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Bavarian Beerhouse (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Bavarian Beerhouse in Shoreditch, London

190 City Road, Shoreditch, London, EC1V 2QH
Cuisine: German Average Price: £10.00 - 30.00
Tel: 0207 60 80 925 | Email to Bavarian Beerhouse | Transport: Old Street | Write review

Bavarian Beerhouse Review

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Lederhosen, frilly shirts, and strange music: no, not 5am in a dark club in Vauxhall, this is theme-restaurant Bavarian Beerhouse in Old Street. It was only a matter of time before the drinking culture of London opened its beer-stained arms to a venue serving colossal steins of beer and Jägermeister on tap.

Entering the Bavarian Beerhouse I descended into what appeared to be a converted warehouse space. The décor was minimalist, the music commercial, and tables were placed in rows, Wagamama-style, attended to by pretty fraulein waitresses in full Bavarian attire.

This is a destination for groups of friends, office-parties, stag/hen parties and those with good hearing. Not a place for a romantic first date, unless it’s one of those dates where you don't really want to hear the other person talk too much, in which case it’s ideal.

The low ceiling and noisy alcohol-fuelled crowd meant lengthy conversations were about as possible as listening to a David Hasselhoff album without crying. Instead, I found myself reverting to that esoteric dialect often seen in nightclubs, consisting largely of almost-rude-but-not-quite hand gestures (“wanna drink?”), raised Roger Moore eyebrows (“you're going home with that?!”), and shrugging-of-shoulders (“sorry Mr Bouncer, I thought this was the men's urinal, rather than the DJ booth. I'll zip up straightaway”). Ah good times.....(None of the above actually took place on Thursday evening, Mr Fluid Editor, I hasten to add).

The layout and ambience at the Bavarian Beerhouse is such that you would be forgiven for thinking it's a venue intended for people to come and drink alcohol rather than talk. Then you see the booklet/menu detailing the drinking games and you know it is. The Jägertrain intrigued me; ten shots of Jägermeister, ten of Red Bull, lined up and comprehensively demolished by one group of hangover-beckoning office workers on several occasions.

Lager aficionados will appreciate the varied beer selection, available in 0.3, 0.5 and 1 litre quantities and porn aficionados will be interested in the Porno Brause, a sherbet and vodka “brand new party drink from Germany”. I wouldn’t normally mention ‘porn’ in such an article but on this occasion it is not only relevant, it has also probably afforded Fluid the chance to welcome a whole new, if a little prurient, readership. Hi, and I’m sorry we’re not quite what you were looking for on Google.

Nestling among all the alcoholic options there is a menu with meat, meat and more meat well represented. There are a few twists within the menu; I was almost enticed by the Hawaiian pizza version of the schnitzel. Ultimately, I opted for a traditional Bavarian dish, the Wurstplatte, containing more sausage than a Punch & Judy show.

The food took over 20 minutes to arrive, but portions were generous and the shared platter I had for starters would have been enough on its own. Having been to Munich I can say that the food is comparable in quality, and I was informed the meat is imported from Germany. Prices are at a gastropub level, in the £10-15 bracket for a main, and drinks are pub-cost.

If you are a hard-of-hearing, teetotal vegetarian I would advise against this place. If you are seeking a lively boisterous night out for a group of friends, then you simply must give it a try. more

Customer Reviews for Bavarian Beerhouse

Average (based on 12 votes): 12 Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

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“The Bavarian Beerhouse is a great place to celebrate a Christmas party. My colleagues and I had our Christmas party there and we had an amazing time. We pre-ordered food from the Christmas menu and reserved a table. At arrival each person got a welcome drink and a Christmas cracker. The food was served on big platters and we tried the typical German sausages with mash potatoe and sauerkraut! We really loved the big beer glasses so called steins! Later on the waitresses were singing and dancing with us it was a great night!!! I will definitely come back with a few friends of mine!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mr Paul R., London (7 years 6 months 15 days ago)

“Loadsa fun! Food was nuffin special but then again I don't remembre much bout da food as I preferred da drink!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
nigel, braintree (8 years 4 months 16 days ago)

“Bavarian Beerhouse rocks! Food and drinks are really fantastic. Staff are lovely, helpful and fun and the atmosphere is certainly one of the best in London without a doubt. Keep up the good work Bavarian Beerhouse! Wooooooooooop Woooooooooop!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
[ Unknown ], London (9 years 5 months 5 days ago)

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“Great place. The beer is very also good too. Busy in the evenings so I go early in the afternoon. Try it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mr007, London (9 years 10 months 18 days ago)

“This is a great place! Excellent service! We had a amazing night at the Beerhouse. There is a good selection of beers and typical German food. Its a perfect place to have a fun night out with a group of friends.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anna Hanson, London (10 years 1 months ago)

“This place has very rude service. They would not serve us Stein largers, as there were no glasses. We were told to wait for half an hour. Considering this is the attraction of going there, it was very disappointing. The beer was not even fresh. The atmosphere was poor, and the service was unacceptable. I do not recommend people to go here.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nick Large, London (10 years 3 months 8 days ago)

