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The Roxy (Bar, Club)

Picture of The Roxy in Fitzrovia, London

3-5 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, London, W1P 1DA
Cuisine: Spanish Average Price: £20.00
Tel: 0207 255 1098 | Email to The Roxy | Transport: Tottenham Court Road | Write review

The Roxy Review

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Best for: half-price happy hour.

Great: as a LATE night bump and grind nightclub in Fitzrovia.

“Imagine this,” the barman began.

He stood behind the wooden bar below trendy lights that hung on long cables nearly to our heads and methodically sorted glasses. The bar was eerily empty. Spookily empty. A small group of people sat in an enclave to our left, crowded around a little table. The sound of their laughs and chatter carried to where we were standing.

“In a couple of hours, this place will be absolutely heaving.”

We stood there with our cocktails and looked around the desolate bar.

“This place?” I asked.

“Yeah. It gets packed. Totally rammed. People are almost on top of each other trying to get to the bar.”

“This bar?” I asked. My voice echoing off the walls. “So what drinks do they order?”

“The cocktails are obviously the most popular choice. We have happy hour every evening with 2-4-1 deals on all cocktails,” he told me. “Very popular.”

The cocktails – a mixture of classic blends with interesting flavours including the traditional Mojito and a more exotic vanilla-flavoured Margarita – are emblazoned on the wall for all to see. Or for only us to see, as was the case while we were at the bar.

“Did you get something to eat?” the barman asked.

“Um, well. Yes, we did. Of a kind.” We pointed dejectedly to the remains of our food: a few olives, the remnants of some sweet peppers stuffed with cheese, and a couple of crestfallen cashews.

“Imagine this: soft and melting stringy cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa piled high on top of warm nachos. If we’d have had the cheese and guacamole in when you asked, you’d have loved them.”

My stomach rumbled, pining for the food I never ate.

Changing the subject drastically, I asked: “So this place gets pretty pumping a bit later?”

“Ah, yes, it does,” the barman enthused. “Imagine this: we play different music on different nights – a mixture of punk, rock and pop on Mondays, and the rest of the week we play indie, electro, dance and pop. It all kicks off at 10pm.” He pointed in a roughly left direction, waving his hand around. “The DJ plays up there, and we move all of the tables and chairs out of the way.”

From my seat at the bar I swiveled around, squinting my eyes to try to imagine it. In the empty bar, with the music turned down low, it was hard to envisage the echoing basement bar as a packed-to-the-rafters nightclub.

“And there’s lots of people who come, is there?”

“Absolutely loads. Queuing out of the door, most nights.” He gestured wildly towards the exit.

I looked towards my friend who perched on a barstool next to me, sucking the straw of the almost finished vanilla Margarita. “Perhaps we should have come a bit later, then.”

“S’quite nice, really. You can hear yourself think.” He swirled his straw around the bottom of the glass, stabbing the ice to break it.

“Actually,” the barman whispered conspiratorially in our direction. “It’s a good thing to come here early. You get to enjoy the happy hour and you avoid paying the entrance fee when this place turns into a nightclub.”

“It’s a pity we can’t stay for longer,” I said, gladly accepting the mojito that the barman slid my way. “I’d quite like to see how this place plays out.”

“Well,” the barman said to me, leaning over the bar. “Imagine this. The floor is cleared of tables and chairs. The DJ is playing your favourite track. You’re on your fourth or fifth cocktail and you’re in the middle of the dance floor, amongst the trendy London students and groups of City office workers, throwing some serious shapes. You’ve got to come back and see for yourself.”

As we slid off our barstools and wrapped our coats around us, a trickle of people started to enter the bar. We bid the friendly barman adieu and made for the exit. Sure enough, people were milling about outside the door.

“We’ll definitely come back at some point. Maybe some point after 9pm, this time,” I said to my friend, as we made our way out into the cold night. more

Customer Reviews for The Roxy

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“Went to The Roxy for my friend's 18th on a Saturday and had a brilliant night. Though the majority of people were older than us, in their 20s/early 30s, the atmosphere was very friendly and everyone just wanted to have a good time. The door management were really friendly and I saw no trouble throughout the night. The music was brilliant, a good mix of classics and contemporary. Though not the most coolest club, you will have a good time just dancing and drinking yourself silly.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Miss Sophie, London (9 years 6 months ago)

“Had a really great time here on my friend Gillian's birthday on Saturday 29th January, great music, nice friendly people, would recommend this bar to everyone.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sophie M, London (10 years 3 months 10 days ago)

