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Libertine (Club)

Picture of Libertine in Fitzrovia, London

4 Winsley Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1W 8HF
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified]
Tel: 020 7291 1480 | Email to Libertine | Transport: Oxford Circus | Write review

Libertine Description

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Based in the heart of the West End, Libertine caters to central London’s partying elite on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. With some of the capital’s best DJs playing resident sets every week, Libertine also regularly welcomes international DJs who have made Winsley Street, Fitzrovia their London home. The recent refurbishment has seen the use of the latest technology - including a 50ft LED screen on one wall – to create an unforgettable atmosphere where mayhem reigns. Entry by guest list costs £20 and can be arranged by emailing or calling the club.

Customer Reviews for Libertine

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“Myself and three colleagues were meeting with the rest of our colleagues for our Christmas night out yesterday. We was told by a promoter that we were on Tais guest list. We we all dressed very elegantly and sohphisticed as we was on our Christmas party. On approach the bouncer looked at us and out of nowhere some blonde lady with a clip board looked at us menacingly and said sorry Tais guest list is full, I then asked is the club full to capacity as we are meeting our remaining team members for our Christmas party? She is no it isn’t but his guest list is full. I looked at the bouncer a tall black man and said come on what is the issue and he replied I’m not getting involved and her decision is final. I replied there is nothing to get involved in, I wanted a definitive answer as to why we could not get in to the club and he was diverting the subject saying I do not know. We saw lots of white males and females going in and they was not even dressed in appropriate attire but yet they gained entry. What is disappointing is that how superficial this back alley establishment is and the ultimate insult is that my fellow black man stood there and allowed the subtle discrimination to occur all for a pound note. The bouncer needs to rember the dark hole he came from because to discriminate against your fellow black woman is like discriminating against your mother and any other black female you hold on high regard. As for the clip board woman who looked like she was on the wrong side of 39, who clearly needed a some injectable treatments to salvage her haggard looks. She looked at us a saw a threat due to how classy we looked and immediately felt intimidated. Quite sad really in our line of work we could have set her up with one of the finest cosmetic consultants world renowned to fix her falling face. As for the club as a whole it is a disgrace that open discrimination is still happening in 2018, you want to embrace all of the best things about ethnic culture eg the music, the celebrities and our look, you just want it all minus the people. I hope you all see your reflection in the mirror and hope it is the version you like. Karma is real! ”
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Sim, London (2 years 4 months 25 days ago)

“We visited this venue on 1st February 2018 as a group of 7. We spent in excess of over £1500 only to find that the doormen stole our driving licences upon entry (they scanned them for ID purposes but never returned them). Initially I thought this was an innocent mistake and contacted the club via email. I received no response via email so followed up with a call. During the phone call I was offered no apology which would be the professional thing to do upon the news of an initial complaint. I was then told I would receive a call back which I did not so I followed up with another call. I was told they cannot find the licences so someone will contact me via email. I was contacted by James Spallone - managing director. Well James is an interesting chap. He insinuated £1500 is not a lot of money to spend in 2 hours (£200 per person) and even suggested I had no reason for complaint as the bill was paid for by one individual who was not me - as if I spent no money so shouldn’t complain that sensitive documents have been stolen by their door staff. I couldn’t quite believe the tone I was faced with. He then sent me another email claiming to have checked the cctv and found the licences were handed back to us. Ok, if this is the case, but he then followed up with another email which completely contradicted this and asked me to provide a description of the door staff so he can find out if anyone is stealing them - well if the cctv shows they were returned then why would you need these details? When I was unable to provide a facial description of the doormen he then claimed that I obviously cannot remember whether they were returned. Obviously if James has checked the CCTV as claimed then he should also have an accurate description of who they were handed to and therefore not require one from me or my guests. I suspect there could be a potential issue of fraud and would strongly advise anyone against visiting this venue. I now see why they have had such bad press in the past - aren’t they also known as the RACIST club? Well they can now add THIEVES to their resume. ”
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Annabelle, London (3 years 1 months 22 days ago)

“I managed to get on the guest list Lux yesterday. -I arrived on time, 10.30. - I had the dress code, very expensive dress - I had heels -I am a size 10 Once arrived on the door, the girl was very unpolite, rude, saying it's not possible this night! What is not possible?? I met all requirements...what's the problem? They do age discrimination, they let in only girls in their twenty, so if you are in your thirties no chances. They didn't ask to me and my friend to check ID, but they asked to everyone. Disgusting ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sara, London (3 years 7 months 18 days ago)

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“I attended this club with 3 black girls including myself and 1 white girl. We were reassured that the club was not full and that we would definitely get in by the promoter. However, when we got to the door the lady with the clipboard told us that the club was full and that we would not be able to get in for the rest of the night which was quite shocking as we were very well dressed and looking forward to the night as it was my friend's birthday! However as we were leaving 6 east European girls turned up in the que and we're instantly allowed into the club. I'm very disgusted that these clubs discriminate against black people and feel that they should not be in London as london is a diverse city that hosts various races etc. ”
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Sarah, East london (4 years 5 months 2 days ago)

“Disgusting after waiting a while arrogant ugly girl with clipboard told my friend and I could not go as guest list was closed even though we received confirmation, had to go back and was made a fool of , disgusting as a British citizen! Wonder what they would say to someone disabled etc so judgemental . Disgusting place ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Resh, Enfield (5 years 1 months 16 days ago)

“Half a decade ago this club was all the rage. The reputation of this place has clearly maintained itself as it is still listed as one of the top ten clubs in London. However, any positive reviews i had read were a grossly inaccurate description of the club as it stands in August 2015. The DJ was nothing special, playing predominantly hip hop/rap ....and that attracted a particular crowd: young, unclassy and unattractive. It was overcrowded with no space to dance whatsoever (first time i have experienced this on a night out) and no dancing means no fun. ”
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Lilly, London (5 years 7 months 29 days ago)

“Was told by a promoter that me and my friends would get free entry and a table with drinks all night. We were a bit dubious as we had read some reviews online (all of which were very bad) about how the cow at the door doesn't let people in based on their race and weight. However we were reassured by the promoter that things would be fine. We turn up at 9:45 like we were told and there was already a queue of women who were also there by the request of other promoters. We met the promoter and he said he was happy with how we were dressed and that it was going to be a good night (we were dressed tastefully in knee length cocktail dresses and heels). We got near to the front of the queue and the front of house said something to the group of girls in front of us and they were ushered out of the line. Then my friends and I got to the front of the queue and the cow with the clipboard looks us up and down and says "i'm not going to be able to fit you all in tonight" (baring in mind only two people had actually gone in the club so far and we were on guest list) with that the bouncer undoes the velvet rope to get us out of the queue. According to the 'shocked' promoter I was allowed in but the woman at the door didn't like how my friend looked. However, the skanky 18 yr old eastern european girls in mini skirts and bad extensions were allowed straight in because they were super skinny and slutty looking. This place really is just designed for men who are living off mummy and daddy's money - So that they can go and splash their parents cash on champagne and be surrounded by skinny, slutty girls who would probably suck d*ck for a sip of grey goose. Don't bother with this club, no matter what a promoter tells you. There are so many other amazing clubs in London that aren't full of skanky young girls and toffs. We ended up going to Casa Negra in Shoreditch and had a great night surrounded by a friendly and fun crowd. ”
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penelope, london (6 years 7 days ago)

“The hostess at the door has no class and talks down to people.If you like being treated like that be my guest. so many better clubs in london.Will def not return.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
blondie, london (7 years 7 months 12 days ago)

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