“My mates and I had such a great time at the beerhouse last weekend. The service was fantastic and I still can't believe that the waitress carried 10 steins! That's amazing! She did a great job. And she looked beautiful in her bavarian dress. Well done Bavarian Beerhouse!!! Regards, Shawn”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
John Sehk, London (11 years 7 months 9 days ago)

“What a great evening!! An excellent varied menu, reasonable and top beers, great atmosphere, superb service. The Bavarian Beerhouse is a must for anyone who enjoys fun and an added dimension to eating out. We will return again and again! ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kevin Schroeder, Siegen (11 years 8 months 8 days ago)

“I was invited to Bavarian Beerhouse for a joint birthday party last Friday and in principle the venue sounded attractive. In practice it was a hellish evening in a very noisy rudimentary basement with appalling service that thankfully we will never return to. Yes they had a good selection of German beer if you could be patient enough (over 30 minutes) to wait for it and then drink whatever came, which was highly unlikely to be what you ordered. The waitress we had was rude and incompetent and couldn't understand anything we were trying to order. Having been to Austria and Germany several times I can confirm that the quality of food was dismal in comparison. With guests quite literally leaving their dinner uneaten. At the time several discussions with the restaurant management proved fruitless. The final one involved us pointing our that the £300 worth of food bill they tried to present us with in addition to our paid bills, was not ours. The only reason we didn't leave early was to protect the sheer embarrassment of the birthday girls. It was quite literally a case of being unable to 'organise a piss-up in a brewery'”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Pia, London (11 years 10 months 1 days ago)

“Awful. Went here for my birthday - stressful billing policy, very slow service, we were all shoved in dingy back room with a broken light. Some of my friends walked out as they had to wait so long for their order - and the one waitress we were allocated for 50 people got the orders wrong anyway. Avoid at all costs; ruined my birthday.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Penelope Duggan, London (11 years 10 months 5 days ago)

“Great place, great staff and great service girls. We went there with some friends from Germany and England and had a brilliant night out. This place is hightly recommended for groups who want to have fun.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Padi van Bommel, London (12 years 24 days ago)

“OK place apart from the nonsense door policy. My sister and another friend were walking literally behind me when the door man told them they were closed. We thought he was joking ... Supposedly another girl arrived before 7 and the doorman made her wait outside. Anyway me and my sister eventually blagged our way in to my colleagues leaving do and the other two girls went decided to go home. The place is alright, it is in the basement and all tables have waitresses (in bavarian attire) service. It is alright at best so I won't be back there again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mark G, London (12 years 3 months 21 days ago)

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Bavarian Beerhouse Opening Hours

Monday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm Friday: 12:00pm - 1:00am
Tuesday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm Saturday: 12:00pm - 1:00am
Wednesday: 5:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: Closed
Thursday: 5:00pm - 1:00am    

Additional Information

  • Cuisine Type: German
  • Average Price: £10.00 - 30.00
  • Dress Code: Not Specified
  • Group: Bavarian Beerhouse

Bavarian Beerhouse Food & Drinks

  • Cuisine Type: German
  • Average Price: £10.00 - 30.00

Bavarian Beerhouse Food Menu

Traditional German & Bavarian food from Starters to Desserts are important for the authentic character of the Bavarian Beerhouse. All meat, pretzels and bread is imported from Germany. The food menu features Bavarian specialities such as Pork Roast, sausages and Sauerkraut, meatloaf, Schnitzel (escalope) and much more.
Monday's and Tuesday's special is "Schnitzel Madness" (choose from 10 types of Schnitzel with a pint of German beer for £15).

Updated 18/01/2012

Item Description Price
Traditional Bavarian Beerhouse Sausage Platter For Sausage Lovers! 2 Frankfurters, 3 Nürnberger, 1 Bratwurst, served with mashed potato, sauerkraut and mustard £ 12.80
Roast Pork Shank / Muenchner Schweinshax'n Roasted Pork Shank, served with sauerkraut, gravy and bread dumplings. £ 15.90

Bavarian Beerhouse Drinks Menu

The drinks menu includes German beers such as Erdinger, Loewenbraeu, Warsteiner, Kaltenberg - served in Steins. There's also Schnaps (Jaegermeister, Obstler) and wine.

Updated 02/07/2012

Item Description Price
Stein (liter) of beer Krombacher Lager & Krombacher Dunkel; Erdinger; Bavarian Helles; Kaltenberg; Loewenbraeu etc. served in a Stein (1 liter glass) £ 9.30
Porn Fizz / Pornobrause Porn Fizz - PornoBrause Vodka & sherbet. Sherbet is sizzling in your mouth - a brand new party drink from Germany! £ 3.50

Special offers, discounts and deals at Bavarian Beerhouse

The Bavarian Beerhouse has a range of special offers to choose from, e.g. "Schnitzel Madness" on Monday and Tuesday. See website for details.

Updated 18/01/2012

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