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Prince of Wales (The) (POW) (Bar)

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34 Old Town, Clapham, Clapham Common, Clapham, London, SW4 0LB
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified]
Tel: 0207 7356893 | Transport: Clapham Common | Write review

Prince of Wales (The) (POW) Review

With bright POW neon blue lights leading you to these premises you’d maybe expect to find the Prince of Wales all glittery and new age stylish inside. You’ll be flabbergasted by what you’ll find. The owner has got to be either a kleptomaniac or a gatherer and hoarder on an epic scale. The ceiling and walls are simply dripping with the most random selection of objects and things that wouldn’t look out of place in Steptoe & Sons Cavern.

The beer here is reasonably priced though fellow customers (not us as we’d been reviewing pubs all day and at the stage couldn't notice) remarked on the weakness of the strength. Smallish in space and made cosier by the collection, The Prince of Wales caters for a wide range of age, with beard wearers especially welcome.

Perfect place to bring someone who has no conversation and if you appreciate the Stone Roses & the like.

Customer Reviews for Prince of Wales (The) (POW)

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“A small pub but very cosy. Dog-friendly. LOADS of quirky stuff just hanging from every surface. Lots to look at and talk about. Like the music selection too. Made for quiet pints really.”
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The Restaurant Hunter, London (8 years 3 months 2 days ago)

“The Prince of Wales in Clapham Old Town is a rare gem of a local pub in an area where local pubs are few and far between. We stumbled upon this lovely little place after a gourmet shopping trip at Moens and Sons butchershop in the old town. The shopping had left us with quite a thirst and we were suffering the effects of a lively wine filled night before. We decided the only solution was to find somewhere for bloody mary's. The POW bloody mary's acted like a miracle of god. They were made by the pub manageress who we have since come to know as Tracy. She is a miracle worker with tomato juice, spices, and vodka! We have now come to know the pub as a bit more of a regular venue and have experienced not only their bloody mary's, but also their good selection of wine and real ales. We have even partaken in the Thursday night pub quiz, which makes for quite a competitive event. The landlord does the MC-ing and is quite the show man. The only thing I would warn you of is don't make sarcastic comments when you are up at the bar, the mic really does magnify all comments, also if you are going to go, get there early as it is a rather popular event. Have I mentioned the decor? It is eccentric, quirky and cool. It really adds to the atmosphere. We liked it so much we have even held a couple of parties there. They let us catered for ourselves once and then another time we ordered in pizza (the menu is behind the bar). This pub is definitely worth a visit especially if you are in need of the miracle of their bloody mary's!”
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Ud Vark, London (10 years 1 months 25 days ago)

“It seems Jibber went to the wrong pub because the POW in Clapham Old Town has not sold Pride in the 10 years I've been drinking there. The best bitter beer is Timothy Taylor’s Landlord (four times Camra’s beer of the year) but unfortunately the pub landlord doesn't buy enough to keep a steady supply so the patient locals have to put up with a variable flow. The toilets often smell (I know women who won’t use them), as sometimes does the pub itself - some days are better than others. Last Saturday night there was a couple there who insisted on throwing the ball up and down the floor of the bar for their two small dogs to chase! Because the landlord rarely appears, except on Thursday’s quiz night, there is no mine host taking any interest whatsoever in his clients and the staff turnover means the service and volume of the music are variable. The walls are decorated with an exceptional variety of tat which gives it an unusual ambience though it must surely be a serious fire hazard. Although it would be a great shame to change it radically it does need some TLC.”
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Taffy, London (10 years 10 months 24 days ago)

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“Jibber's got it right. Used to be a great little pub with plenty of atmosphere but might as well go to the Frog and Forget Me Not as it is just as bad but has more space.”
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KiwiInClapham, [ Unknown ] (17 years 3 months 18 days ago)

“Klepto, are you sure you have ever been in this pub. For a start, they don't take any credit cards although you say they take them all. And do you think £2.80 is cheap for a pint of Stella, or £3.80 for a pint of Hoegaarten?”
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Frank Bullit, [ Unknown ] (17 years 9 months 17 days ago)

“This place never disappoints. Just GO THERE!”
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anonymous, [ Unknown ] (17 years 9 months 22 days ago)

“I used to love this pub, but then it all went wrong. the music got turned up, the staff got rude and the beer was never quite the same as it used to be. Worried that I was just becoming an 'old fart', I invited a few friends to meet me there one evening recently. To say we were disappointed was an understatement! The music consisted of heavy-metal played at a volume so that conversation was rendered impossible. The beer was no better. Our pints of Pride were almost undrinkable. Cloudy with a strong vinegar note, I took mine back to the bar to complain. The barman argued about the state of the beer, took a couple of swift draughts from the glass, presented it back to me and said that that was how Pride always tastes and no-one else had complained about it. I felt deeply insulted and shall never go back again. Given that I have a PhD in flavour science and have also worked in the licenced trade, I do know a few things about good beer and good customer service. I'm sorry that they failed on both counts. You have been warned...!”
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jibber, (18 years 5 months 1 days ago)

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