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Kasturi A Taste of India (Bar, Restaurant)

Picture of Kasturi A Taste of India in City of London, London

57 Aldgate High Street, City of London, London, EC3N 1AL
Cuisine: Indian
Tel: 0207 480 7402 | Email to Kasturi A Taste of India | Transport: | Write review

Kasturi A Taste of India Review

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“Opening a curry restaurant in London is like opening an ice cream parlour in the arctic,” says Bashir Ahmed – seasoned restaurateur and founder of the award winning Kasturi, our destination for the evening. A few steps from Aldgate station, this North Indian eatery is most certainly a destination venue with its carefully constructed menu and superb service.

Kasturi offers a fine dining cuisine of what is described as coming from the northern border region of India, with influences from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Spices are crushed, but not ground to a powder, which provides for a distinct earthy flavour and natural texture taking the food many steps above the bog standard venues of Brick Lane.

We are warmly greeted by a conscientious team including the friendly Akash – a fellow journalist and gracious host, who shows us to our table in the dimly lit and tastefully dressed back area.

We start with the Kabab-ke-Karishma – a selection of chicken, lamb and ground meat skewers served with a selection of dipping sauces – which comes highly recommended and with justification. The kebabs are spiced well and the juicy flavour of the meat remains – primarily in the lamb peshwari which we loved. The King Prawn Puri was also great – unusual flavours entangle this spicy tower of prawns and veg that sit on a sauce soaked naan bread.

Practically stuffed, we progress to the mains. My Thali Royal contains a mix of plush and tasty meat curries, naan and a biriyani. Particularly awesome is the Lamb Bhuna – which endures a lengthy yoghurt marinade process, emerging tender and packed with flavour. Also enjoyable is the yellow curried dal with its intense savour and yummy sticky texture. My friend had the Passanda Lamb which was hot and sour, with a thick rich sauce and excellent.

After the meal a chat with Bashir reveals that the establishment has been awarded an “Investor in People” recognition – given for Kasturi’s dedication to hygiene and silver-service training for staff. Kasturi offers plenty of specials in the summer and is currently booking for the winter holiday season. With two separate dining areas, very fair prices, and delicately prepared fare, you’ll have trouble finding another like it. more

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“Excellent Indian food with great service. The tikkas are fantastic. You can find dishes at Kasturi that I have never seen in any other Indian restuarant.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Peter, London (11 years 9 days ago)

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Additional Information

Kasturi A Taste of India Food & Drinks

Kasturi A Taste of India Food Menu

Kasturi specialises in Pakhtoon cuisine, which is originated from North-West Frontier Province of undivided India. The essence of Pakhtoon cuisine is in the preparation of kababs and grill foods which utilises juices of meats and vegetables in the cooking process, that’s minimising the use of ghee and butter.

