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Three Stags (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Three Stags in Lambeth & Elephant & Castle, London

67-69 Kennington Road, Waterloo, Lambeth & Elephant & Castle, London, SE1 7PZ
Cuisine: English
Tel: 020 7928 5974 | Email to Three Stags | Transport: Lambeth North | Write review

Three Stags Review

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Best for: Saucy, fresh dishes made with free range meats.

Great: Ales; sustainable menu choices; staff banter.

This Little Piggy went to market, this Little Piggy stayed home. This Little Piggy had roast beef, this Little Piggy had none. And this Little Piggy went weeeeeeeee all the way home. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Rewind that. All the way back to that first Little Piggy, the one that went to market.

Hands up all those who prefer meat from the market, because it’s fresh from the farm, and not bred in a cage like a stuffed sausage? (Now how can you not see the irony in that comment?)

The thing is, when I started to eat organic eggs some years ago, I noticed the difference in taste straight away and the one thing that impresses me nowadays is the effort a lot of pubs and restaurants in London are making to ensure their food is sustainable and organically grown. The two normally swing together hand-in-hand. The Three Stags in Kennington is one such pub. It staunchly supports sustainability. Can you imagine the difference it would make if every restaurant in London recycled waste, saved energy and cared for the welfare of animals?

Being a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, this pub only delivers food with ‘passion yet integrity’. Richard (the owner) is passionate about sustainable practice, and has a good snout for sniffing out these sources and won’t accept anything less. Even his staff are sustainable. I didn’t ask any questions.

So rewind again, back to the part where I mentioned Kennington. Now really, who wants to live there, aside from drunken old men in sloppy slippers, slouched over slot machines? Let’s be frank, Kennington has never had too much going for it other than the Imperial War Museum. Kennington has struggled to drag itself out of the bog into more glowing horizons. All that’s needed is a little TLC from someone prepared to give it a shot. And things are beginning to change; especially with the sprouting of a couple of decent pubs, one of which is The Three Stags.

It’s easy to feel at home whilst eating in the section of the pub called Chaplin’s Corner, so named after Charlie Chaplin’s (drunken) old man, who was a regular at the Stags and always sat in the same place. A Reese Witherspoon lookalike greets us with a cute little pixie smile, and offers us a drink of Spanish wine.

I’m going out for the night later and my dangly, more-than-bling earrings get some curious looks from a few Kenningtonites. Nevertheless, my audience is mostly made up of young professionals, and friendly faces out to enjoy their week’s earnings (and this week’s earings).

Kenningtonites aren’t the only ones gracing this pub, though. During daylight, The Three Stags caters for lost looking tourists, visiting the museum, and out for a lunch fix. A far shot from the drunken old men!

The Three Stags is a down–to– Earth pub, and the decor depicts this perfectly (if you could actually see it through the crowds). It really is busy here, and don’t be surprised if you have to herd your way to the bar for a drink. Don’t worry, you’ll make plenty of friends on the way. And the bar staff are just so fun and frivolous you’ll be hankering for your next drink, just to see it all again.

Something that ought to be mentioned is the ales. I’m not much of an ale drinker, so if you can’t join ‘em, just ask ‘em. In the words of my friend Ben, a local and staunchly proud Kenningtonite (who just so happened to think my earrings were smashing), “Everyone knows you can get a good ale here.” Personally, the sort of gluggidy glug I was happily glugging was more of that Spanish red.

When approaching the food menu, I started on the dark side, with black pudding, which, if you’re into it, would be wholesome and comforting, (although luridly bathed in a mustard and egg sauce). It was my first taste of the dark side, and I can see why it’s a popular choice. Well presented and cooked to my taste. I’d be happy to have another go now that I’m warmed to the idea. Moving through the shadow wheel, I progressed onto an utterly ‘oink’ factor pork fillet (sustainably grown, and droolingly yum). Anyhoo, sustain enough room in my paunch to finish the job I could not! The Three Stags are liberal in their servings and at an average of £10 for a meal it’ll make good use of those loose pingas in your pocket. Impressive considering the sky high prices some places seem to put on sustainable food. Not so sustainable on the bank account.

So, after having attempted to gobble up my pork fillet (basking itself in a mud bath of mushroom sauce), it was time to tackle dessert. I opted for the apple crumble (this time, a castle surrounded by a moat of custard). It was good, that which I could actually eat. I swear by now my tail was curly, my hooves were heavy, and I could barely take another mouthful.

Friends, I tell you, if you like tasty food, value for money and just simply saucy stuff, pay a visit to The Three Stags, and be sure to go home via some shops: you’ll need a shoehorn to get out of your trousers after a meal here.

As for me, after all that Spanish wine, all this Little Piggy wanted was to go weeeeeeeee all the way home. more

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“each year my son and I meet here on a day as close to Father's Day as possible. This year, Saturday. I attend the nearby Imperial War Museum research library and then quickly make my way at 12 noon to The Three Stages. Very good staff, service, excellent food, not cheap, good Peroni off the pump, ice cold. Great ambience. We talk family and swop anecdotes. It has been our family meeting place since 2009. Long may it continue......mine's another Peroni.... good luck !!! geoff & nicholas hamilton Th. 16. vi. 2011 13.26 pm”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
geoff hamilton, northampton (9 years 10 months 27 days ago)

“This pub is all about the food. Make no mistake, it isn't a cheap eat, but it is excellent. The boss here has very adamant about responsible farming and sustainability and it really shows in the menu. Nothing is out of season. Excellent range of ales and lovely staff too. This is definitely a step up from your normal run-of-the-mill gastropub. I thoroughly recommend checking it out. Try the sea bass too. It's devine.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
The Captain, Waterloo (10 years 3 months 8 days ago)

“hot netball players?... what about the bar staff!? worth a visit. and the blokes *****”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Scarlett, Kennington (10 years 9 months 20 days ago)

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“Awesome atmosphere and amazing food. Richard rocks.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kristen B, Los Angeles (13 years 2 months 3 days ago)

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Newly taken over by three veteran chefs, the food at the Three Stags is all seasonal with traceability.

Updated 08/03/2008


Wines are from no further than Europe and they also have some fabulous English wines from Chapel Down estate in Kent amongst others. Ales are from Green King and new continental lagers are on draught.

Updated 08/03/2008

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