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SOUK Clapham (Bar, Club)

Picture of SOUK Clapham in Clapham, London

165 Clapham High Street, Clapham, London, SW4 7SS
Cuisine: Pan Asian Average Price: £10.00
Tel: 020 7622 4004 | Email to SOUK Clapham | | Transport: Clapham Common | Write review

SOUK Clapham Review

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Best for: Fragrant filled fun in Clapham.

Great: Cocktails and bar food.

Water so clear you can see the silky sands beneath. A baby blue sea that expands out to the horizon and gently curls itself on to the beach in waves, lulling you to sleep. Night creatures sing their song, share gossip and show off for potential mates. Thick, green vegetation seems to grow overnight, and sprouts fruit in abundance. Everything smells of flowers and coconut and I can taste the sea. It’s so hot, sleeping naked is the only choice.

Where am I? Is this a dream? No, I’m in Thailand.

Well, I WAS. I’m back in London now.

The Thames was never that appealing. The sea of traffic would never lull me to sleep. Night creatures in London are not the types you want to stumble upon. Everything smells like, well, it just smells, and I never thought in all my life that I could say dust had an actual taste. The only thing that grows overnight is drunkenness. And I’m so cold, one boyfriend is not enough.

But that’s London; that’s not SOUK bar in Clapham.

Ahhh, SOUK. Even the name sounds refreshing! Away from the dinginess and cold, hard, grey vegetation of London - have you ever noticed how it sprouts overnight too? - lies this little retreat inspired by Thailand.

Firstly, there’s no denying the instant fragrance. It smelled of incense. But indeed it could well have been the scented candles to which my eye was easily lured. These large candles and dimmed lights seemed to revere the surrounding statues of Buddha. The candle on our table was framed by fresh rose petals. A feeling of timelessness came over me serendipitously. Sometimes ‘less is best’ and the simple décor, which had been newly refurbished, settled my soul. And I can honestly say I never felt that way at the Buddhist temples in Thailand.

So what is soft, creamy and ever so greeny?
Maybe it’s ice cream or maybe wasabi?
Don’t be daft, it’s SOUK’s avocado martini!

It was time to order some cocktails. The avocado martini, instead of depicting some form of baby food as you might possibly imagine, is utterly splendid. A sweet, refreshing taste and great sorbet texture. With cocktail costing an average of £8, the value for money is splendid too.

And as the night went on, I couldn’t fault the different forms of gluggity-glug SOUK presented. For all those who are socially inept (because you’re detoxing, pregnant, or a sober driver) then you won’t be left out as you can enjoy SOUK’s lengthy list of mocktails too. My favourite for the night was the French Kiss, a berry bonanza (also a good substitute if you can’t get a Clapham kiss).

Luckily for me, I’m not socially inept (I hope) and the ‘Onesie’ type seating was perfect for me. Since there’s no ‘your seat my seat’ but rather ‘your spot my spot’ somewhere on the long benches lining the walls, it’s easy to start chatting to your neighbours as everyone just mingles in, especially when it’s busy. Trendy young neighbours they were too. Young, hip, handsome, cool: the epitome of Claphamites.

And on a weekend, you might even get to dance with one or several of these cute Claphamites; a nice range of music - from bossa nova with an African twist to house - plays as the night matures.

So what is a season on a plate but still has a spring in its step?

Spring rolls, of course! The spring rolls at SOUK couldn’t be better, and even after a few cocktails, the homemade taste is instantly distinguishable. I moved from Spring to Summer in one night, following with a red curry, a taste for which I developed whilst in Thailand. I love the taste of the sea, so I ordered the dish with prawns (from a choice of chicken and beef too). Hmmm, SOUK took me back to my holiday, which was fast becoming a diminishing memory.

The menu also reminded me of how cheap the prices in Thailand were. Fair enough, we’re not looking at £1 a meal like in Thailand, but a quality main starting from £5.50 is ridiculously cheap for a nice place like SOUK. I was really impressed. I was missing the friendly countenance of the Thai people, however the service and approachability of the SOUK bar staff was just as good. But I daren’t ask them for a massage.

OK, I’m in London. OK, I’m in Clapham, but I can still sample Thailand in Londonland. And with all those Claphamites around, I hardly needed dessert.