“I've been to the Roxy many times, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are my favourites, we've always had a great time there, and I've always found the security really friendly.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
[ Unknown ], london (12 years 3 months 1 days ago)

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“We arrived at an early time on a saturday night and the security guy by the entrance was extremely rude for no reason. It is a pity because the place seems nice...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jessica, London (12 years 3 months 1 days ago)

“I would recommend Roxy to anyone. Great time on the dance floor.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Joel Attwell, Peas Pottage (14 years 2 months 13 days ago)

“I went to a gig in London on my 18th birthday and after the gig finished we went on a hunt for a decent club to carry on drinking (on a Thursday night)! We found some flyers advertising Teenage Kicks at The Roxy and thought it sounded ok. It turned out to be the best night out of my birthday (there were 4). As I'm from "up norf" I always find drinks in London so much more expensive, but the cocktails were just less than £8 which worked brilliantly as there were 4 of us sharing them! I will definitely go back to The Roxy next time I'm back in London, the atmosphere was brilliant and the people were amazing! The bar staff were friendly and the music was good to dance to! 5*s”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jess, York (14 years 6 months 1 days ago)

“As a one time visitor to London, the Roxy would have to have been my favourite pub in London. The Indie night we went to was fantastic, even if we did get rolled by a few ladies.. but music was fantastic, the drinks, a bit expensive, but good, and the livelyness was awesome. 5 stars to the Roxy!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Michael, Melbourne (14 years 7 months 22 days ago)

“The Roxy is a place to go, especially on saturday night. The atmosphere is great, there are a lot of girls and also the music retro pop-rock sounds good.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alex, Capiago (Italy) (14 years 8 months 13 days ago)

“This night is electric! A place where my friends and I dance till our indie hearts are content. It's very much like drugs enjoyable and totally addictive. The ladies are tasty too (the air conditioning's a good area!). Keep an eye out for me performing my shapes. ROCK!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
craig jones, london (14 years 9 months ago)

“Don't usually write reviews but what can i say about Roxy, at first i felt a bt unsure but after some drinks it was easy to have a boogey and enjoy ourselves. It was so good that there were offers on the monday night we went. Bar man was well sweet and we met loadsa great people....nice crowd.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Abi, London (14 years 9 months 2 days ago)

“The bar staff here need to learn manners. A group of us went along for a few quiet drinks after work only to be abused by unhappy staff who have serious attitude problems. Colourful language was used by the staff which was completetly out of order. Until management realise their staff need to lessons in hospitality I would steer clear of this place!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Maria, London (15 years 2 months 14 days ago)

“Friday nights are great and we have been going for about 3 years off ond on. Staff are great and always friendly. The rock music does get too much and that last dj really plays for himself not the crowd. Roxy gets a great crowd in and I have never seen any touble and there is always a relaxed feel.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
paula, london (15 years 4 months 21 days ago)

“Good, generally. Drinks can be pricey and clientele can sometimes be discerning if you don't come from a nearby office block. Friendly staff, generally attracts a good crowd and drinks are good value during happy hour. Generally, the atmosphere is really good and the music tends to get everyone up and dancing. Friday night is best music in my opinion. Definitely a regular.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
alex, beckenham (15 years 6 months 25 days ago)

“I Absolutely love this place. I have never had a bad time, the music is great, the crowd is friendly, the staff are cheery and the oppotunity to dance in anyway you like is fantastic. I've only ever been to the Big Night Out on a Friday, turn up about 9 while its still quiet and you can have the dance floor to yourself - you'll appreciate it when it starts to get busy later on.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
sian, london (15 years 7 months 24 days ago)

“Great place to go on a wednesday night if you're looking for fun and cheese. really enjoyed dancing and the the drinks were reasonably priced with good discounts. Good night had by all!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
john Seymour, London (15 years 8 months 16 days ago)

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The Roxy serves food from 5pm with spanish platters and panini's available.

Updated 23/08/2006


The Roxy is stocked with a superb selection of drinks including wines and great cocktails.

Updated 11/04/2005

The Roxy Opening Hours

Monday: 5:00pm - 3:00am Friday: 5:00pm - 3:30am
Tuesday: 5:00pm - 3:00am Saturday: 9:30pm - 3:30am
Wednesday: 5:00pm - 3:00am Sunday: Closed
Thursday: 5:00pm - 3:00am    

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