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YO! Sushi (Restaurant)

Picture of YO! Sushi in Notting Hill, London

Unit 218 Whiteleys Shopping Centre, Notting Hill, London, W2 4YN
Cuisine: Sushi
Tel: 020 7727 9392 | Transport: Queensway | Write review

YO! Sushi Review

Were you one of those kids who travelled a lot? My parents were masochists and loved to haul their four scrawny-arsed midgets on long-distance flights all across the world. For me the part of the trip that provided the most interest was the end of the flight – facing the luggage conveyer belt. It was a strangely delightful annoyance, providing both fascination and frustration. 
Where did it all come from? What lay beyond those strips of plastic from whence massive suitcases were ejected? There most certainly must have been some large complicated hook-it-wedge-it-lift-it-haul-it-load-it-n-spit-it-out contraption operating just out of sight.
And I couldn’t see it.
Nor could I pick up and investigate the contents of the majority of the luggage that came through there.
People stopped me when I tried to ride the mysterious, black conveyer belt.
Perhaps for this reason I really enjoyed Yo! Sushi in Whiteleys Shopping Centre. The food is in small portions on a conveyer belt. You can see the chefs performing their cookery-tricks and so you know how it got there. You can pick up, investigate and eat whatever tickles your fancy. No one even snarls at you when you do this! Unfortunately, you still can’t ride the darn thing, but I think I can come to terms with that.
One major difference (other than the fact that this is a sushi bar and not an airport) is that my folks are no longer footing the bill in this conveyer belt experience. I have to do it all on my lonesome. And that’s OK too because each plate ranges between £1.70 to £5 (it’s all colour coded so easy to follow). Granted, you’ll want to eat a good few plates but you can see how this wouldn’t rack up to be a particularly expensive meal. Add to this that they have regular deals (make sure you check out their website before you head out) and you’re belly-full but not broke. A good place to be.
My co-chopstick operator this evening happened to be a chef. Chefs experience dining out in a very different way to the layman. Their annotations are more refined. Their expectations higher. So here I will provide the combined observations of my gastronomic guest and myself but keep in mind that this Japanese-inspired British chain doesn’t claim to be a fine-dining joint.
The service is friendly. It was easy enough to find a table amongst what seemed to be a bunch of families and colleagues dining together. We drank hot sake which chipped away nicely at the frost we’d brought in from outside. The table and glasses were a little grubby and the menus could certainly do with a good wipe down. We both enjoyed the still and sparkling water taps on each table (if only they didn’t drip on our feet!). The whole restaurant was refurbished in mid 2009 and looks smart. There was a good selection (93 to be precise) of hot and cold, vegetarian and meat-eater-sinner meals. They also make you feel OK about your sinning because they’re one of the first chains in the UK to source all their fish from sustainable fisheries. They strictly do NOT serve bluefin tuna. You’re off hook. Plus, it’s pretty healthy food too (you can even download a nutritional booklet off their website).
Between the two of us we scoffed about ten plates. For this reason I won’t venture into much detail. The pumpkin korroke in a fruity sauce got a thumbs-up from the chef. Almost everything else got a thumbs-up from me! The miso soups were a bit salty. The salmon sashimi delicately dissolves in your mouth. At the end of your meal, if you like to try out unusual tastes then you should definitely experiment with their mochi – it’s a small plate of bright pink glutinous rice-dough with sweet stuff in the middle (like a Japanese version of Turkish delight).

But that’s merely the opinion of two diners. You’re not going to take our word for it, are you? Off you go – let us know what you think! more

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“The food was really tasty. Even greater than my love for sushi is my love for inexpensive sushi. Was a bit grossed out when the waitress had to remove bits of dried out noodles from two different menus as she explained to us how the coloured plate system works though.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul, East London (9 years 10 months 3 days ago)

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YO! Sushi has yet to supply us with with a public email address. You can telephone them on 020 7727 9392 (please mention Fluid London when calling).

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"Atmosphere so so. It use to be rammed butnitnis a case of locals just going there for a quick cheap menu not quite thr place it use to packed out with special occasions. Value well it's ok priced but..." Which venue is this?


"Atmosphere so so. It use to be rammed butnitnis a case of locals just going there for a quick cheap menu not quite thr place it use to packed out with special occasions. Value well it's ok priced but..." Which venue is this?

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