and the security are sexy too...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
CIARA, LONDON (12 years 6 months 21 days ago)

“Was very impressed! Great looking place as soon as I stepped through the door - warm, chilled, atmosheric and nice decor. Fits well into the area and isnt too 'city posing' even though it is just mins from Liverpool Street. A great place to meet with friends. Prices were very reasonable and a good choice of drinks and food. Service and delivery is prompt. You 'must' book a table though as it is aways busy! Even in busy periods, however, the Drunken Monkey doesn't feel swamped - broad tables and plenty of space. Nice private room near bar if you are meeting a larger group of freinds. Definitely one of the best venues in the city area.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Helen, london (13 years 5 days ago)

“Just happened to walk past the Monkey and decided to go in. We ended up closing the place! It was like a blast from the past and extremely original especially in the "Ditch". Being Chinese I found the food authentic and better than Dim Sum in Chinatown itself. Drinks were well made and tasty! Can't find any faults in this bar and I highly recommend having a shot of the snake spirit especially for the privilage of looking at the bottle!! Well done guys!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
G, Cheung (13 years 2 months 3 days ago)

“Drunken Monkey is without a doubt the best bar in London. the combination of fantastic food, great music and friendly staff is a winner. i will hang there on a friday night as well as bringing my parents there for sunday meal. I love it its outstanding.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
lina, london (13 years 3 months 8 days ago)

“Yeah the Drunken Monkey was a great experience - great food, girls and even greater beats (on a Friday night). Watch out for the slickest doorman in lonon, he is a seriously hot guy!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ian onwubalili, london (13 years 4 months 15 days ago)

“I love going out around Shoreditch but most of all i love going to the Monkey, I am a duck pancake expert and have yet to find a place serving better Peking duck accompanied by a yuummmmy pinapple mojito... the staff are all effiecient and friendly and the music is always funky. Ten out of ten for Drunken Monkey.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nicole, London (13 years 5 months 10 days ago)

“Well, Drunken Monkey is always loud and noisy every weekend I pop in there. The food, hmm, I''m from Asia and I know what good food supposed to taste like. The spicy Wanton soup was quite good, for a bar that''s an okay price, but small portion for GBP5 definitely not good value for money for Chinese restaurant standard. The prawn dim sum was bad - I hope that was an accident by the kitchen staff - the dim sum stuck to the bamboo stimmer: it was so moist that it bacame too sticky and eventually just fell apart - even my chopstick kungfu couldn''t help. The staff was kind of friendly but not so attentive.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Asian chic, [ Unknown ] (13 years 7 months 17 days ago)

“What can i say great place, great food, great people and to top it all very cleverly named. Will defintely be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Steve Peacock, [ Unknown ] (13 years 8 months 16 days ago)

“When out of an evening sometimes you want one thing, other times you want something else. When I went to the Drunken Monkey I wanted another place to drink. I'd already been out around Hoxton. In other words I didn't quite plan on going there, it just happened. Sometimes that's the best way. You've got no expectations. Walking in I was pleasantly surprised. The place was jumping but not quite heaving. The decor was a sort of elclectic retro oriental meets pub. The barstaff were engaging in some high octaine mixology and in all the place had a great atmosphere. If that's what you're after I can wholeheartedly recomend the Drunken Monkey, and I'd be happy to go back. However, if I did one thing would change. I'd avoid the cocktail list like the plague. Every drink I had was so hideously sweet it was undrinkable. Perhaps they were having a bad night, or perhaps the staff that served me just weren't very well trained, but the drinks read about a thousand times better than they tasted. I left wondering if they'd have tasted better being made by the guy who wrote the menu, whether the staff training wasn't up to scratch or whether it had all been a horrible mistake...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
emperorsnewclothes, [ Unknown ] (13 years 9 months 13 days ago)

“Great bar and sooo ! much value for money. Very interesting cocktail menu and very comfortable surroundings will definately be back !”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Steven Chandler, [ Unknown ] (13 years 10 months 5 days ago)

“Unfortunately we didn''t actually make it to ''the drunken monkey'' he must have answered the phone as he put our reservation for 14 people in for the wrong night. We only discovered this by calling to change the number of our party at 5pm on the day to discover the venue was closed for a private party. Pathetic ... but thankfully Cantaloupe saved the day ...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
really annoyed, [ Unknown ] (13 years 10 months 10 days ago)