If Thailand = spice and all things nice, then SOUK = drinks, food and all things good. more

Customer Reviews for SOUK Clapham

Average (based on 18 votes): 18 Atmosphere: Value: Quality:

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“I have just managed to get my work Xmas party booked in again for the 2nd year running! I cant wait for another great night in Dec. Great staff and great drinks! Take 2....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mrs marie siniska, london (5 years 10 months 28 days ago)

“I love souk! im a regular customer and i recommend this place to everyone that looks for a funny night out!!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
marina, london (6 years 5 months 13 days ago)

“I had a lovely night out with my girlfriend. Such a good atmosphere!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mr Bartlomiej Piotrowsky, Swiebodzice (6 years 6 months 21 days ago)

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“Souk is a cool place to go, and i enjoyed the crowd. Although the cocktail menu is really good, I tend to enjoy cream and chocolate and they didn't have anything like this on the menu. Considering there isn't a dessert menu, I think it would be better if they added something like this for those of us with a sweet tooth. The atmosphere is really great, and I particularly enjoyed the lighting. Only thing is, being a tall guy I found the tables quite low especially if you're not sitting against the wall.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jock, London (6 years 7 months 15 days ago)

“Came here over the weekend for my Birtday, had a really good time, the music was great and the staff were amazing! Best bit was the food couldnt get enough of it, there plattyers were so reasonable and their was lots to choose from.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Katia Johnson, London (7 years 11 months 15 days ago)

“a fabulous little find in a rather busy and ecelctic Clapham, u feel that you're not in Clapham let alone london once inside. the cocktails are to die for and i am already suggesting this fabulous little jewel for my frieds birthday parties! We went on a thursday evening and the crowd was lovely with a great vibe that picked up later too and its oen later than you'd think which was a bonus as none of us wanted to leave or move on to a club, great night with good service (a must in my book since i was once a waitress so am annoyingly picky!!) If you haven't yet been, go and check SOUK out.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
mel alblas, london (8 years 4 months 17 days ago)

“Came here after hanging out in the park on the Sunday of the bank holiday weekend. we were given a couple of flyers that gave us free shots with our drinks. There were some other great deals on too. I expected Souk to be expensive because it looks like a very up market place but it was actually really reasonable with all these offers! There was a really great vibe and we ended up staying there till the end which was 4am! Most late night clubs and bars are really grimy but i loved this one! Apparently there similar nights for the Royal wedding bank holiday too...I will be there then for sure!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ms rebecca grendal, london (8 years 4 months 23 days ago)

“great place! really friendly staff too. i made a reservation for a friday and had a really nice table and because i booked for a group of over 20 i had a free bottle of champagne waiting for me! the night progressed from a chilled catch up with my friends to a full on party! perfect!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Miss katie long, london (8 years 5 months 7 days ago)

“Cant believe i hadn't been here before! its just the kind of place i love! Vibrant, trendy, great crowd, cocktails looked really good but i was sticking to the champagne. I was on a table a friend had reserved for his birthday. we were looked after brilliantly by a really friendly and fun waitress. we had plans to go somewhere else after a couple of hours at Souk but abandoned them because we where having such a good time where we were! the atmosphere was great and built up more and more through the night! great night!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mr robert sole, london (8 years 5 months 21 days ago)

“forgot how great this bar is! I hadn't been for a while but will be going regularly now! the music was great and the bartenders are right on the mark with their cocktail making skills! the food was really good. I didn't come to eat but once i saw some food come out for someone else i had to order some. the venue just has this great vibe. it seems to fit every mood too; there were a couple of tables having a chilled out catch up over a bottle of wine and some food and also people dancing and partying by the bar. there was some great offers earlier on in the night too! looking forward to going back soon!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
cynthia, London (8 years 6 months 2 days ago)

“Souk is a jewel in the sometimes depressing London! Stepping inside I felt like id escaped the greyness and the miserable British weather and entered an oasis of warmth and comfort. I loved the look of the place and the feeling of being in Aladdin's den or somewhere exotic like Morocco but with the modern twist of the music (great mix of classic and commercial tracks from the DJ) and also the great crowd that came in that night. I came on a Friday not long after a hard, dull days work and was able to leave all my bad feelings out side and just have a great time! The waiting staff were really friendly and made me feel welcome and that I'd come to the right place. The cocktails made by the lovely bar men were amazing! I didn't try the food but it looked delicious and I will definitely be trying it next time! The night started off quite calmly and I had a nice table to sit with my friend. As the night went on and it got busier the atmosphere encouraged us to leave our seats to dance and mingle with the crowd. I saw they make bookings for parties so I cant wait until my birthday so I have an excuse to throw one there!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
cynthia, London (8 years 6 months 24 days ago)

