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Del 74 Tacos (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Del 74 Tacos in Hackney, London

87 Lower Clapton Road, Hackney, London, E5
Cuisine: Mexican
Tel: Not on file | Transport: Hackney Central | Write review

Del 74 Tacos Review

Top 10 things you need to know about Del 74:

1) Even though you’ve never been here before, you’ll recognise this bar from such nights out in London as “That Time You Fell Off the High Plains of Tequila” or “The One Where You Snogged the Bar Staff”. You’re familiar with this kind of London bar; the sort where the bleary-eyed manager has an odour of free-pour shots and hedonistic revelry.

2) The slapdash decoration and hard, polished concrete floors hide a multitude of weekend-come-early sins.

3) An inflatable banana is perched on a quirky bicycle hanging from the wall; the words, Living Large, emblazoned across it. Literally, a sign of a good party.

4) This cosy bar has your species of vibe, filled with hirsute ruffians, voluptuous rascals and classic hip-hop tunes ago-go; a fitting East London neighbour to the delis, coffee shops and independent record stores of sub-zero cool Hackney. Even the toilets are having a blinking good time.

5) The succinct food menu is here to stop you chundering. So take the slip of paper, mark an X next to the pork ribeye tacos (they’re twice as big as everything else, topped with pico de gallo, and are the most satisfying), and hand it to the doe-eyed bar lady along with a small handful of change and a cheeky smile.

6) Your food arrives on plastic or metal plates, presumably to avoid breakages in the ensuing mêlée.

7) If you’re using cutlery, you’ve chosen the wrong menu item. Grab a fist full of napkins and tilt your head at 45-degrees; but watch out for juice splashback, especially if you’re wearing white. Like a Nicholas Cage movie, these two meaty morsels are gone in 60 seconds. Round two: steak and cheese; sharing optional.

8) Dessert is a watermelon margarita; slurp, slurp, burp!

9) There is brunch available, but the huevos motulenos with black beans and plantain do little to satisfy your early afternoon rave-crave. Besides, the bar is empty on a Sunday afternoon as anyone who loves this place is still in bed, recovering from last night’s tomfoolery. But they’ll be back.

10) The simplicity of the food ingredients is mirrored in the drinks, the decor, the music, the smiles. Even the Bloody Mary doesn’t need fancy frills such as celery or olives. Like you, it contains plenty of booze and a whole lot of spice. Caution: hangover approaching! more

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Del 74 Tacos has yet to supply us with with a public email address. You can telephone them on <em>Not on file</em> (please mention Fluid London when calling).

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