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NY Bar & Grill (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of NY Bar & Grill in Epsom & Cobham, London

46 Portsmouth Road, Epsom & Cobham, London, KT11 1HY
Cuisine: American
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NY Bar & Grill Review

Best for: decent steak and chips; friendly waiters; partying.

Great: Luscious banoffee waffles; a laugh; big apples.

I adore American food. In my youth I spent all my school holidays in Florida. I would gorge on cheesy fries that dripped down my arm. I devoured every sort of deep fried item I could ever desire. In the States, the best thing about dining out is the over-the-top enthusiasm from the servers. It makes the whole experience worthwhile and helped to eradicate the notion that I had just consumed 2000 calories in one sitting. My expectations for NY Bar and Grill were high and I was very much looking forward to it.

Driving into their car park, it wasn’t immediately clear that I had arrived at the right place. I expected a big American flag or some other clichéd ersatz tat like you’d find at TGI Fridays, but no such luck. At least the local frat boy equivalent was in attendance though: rowdy suits with pint in hand.

I felt a bit lost as I entered. It’s not immediately obvious where to go or who to speak to. I expected an American to greet me, not an Italian. I wanted a grinning ‘You’re welcome’ not a polite ‘thank you’. Aspects like this missing from the themed restaurant experience are always a little deflating.

As I sat down I was handed a menu about half my size. Taking stock, it was at this point that I saw the potential of the place. It’s big and spacious with large windows providing a lot of natural light, but when there are only a handful of people present - as there were at the time - the atmosphere is just awful. As I spoke quietly to my dinner date, all I could hear was the conversation from the table across the room, which I loathe when I go out to eat. You should only hear music and background noise, not the tiresome chattering of a banker-belt parent + child combo.

Browsing the menu, we noticed that the dishes seemed to be from all over the States, not just New York. This irked me as if you are going to call yourself NY Bar and Grill the least you can do is have that famous States cuisine.

On the other hand, the restaurant did satisfy my tacky requirements. Pop art of not just New York but all parts of the United States was scattered around. They were bright, brash and bold and enjoyable to look at. There was even a big red and green apple sitting on a side board. Geddit? The Big Apple! HA! Brilliant. (*Ed – Cat is easily amused)

My amusement (*Ed – I told you) was short-lived when the starters arrived. Expecting American portions, we, in fact, received small lukewarm disappointments. Both our prawns and homemade crab cake were bland and in desperate need of seasoning. Thank god for the wedge of the lemon or this meal might not have been saved.

As our plates were cleared, my date and I looked at each other and put our heads in our hands. It was shaping up for a disaster. I slowly sipped my wine and wondered if there was an escape route to make this evening go quicker. There wasn’t; damn!

Slowly, as we sat patiently for our mains, the venue filled up and the vibe got encouragingly livelier. We scanned the room and NY Bar & Grill’s raison d’être was revealed: it’s a party restaurant. A 50th birthday party – of roughly 30 people - of all ages took over the restaurant and rescue the evening. The tables around them filled up, and the atmosphere improved hugely.

Surprisingly, the mains were a great success. The portions were gargantuan and really rather good. The steak was exactly what my date wanted: large, filling the plate, and still mooing. My fish of the day, seabass on this occasion, was pan-fried wonderfully leaving a crisp skin of greatness.

After powering through the piles of food, gradually forcing smaller and smaller morsels into my mouth, I had to admit defeat and feebly pushed my plate away. The waiter laughed at my weakling ways as he thrust the dessert menu into my hand.

God bless America and their artery clogging desserts! Banoffee pie is one of my favourite things to indulge in, so the banoffee waffle tower seemed the obvious choice. Two waffles drenched in a really naughty toffee sauce and lusciously thick ice cream. It felt like I was back in the States, and even though the nervous waiter nearly threw the dessert over me, we all had a chuckle and dug in. Nom, nom, nom banoffee for me!

If you’re going to have an American themed restaurant, I say go all out. The lack of Buffalo wings, cheese steak or sliders was a missed opportunity. NY Bar and Grill is not unlike one of my old school reports: could try harder, but has the potential. USA! USA! USA! (That last bit wasn’t on my school report) more

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“2 adults + 2 children were met by a very frazzled waiter (of which we saw only 2). Chicken Wings with Jack Daniels glaze were undiscernibly different from plain chicken wings. Bronx Potato Skins were just warm, cheese barely melted and the sour cream was so thick it came in a ball like ice cream and wasn't at all sour (or pleasant!) East Coast Calamari was enjoyed by our 9 year old. He didn't like the BBQ ribs at all (which were dry) and our 10 year old didn't like the Lasagne (which was not hot in the centre) - left both. Shoestring fries were re-cooked and overcooked and had no taste. Burger was mediocre and not cooked as requested. Husband liked his Nebraska Rib Eye Steak though. We had to ask for condiments twice and the side order of onion rings arrived after we’d finished out main courses. We decided not to bother with dessert and left. With a bill of over £100 (no alcohol) we are not impressed with either the food or the service.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nina, Cobham (9 years 11 months 20 days ago)

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The Ribs are made with chef’s signature sticky and tangy sauce; NY Bar & Grill also serves mouth watering Fajitas, Nachos, Chilli Con Carne, Burgers and Steaks. The restaurant furthermore serves America’s favorite desserts such as NY Cheese Cake – rich, creamy and smooth; Apple Pies – Nothing hits the spot like golden apple pie; Pecan Pies – Scrumptious toffee and wonderfully nutty; made to a North Carolina recipe.

Updated 22/11/2010


NY Bar & Grill uses premium spirits and fresh ingredients to create perky and inventive cocktails which the young, style conscious crowd positively lap up. If you would like to indulge with some bubbly, there are various champagnes to choose from; the best being the Dom Perignon Vintage 2000.

The impressive selection of wines and cocktails helps considerably, the menu is hefty with over 50 drinks. The area's best!

The UNIQUE VIP area sponsored by Perrier Jouet and Absolute Vodka is available f

Updated 22/11/2010

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