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The Draft House Northcote (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of The Draft House Northcote in Clapham, London

94 Northcote Road, Clapham, London, SW11 6QW
Cuisine: Meat
Tel: 0207 924 1814 | Email to The Draft House Northcote | Transport: Clapham Junction | Write review

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Remember a time when this was all just fields? In those sepia-tinged days this plot of land belonged to the Pitcher & Piano clan, of whom the people of Northcote were frightened due to the clarion revelry that lasted through until the early hours of the morn.

But Northcote’s capricious proclivity meant the Pitcher & Piano clan soon shrank into obscurity, never to be seen in these parts again. In it’s place grew a fresh set of thoughts, like 11pm closing and 17 worldly beers on tap. The people of Northcote were happy once again.

That’s the shortened version, anyway.

The Pitcher & Piano was an anachronism at the family end of Northcote Road and Neanderthal Man was made to feel reet rejected in amongst the grown up pram, toy, and expectant Mum shops of the neighbourhood. Get back down your end with the alcopop disco floor orcs of The Clapham Grand!

As mentioned, Northcote Road is forever changing. New places open every other day. Look, there goes another one right now, bright eyed and bushy tailed. As Family Man - the angry fist waver who shoo’d Neanderthal Man away - tucks into an O’Hara’s sharp, vaguely chocolaty, almost Scottish-tasting Irish Red Ale in the chaste diner-cum-rustic village backhall-cum-French-brasserie at the rear of The Draft House, he realises his community is united in its recent affections for this laid-back, comforting restaurant ambiance, even though it was not what he was expecting from a place with such a name. This is why he worked so hard at school.

Although the walls are adorned with Ralph Steadman ‘Fear & Loathing’ prints and antiquated NME covers of prehistoric Elton Johns, Family Man is not overwhelmed by the pop art modernity and razzle dazzle showmanship. His inner monologue is more like a Michael Winner sound bite - “Calm down, dear. It’s just a commercial”. The visually stimulating dripping candles and church pew seats massage his aura, whilst Coldplay sustains the mood on repeat.

He’s a simply Family Man and he enjoys the simple pleasures in life. Such as roast pepper dunked in sea salt as a starter. “Tell you what, these peppers in salt are a good idea,” he mentions, to himself. ”They go perfect with beer,” he says out loud, whilst making a mental note to try the squid & chorizo next time because the group of vaguely spruced up ladies (it’s midweek, after all) at the next table seem to approve. Although presumably they’re auditioning for Sex in the City: The Next Generation, considering how they are all speaking at once (”Calm down, dear....”).

This general sense of simplistic euphoria carries through into his 3-ingredient main of dark lentils, fennel, and seemingly-diminutive-but-packed-full-of-Tuscan-sunshine Tuscan sausages. He struggles to finish, gleefully, but when he does he utters three very simple words: A, May, Zing.

Over a dessert of blueberry cheesecake, he discusses with Other Family Man, sat opposite, the merits of a dining experience based on pairing beers with food, much like the commonplace wine habit. He glances around the room and notices all ladies present are drinking wine. If he were a braver man he would stand and bold exclaim, “Ladies, do not fear the beer!” Although he does then concede that it’s nice to see an English sparkling wine on the menu.

He has struck an accord with Other Family Man that the third of a pint glasses, although not as good value as the pint options, are the perfect way to get busy with the sizable menu. These powerful beverages demand respect. How else is he meant to tackle the interesting half-and-half Budvar mix, the Oyster Stout that (allegedly) makes people go a bit doodle-lally, the subtle Junction ale from local brewers Sambrook, the German Paulaner Weissbier which compliments the chocolate pudding exceedingly well, or the Scottish Harviestoun Ola Dubh which is matured in whiskey casks and plays the final act perfectly in this drama of yeast and hops?

Of course, The Draft House is a localised version of beer nerd heaven The Rake (Borough) but there’s plenty of non-beer drinkers present. It’s busy at 8pm on a weeknight and Family Man, although initially not inspired by the food menu, is convinced it would’ve been far too good for Neanderthal Man. more

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“You'd think the main reason to come here would be the impressive range of worldly beers but no, it's the food. Or both. Me and another beer-loving mate of mine thought we'd check it out for the ales and we weren't disappointed in that (the third pints are perfect for doing 'tasters') but we were amazed at the high standard of the food more than anything. Evidence of this was the amount of young ladies there who were drinking wine. Obviously they weren't there for the beer, so it must've been the food. Definitely worth the walk up Northcote Road. A true gem of a place that Clapham Junction was crying out.”
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Dave, balham (8 years 5 months 4 days ago)

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The Draft House Northcote Opening Hours

Monday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Friday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Tuesday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Saturday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm
Wednesday: 12:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday: 12:00pm - 10:30pm
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The Draft House Northcote Food Menu

Burgers Burgers and more Burgers!

Updated 26/09/2012

Item Description Price
Chicken Caesar Salad . £ 10.25
Roast squash and feta mixed leaves, cherry tomatos and house dressing £ 8.75
Classic Double hamburger and cheese £ 6.75

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Burger menu

The Draft House Northcote Drinks Menu

Sellection of wines, Cocktails, Beers, Ciders and Bourbon

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Item Description Price
Brooklyn Larger Craft Beer £ 3.95
Kona Longboard Craft Beer £ 4.50

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