“This was my third visit to this establishment and i'm definately a monkey addict now the mojito's are out of this world and the dim sum takes some beating. I'LL BE BACK !”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
SIMON RENFIN, [ Unknown ] (14 years 25 days ago)

“This is one of the worst Chinese Restaurants I've ever visited, overpriced, tatty nasty inedible food. The bill for a couple of beers two bowls of duck soup, which tasted like liquid effluence with greasy boney duck and a glutinous clump of tacky noodles, and a few of the worst tasteless dumplings was £40. The music is ear splittingly loud, making it impossible to focus on coversation, or the food, which in this case was a blessing in disguise. Awful tacky fake chinoiserie ambience. A real nasty experience from beginning to end.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Selena Kay, [ Unknown ] (14 years 2 days ago)

“It started as a great night out. The staff were efficient, the food was great, and the beer was reasonably priced. Then they really cranked up the music so we couldn't talk anymore. So I went and asked the DJ if he could play something we could get up and dance to. He said that they didn't have a dance license and that he was expessly forbidden from playing anything that would encourage people to get up and dance. So I then asked if he could turn it down a bit so we could hear each other talk. He said he wasn't allowed to do that either. The DJ seemed kind of embarassed. We ended up going somewhere else. A stupid end to an evening that initially had so much promise.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Rex Jacobus, [ Unknown ] (14 years 2 months 19 days ago)

“Thanks for the great night last night and for getting us a table at sort notice. So much food for such a great price. I haven't had such good chicken fried rice since I left New Zealand over a year ago - well done!! Will be back for the great food very soon. ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Gwen, [ Unknown ] (14 years 2 months 27 days ago)

“WOW ! The funkin drunken punchin monkey ! Gives me a giggle everytime i hear the name great place with cool drinks and loved the electronic jackin style music a must for all , will definately be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ANDREAS CUEVAS, [ Unknown ] (14 years 3 months 18 days ago)

“Great upbeat atmosphere - young and modern. Makes good Chinese food/English ambience a part of the London scene.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Carole Henderson, [ Unknown ] (14 years 3 months 18 days ago)

“After only a few months trading, being nominated for best new bar in the Evening Standard is pretty cool. Top place and makes a refreshing change in this notoriously poncy part of town.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nick, [ Unknown ] (14 years 3 months 28 days ago)

“Food good - service bad. Slow and can't get the figures right when processing credit card payment.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jason, [ Unknown ] (14 years 4 months 7 days ago)

“Fabulous bar with a great atmosphere. Food is just exquisite and bar staff friendly and professional.....a must for Sunday Dim Sum!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jonny Reed, [ Unknown ] (14 years 8 months ago)

“Drunken Monkey is a top place. The decor and mood evoke a romantic 1920's style Shanghai drinking den. The food is fantastic - beats Chinatown hands down I reckon and at a price too tempting for words. I've had parties in the special rooms and simple one-on-one meals in the main area and in both cases, it was excellent. Top stuff.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
lurvemunky, [ Unknown ] (14 years 8 months ago)

“Ace atmosphere, really good food, limited drinks choice. not much of a beer selection. good service and perfect atmosphere though. place has a top vibe”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Andrew Keys, [ Unknown ] (14 years 8 months 12 days ago)

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Additional Information

The Drunken Monkey Food & Drinks

The Drunken Monkey Food Menu

The Drunken Monkey offers small & delicious snacks as well as complete dishes.

Updated 20/02/2007

Item Description Price
Bar Snacks Chilli salt fried squid £ 3.50
Bar Snacks Chicken fried rice £ 4.50

The Drunken Monkey Drinks Menu

The Drunken Monkey offes a range of drinks, bottled beers, wines and cocktails.

Updated 06/04/2005

Special offers, discounts and deals at The Drunken Monkey

New Cocktails for Summer
Apple & Ginger Zen
Kaya Martini - back by popular demand
Monkey Strawberry lemonade
Monkey Shoulder - Whisky sour.
Pitchers of Sangria & Oriental Pimms
Pitchers of Beers: Fosters super Chilled/ San Miguel/ Kronenbourg/
Special featured beers: Kronenbourg Blanc (draught) Brooklyn Lager (bottles) NYC
Theakston Old Peculiar/ Cerveza Bohemia / de Konik Amber

Updated 10/05/2007

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