Updated 11/09/2006

Item Description Price
Snacks & Starters. Kabab-Ke Karishma (For two persons). A Selection of succulent and delicious kababs originally from mountaineous regions of North -West frontier provinces of the Sub-Continent. It includes Chicken, Lamb and Minced meat kababs. We strongly recommend as a starter for two persons. £ 11.95
Snacks & Starters. Peshwari Lamb Tikka. Succulent tender lamb cooked to Pakhtoon’s recipe. £ 5.95
Snacks & Starters. Adraki Lamb Chops. Ginger flavoured lamb chops cooked on charcoal grilled tandoor. £ 5.50
Snacks & Starters. Chicken Reshmi Tikka or Chicken Tikka. Boneless chicken fillet marinated in special sauce grilled in Tandoor. £ 4.95
Snacks & Starters. Shammi Kebab. Spicy ground lamb cakes with coriander and mint. £ 5.95
Snacks & Starters. Samosa. Flaky pastry stuffed with delicately spicy mixed lamb, fish or vegetable. £ 3.95
Snacks & Starters. Crab Massala. Pan fried crab meat with in-house spices and herbs. £ 6.95
Snacks & Starters. Paneer Tikka. Home made cheese marinated and stuffed with fresh herbs and spices in Olive oil and cumin, grilled in tandoor. £ 4.95
Snacks & Starters. King Prawn Puri. Lightly cooked king prawn with garlic and fresh herbs served on puri. £ 8.95
Snacks & Starters. Badal Jam. Exotic aubergine delicA vegetarian delight. £ 3.95
Snacks & Starters. Shikampuri Kabab. Mashed sweet potatoes and raw bananas mixes with fresh herbs and spices flavoured with fresh dill.A vegetarian delicacy. £ 3.95
House Specialities - Koh-E-Avadh. Knuckles of lamb “dum”-cooked in their own cardamon tinged juices and marrows flavoured with saffron.Medium to spicy dish. £ 8.95
House Specialities - Kadai Lamb Masala. Tender pieces of lamb cooked in spicy tomato and corriander masala. Spicy. £ 7.95
House Specialities - Lamb Badami Pasanda. Lamb steak fillet cooked in a rich sauce of saffron, yoghurt, cream and almonds. Spicy dish. £ 8.95
House Specialities - Chicken Bhuna Hyderabadi. Chicken cooked in thick gravy in an onion and tomato paste specially prepared by our Chef. Spicy curry. £ 8.95
House Specialities - Chicken Afgani Lababdar. Stripes of boneless chicken cooked in our in-house sauce with juliennes of onions,tomatoes and capsicum. £ 8.95
House Specialities - Dahi Machli. Slices of Fresh Telapia fish filets,coated in turmenic and chilli sauce complemented with a spicy yoghurt dressing £ 8.95
House Specialities - Murgh Shahjahani. Stuffed breast chicken rolls with chicken minced, marinated and cooked in oven. Served in a thick medium spicy sauce. A famous mouglai dish. Very Special! £ 9.95
House Specialities - Patiala Shahi Gosht. A lamb dish originally prepared for members of the Royal House of Patiala in the Punjab. £ 8.95
House Specialities - Prawn Malabari. Jumbo King prawns marinated in sauce of fresh coconut milk with ground mustard, fennel seeds and spices. £ 12.95
House Specialities - Chicken Keshari Nazaqut. Chicken cooked in rich cashew gravy with a blend of saffron and cream. Very mild curry. £ 7.95
House Specialities - Chicken Tikka. Another favourite dish of the nation with our special touch. £ 8.95
Traditional Biriyanies - Mashq-E-Tanjan (Chicken Biriani). Basmati rice cooked with mouth melting succulent chicken pieces. £ 9.95
Traditional Biriyanies - Lamb Biriyani Hyderabadi. Spiced diced lamb cooked with basmati rice, served with vegetable. £ 9.95
Traditional Biriyanies - Surkh Lamb Biriyani. Spicy lamb Biryani. £ 10.95
Traditional Biriyanies - Biriyani Gul-E-Guljar (Vegetable Biriani). Basmati rice cooked with spiced vegetables flavoured with mint and saffron. £ 8.95
Popular Dishes - Dansak. Diced chicken or lamb cooked with lentils, sweet, sour and hot. £ 7.95
Popular Dishes - Madras or Vindaloo (Chicken or Lamb). Hot curry. £ 7.95
Popular Dishes - Chicken Tikka Massala. An all time favourite dish with grilled chicken tikka in a creamy and yogurt sauce. Chef’s own special recipe. £ 8.95
Popular Dishes - Jhal-Frizi. Chicken or Lamb cooked in medium spices with shallots, onions, green pepper and fresh coriander. £ 7.95
Popular Dishes - Sag Gosht. Diced lamb cooked with fresh spinach. (Medium Hot) A North Indian Favourite. £ 7.95
Popular Dishes - Garlic Chilli Chicken. Hot and spicy supreme chicken with garlic and chilli sauces. £ 7.95
Popular Dishes - Thali Royal. A selection of regional different dishes recommended by our chef. A traditional way of dining in India. Containing chicken / lamb / vegetables / mixed raitha/pulao rice and nan. (Mild and Medium). £ 9.95
Vegetarian Delight - Vegetarian Thali. A selection of different vegetarian dishes recommended by Kasturi's chef. Served with tandoori nan and pulao rice. £ 8.95
Vegetarian Delight - Paneer Pasanda (Main Dish). Home made cottage cheese cooked in a rice sauce of saffron, yoghurt, cream & almonds. £ 7.95
Vegetarian Delight - Mushroom Kalimirch (Side Dish). Fresh mushrooms tossed in a pan with garlic and various spices. £ 3.95
Vegetarian Delight - Bhindi Churchuri (Side Dish). Fresh crispy fried okra seasoned with tangy masala. £ 3.95
Vegetarian Delight - Paneer Masala (Side Dish). Indian cottage chesse with a in-house spices. £ 4.95
Vegetarian Delight - Aloo Annardhana (Side Dish). Fresh baby potatoes, cooked with various spices and promegranate seeds £ 3.50
Vegetarian Delight - Sag Aloo (Side Dish). Fresh spinach with potatoes. £ 3.95
Vegetarian Delight - Bhagare Baigan (Side Dish). Fresh baby aubergines with peanuts and poppy seeds. £ 3.95
Vegetarian Delight - Mixed Dal TarkaI (Side Dish). Red lentils cooked in Bengali style. £ 3.50
Vegetarian Delight - Dal-Dera Ismail Khan (Side Dish). A harmonious combination of black dal and herbs, simmering on slow charcoal fire. £ 3.95
Vegetarian Delight - Sag Paneer (Side Dish). Fresh spinach with home made cottage cheese. £ 4.95

