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Boundary (Bar, Restaurant, Hotel)

Picture of Boundary in Shoreditch, London

2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London, E2 7JE
Cuisine: British Average Price: £55.00
Tel: 020 7729 1051 | Email to Boundary | Transport: Shoreditch | Write review

Boundary Review

Best for: cocktails; seafood; wine; and inspiring tattoo art.

Great: at absolutely everything, London’s best restaurant!

Tattoos: they linger about. There’s a few tattoos loitering around my personage right now, looking for trouble. There’s one in particular that looks like the ring leader. It’s one of those uniquely unfashionable gothic tattoos; three words that simply read ‘Save Your Lies’. Thanks to this permanent reminder, I am now a prisoner in my own body, under constant scrutiny, without the luxury of telling fibs. I, therefore, speak the gospel truth. Gospel, in so much as my name is Christian.

As I’m in the sharing mood, I’ll also impart the knowledge that I do not seek financial gain from Terence Conran, or any of his Boundary restaurant cohorts. Nor am I after one of them super injuction thingies to keep Conran schtum about that thing what I done that nobody ain’t meant to know about. The head chef of Boundary restaurant isn’t one of my best friends, and although I have met the lovely PR lady who dutifully looks after the restaurant, I would have no qualms about disappointing her, or her restaurant clients, in my pursuit of incorruptible journalism, if it was required.

So there you have it. There is my stall, all neatly laid out for you to inspect. So now let me tell you about last Monday.

Last Monday, my favourite London restaurant was, weirdly, Brasserie Roux in the Sofitel Hotel at Heathrow Terminal 5 (a joyful combination of imminent departure, shopping mall echoes, and faultless cuisine).

Now let me tell you about last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday - the day after last Monday - my favourite London restaurant was Boundary. Let me put that another way: in my stunned eyes, Boundary is now the best restaurant in London.

I’ve had a little think about my tattoos too. There’s quite a lot of me still left to cover; plenty of new tattoo opportunities to be had. I’ve had a few ideas. I’d like a Tricolour flag to signify the delightful French 75 cocktail I sipped at the bar; a beverage that instantly turned a Tuesday night into a Friday night.

I’d like two long green tubes, one on each flank, to symbolise the environmentally-friendly, 120m-deep, dual bore holes beneath the restaurant which collect water and energy from the artesian reservoir below.

Then I need an unknown naked woman in black & white on my arm because (a) that’s cool, and (b) that’s the kind of thing seen on the walls of the bijou cocktail bar. The word ‘Love’ appears in the peripheral vision. Is it a trick of the eye? You’ll find out.

Across my back I’m going to get a Magellan constellation map on which Gods see through eyes made of spotlight lightbulbs, which point squarely at plush tables, that face a glass facade, through which a kitchen can be seen, busily conjuring miracles (such as the slightly marzipan Tart Bourdaloue).

Various crustacea will be dappled about my stomach, as a nod to Boundary’s delicious mass grave for langoustines et al.

On my most private parts I will ink salt & pepper grinders, because there they shall remain untouched, superfluous, and unwanted (as they were at Boundary).

On the back of my head, where I can disregard it (because, frankly, no matter how good the story is from your side of the table, my meal is still just as good, if not better), I’ll have a tattoo of my dining partner’s “exquisite” duck’s liver and heart being corralled and whipped by a 2008 Austrian Pinot Noir Fuchsenfeld. Next to it will be a soft bed of lamb drifting on a velvety sea of 2005 Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Felix (which has had 24 hours to breathe and is, therefore, quite lively); cast about will be floating vessels of gratin dauphinois and braised lettuce, bobbing amongst tree trunks of purple sprouting broccoli and braised carrots. Watch the wave, taste the wave.

Down one leg I shall have paraphernalia such as silver platters, skittles, guitars and disused bikes, referencing the knick knacks adorning the restaurant. Down the other leg I will scar myself with an empty chair. This chair shall be expensive, as Boundary is not cheap. It will be the chair on which one plonks one’s successes in life, so that, for an evening, one can look at the successes, admire them, but ultimately ignore them when distracted by the sharp 2010 Gruner Veltiner Lossterrassen as it alleviates the richness of the leeks, that accompany the scallops, that carry the ginger on into the mains, where wild halibut reign supreme and religion is preached from a book thicker than Crime & Punishment and the Lord of the Rings trilogy combined; this being the Book of Wine, as told by the prophet Sommelier.

Sadly, unlike tattoos, my experience at Boundary restaurant in Shoreditch was too ephemeral. My tattoos need a cosy little retirement room, where they can slunk away to contemplate the sheer perfection just experienced. Oh wait, Boundary has that covered too. There’s a hotel and roof terrace just upstairs. Wow, they really have thought of everything, no word of a lie. more

Customer Reviews for Boundary

Average (based on 3 votes): 3 Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

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“Unsurpassed dining experience. Quirky yet quietly elegant, attentive knowledgeable but definatley not snooty staff, and the food! Not for vegetarians, although pesci-s will find plenty to sample. Pop by for a classy cocktail in the bar regularly and save your cash for that special occasion for the full dining experience. Let the sommilier choose your wine too.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bronwen Stephens, London (6 years 6 months 8 days ago)

“Truly one of the best restaurants in London. A bold design that creates an inviting atmosphere for large groups, business lunches, smooching couples, or family get-togethers. The glass wall kitchen provides an uninterrupted view of the kitchen and the bijou cocktail bar is a delightful place to start the evening. I recommend anything that is on the menu. This is my favourite restaurant in London. And wow, what a wine list!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Thomas Ridley, Hampstead (6 years 7 months ago)

“Fantastic food!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Craig, London (8 years 4 months 5 days ago)

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Additional Information

Boundary Food & Drinks

  • Cuisine Type: British
  • Average Price: £55.00

Boundary Food Menu

The restaurant menus are based on classic French and English recipes, with a large selection of crustacea. Charcuterie, daily changing roast meats and cheese will be served from trolleys in the dining room. Roast leg of lamb and rib of beef will always be served at lunch on Sunday. Seasonal treats such as English game birds, asparagus and truffles will be promoted when in season.

Updated 31/01/2009

Boundary Drinks Menu

Numbering over five hundred bins, from artisan growers to aristocratic estates the wine list is intended to be both contemporary and classical, with a distinctly European flavour, although it will contain a representative selection of great growers from around the world. The list will change seasonally and offer an extensive selection of wines by the glass, pot Lyonnais and large format bottles. Many of the wines will also be sold at lower than normal margins with 135 wines under £35 per bottle.

Updated 31/01/2009

Boundary Hire Details

Boundary can host events up to 200 in a variety of spaces. Dinner in a private dining room or drinks party in one of the suites. Plus exclusive hire of the rooftop, restaurant and rooms.

Updated 31/01/2009

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"Love the place, the food and the coffee, but most important is the staff and their happy smiling faces every time I go in. Would recommend this to anyone in the area, or if not - get in your car, drive..." Which venue is this?


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