“I can't believe it! We managed to have a meal for £15 each.....i went with my bf and we had 3 courses each, it was meditteranean-eastern type food...we were both really happy with the service and there was live music also I hadn't been there before but i'll definitely go back, probably get a few of us to go there as the value for money for food was amazing. I'd recommend getting wine if you're drinking for value for money”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ali Ball, London (9 years 7 months 1 days ago)

“I loved my night here. The staff were friendly, quick when they made our drinks (and there were about 15 of us, so it wasn't an easy task!) We had food too and it was a good quality and again, it was served quickly I would say this place is great for groups looking to have a reasonably priced night out with food and drink and good DJs”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Lexi Howard, London (9 years 10 months ago)

“I was on holiday in london... at first it took a while to get used to it, i remember wanting to go home but when i dosvorverd SO.UK i couldn't get enough..... is the place to be people.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
robyn, south africa (10 years 3 months 8 days ago)

“Hello boys! This is a fantastic bar. Inside you will find good music, gorgeous cocktails, a beautiful atmosphere, but above all, the waiters are very beautiful! Hello Roberto!* * Editor's translation from: {Hola muchachos! Este é fantástico de la barra. Dentro de usted encontrará la buena música, coctel del gustosi, hermoso una atmósfera, pero sobretodo, el camarero del beautifulst! Hola Roberto!}”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tommy, Espana (11 years 6 months 1 days ago)

“I used to 'Hate' this place, as pretentious as some had made out, but something has happened! The DJ's uplifting funky house set has the whole place swinging! Staff are courteous and reasonably quick, plus there's a waitress service too. It's now my No.1 bar in Clapham, just wish it was bigger!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
KC, London (13 years 10 months 12 days ago)

“One of the best bars in London!! Have a fab time everytime me and my friends go there!! Friendly staff who are really service minded, cool people and most of the times really good music!! I can higly recommend this place and on saturdays you have to come early but will have a good time!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
patrick, london (14 years 5 months 28 days ago)

“A great bar with a good atmosphere for a quiet drink after work, becoming more lively later in the evening. People tend to reserve the seating areas so be prepared to squeeze in at the end of one low seats, to stand or book yourself. Though expensive the drinks menu is good, the French house sauvignon blanc is particularly nice (green and grassy with good acidity!), so you needn’t go for an expensive cocktail if you don’t want to!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
annab, London (16 years 10 months 8 days ago)

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The food menu is a tempting blend of exotic flavours and textures with a western twist. Many dishes are designed for sharing and savouring, reflecting the communal community at SOUK - we encourage new friendships to be formed here. SOUK - a fabulous dining experience in Clapham.

Updated 13/08/2012


Great attention to detail has been applied to the drinks menu with stunning Cocktails such as the ‘Passionate Affair’ (mixing passoa liquer with fresh passion fruit puree topped with Jean Moutardier Champagne) and the ‘Bellini’ (An old classic champagne cocktail using fresh peach puree, peach brandy and topped with Jean Moutardier Champagne). A varied wine choice, an extensive champagne list and a selection of international bottled beers are also on offer to tantalise the taste buds.

Updated 19/07/2011

SOUK Clapham Opening Hours

Monday: 9:00pm - 2:30am Friday: 6:00pm - 3:30am
Tuesday: 9:00pm - 2:30am Saturday: 6:00pm - 3:30am
Wednesday: 8:00pm - 2:30am Sunday: 8:00pm - 2:30am
Thursday: 7:00pm - 3:30am    

Additional Information

Special offers, discounts and deals at SOUK Clapham

We have a new and improved Ecstatic Hour! So get glammed up Sunday straight through to Friday, and try our delicious cocktails from 6-9pm at 2 For 1

Updated 03/08/2011

Events and other great things going on at SOUK Clapham

SOUK offers a distinctive environment with soft furnishings forming booths around giant gold tray tables, low-level banquette seating, candles & incense creating a relaxing & comfortable atmosphere

Updated 19/07/2011

SOUK Clapham Hire Details

SOUK is an ideal location for your office party, private celebration, special events and Xmas. Comfortably catering for group sizes of 10-20 people to exclusive hire of 150 people Please contact us.

Updated 13/08/2012

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