Kasturi A Taste of India Drinks Menu

Item Description Price
House Wines - Casa de Piedra Chardonnay 2003 (Lontue, Chile) A delicious nose of melon and grapefruit with a touch of creamy oak. On the palate the wine is ripe and fruity, with a refreshing acidity. £ 13.95
House Wines - Boland Chenin Blanc 2004 (Paarl, South Africa) A delightful crisp dry wine with fruitiness driven by varietal guava, papaya and pineapple flavours. £ 15.95
House Wines - Casa de Piedra Cabernet Sauvignon 2003 (Lontue Chile) A pwoerful nose of red and black fruits, with a hint of dark chocolate. The palate is full-bodied, deliciously ripe and packed with fruit. £ 13.95
House Wines - Boland Pinotage / Cinsault 2003 (Paarl, South Africa) This is a light and fruity wine with sweet banana flavours. £ 15.95
Red Wines - Cep du Sud Grenache Vielles Vignes 2003 (Vin de Pays d'Orc, France) Cool climate vineyards in the Pyrenees produce the grapes for this stunningly intense forest fruit driven wine. £ 16.95
Red Wines - Monterey Ranch Series Syrah 2002 (California, USA) A supple texture and an opulent fruitiness of ripe blackberries and plums, as well as a sprinkle of black pepper, all complimented by a hint of new French oak. £ 19.95
Red Wines - Chianti Fattoria di Basciano 2002 (Tuscany, Italy) Intense, ruby red colour. Extremely focussed and aromatic nose with fresh fruit and flower flavours. On the palate it is smooth and balanced with medium body and silky texture. £ 20.95
Red Wines - Spy Avlley Pinot Noir 2003/3 (Marlborough, New Zealand) Its core of summer fruits is backed up with hints of coffee and spice from extended oak ageing. The finish is rich with well integrated tannins. £ 25.95
Red Wines - Chateau Pontet Fumet St Emilion Grand Cru 1999 (Bordeaux, France) Driven by the merlot grape this wine has a rich, mellow texture with a smooth dark fruit and plum flavour. £ 30.95
White Wines - La Serre Sauvignon Blanc 2003/2004 (Vin de Pays d'Orc, France) The nose is dominated by lemon aromas, pear and aromatic wild herbs. The palate is cool, crisp and very fresh, with a lively, zesty acidity. £ 16.95
White Wines - St Hallet 'Poachers Blend' 2003 (Barossa, Australia) A blend of Semilon, Sauvignon and Riesling. Full flavoured and generous, the palate has a range of fruit flavours that persist over the whole length and finishing with a twist. £ 18.95
White Wines - Riff Pinot Grigio delle Venezie 2003 (Veneto Italy) Very perfumed, rich, smoky aroma paired with elegant oak spice. Clean, soft, creamy and delicate and with a fresh finish. Remarkably long and spicy on the palate. £ 21.95
White Wines - Blue Slate Riesling Mosel Dr Loosen 2003 (Mosel, Germany) This deliciously floral, tropical, honeyed, medium style wine will compliment Indian cuisine excellently. Held together with a lovely limey acidity £ 21.95
White Wines - Pouilly Fuisse Bouchard Aine & Fils 2003 (Burgandy, France) Medium gold in colour with aromas of fudge, citrus and a touch of toasty oak. Round and supple with rich fruit, lemony acidity and a creamy vanilla depth to the finish. £ 26.95
Rose - Maures Astros 2003 (Provence, France) A consistently fine performer at the Concours des Vins, this is an excellent example of what the French can do. Ripe strawberry fruit and a fresh, dry finish. £ 16.95
Dessert Wine - Botrytised Semillion Glenguin 2001 (Hunter Valley, Australia) Deep gold, honeyed palate with mouthwatering citrus fruit characters and clean finish. £ 17.95
Indian Beers - Indian Beers £ 4.25
Indian Beers - Cobra Beer £ 4.50

Kasturi A Taste of India Hire Details

Perfect for celebrations and parties, Kasturi has 2 private rooms available from 15 - 50 people each. The whole restaurant is also available for hire, the restaurant holds 100 people /reception & restaurant hold 150.

Updated 11/09/2006

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