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Club Aquarium (Bar, Club)

Picture of Club Aquarium in City of London, London

256-260 Old Street, City of London, London, EC1V 9DD
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified]
Tel: 020 7251 6136 | Email to Club Aquarium | Transport: Old Street | Write review

Club Aquarium Description

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This unique haunt is thought to be the only nightclub in the UK to boast an indoor swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

It is also one of the biggest clubs in Shoreditch and it's filled with rebels just like you every single week.

It's an old timer on the Shoreditch club scene, having opened its doors back in 1995, and is renowned for its techno and clubhouse music as well its Bigfish and Carwash clubnights, which take place on Friday and Saturday nights respectively.

It's a three-minute walk from Old Street tube station, which is a great excuse to step inside for a few post-work drinks or even more

Customer Reviews for Club Aquarium

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“I attended this night club over the weekend and I had to wirte about the fantastic time that I had. Everything was stright forward, getting in was easy, getting my hands on a drink was easy. The music was brilliant (House/Deep House/Chart Toopers. There are always great promotional deals on entry and and drinks. The security were able to do thier job accordingly, keeping everyone safe. This time I didn't make use of the swimming pool, but be sure I will next time as everyone looked like they were having lots of fun. I highly reccommend this night club to anyone who loves to drink and dance into the very early hours of the morning.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bennyboy11, London (7 years 27 days ago)

“I have been reading other reviews on this night club and I don't understand why there is so many negative reviews. I have been a regualr over the last couple months and I must say it's nothing how people are wiriting about it. The club is original with it's swimming pool. The music is great but it does depend on what genre you prefer but even then the clubs music does cater for everyone's music taste. The bar staff were very helpful and friendly. The drinks are cheaper compared to many places in Lodon, giving great value for money on drinks deals and entry. The security are on the ball at all times so you feel oyu can enjoy your night without having to worry. Everytime I have been to this club I have had an unforgettable night, but remember your night is what 'you' make of it. Highly recommended to those whom love their house music and partying into the early hours of the morning.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Anthony, Barking (7 years 1 months ago)

“The place is let down by it's horrid, mean spirited staff and terrible, bland music. I visited on Saturday night with 7 friends for a friend's birthday party. Unfortunately I left feeling completely let down by the d.j's, the appalling music, and the general attitude of staff (aside from the bar staff who were actually very nice) who seemed to use any excuse to try and put a dampener on your night. My biggest beef with the place was , the mean spirited D.Js and the humourless, 'jobsworth' pool staff. The place is absolutely filled with tacky sorts of hen's parties from out of town chavvy types. It was my friend's birthday party and when I asked for the second lot of d.js who were playing to make a 'happy birthday' announcement of the mic, they refused with the unthinkable response that they 'don't use the mic' despite the fact that the d.j just on before them had made several announcements of hens parties and birthday parties. Those d.js in question were just mean spirited and up their own ar*ses, never before have I come across a more humourless, mean bunch of people - to not announce somebody's birthday - all of which would have taken them two seconds to do. Also, as soon as these guys were playing, the standard of the music went fastly downhill - turning the soul music into a washed out, vibe-less and unimaginative techno beat, which was bizarre given that the night was advertised as 'soul'. The guy manning the pool and the lifeguard are the most humourless and mean spirited sort of people (I had to beg to allow my fully clothed friend into the pool area to take a few pics) I mean c'mon management - your staff represent your club, if you hire mean spirited people who use any excuse to be heavy handed on your clubbers you will soon develop a bad reputation, and people will be reluctant to return. Hire cheerful, generous people and train them to have good customer service skills and you will develop a much better reputation. It's not brain surgery is it?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Angelica Glam, London (9 years 11 months 13 days ago)

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“Left the abysmal Bar due to lack of service and narrowly avoided a full-scale riot taking place outside the club on my way back to the tube station later on that night... season of goodwill indeed! nightmare!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Alex Sanders, London (14 years 3 months 17 days ago)

“This has got to be one of the worst nightclubs in London, aggressive security, rude non-english speaking inarticulate barstaff. A horrible mix of russian music (eeek!) and 70s pop crud, which gives you an idea of what conflicting rubbish is played there. I really can't understand how a place like this can remian open when there are sooo many superior properly run and managed nightclubs and bars in London. Don't waste your time and money being abused and disappointed, find somewhere else to party where they have quality nights, a good sound system, and know how to treat people right. What a sad excuse for a nightclub!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Peter Green, St Albans (14 years 9 months 21 days ago)

“Do NOT go to Club Aquarium. Came to London with my boyfriend to meet up with friends and having heard of Club Aquarium wanted to check it out. Phoned the booking line and booked 4 tickets for a saturday night - at no time were we warned that dressing up was compulsory. Arrived at the club excited and in need of a drink after a chinese in china town. With tickets already booked got shepherded into the "tickets already booked" queue, which was short... we then waited over half an hour... only to be told by the very rude girl on the door that we couldn't enter as we weren't in fancy dress! On pointing out, quite calmly, that we'd already bought tickets, she refused to talk to us and walked off. She came back and compromised that two of us wearing something vaguely 70's could enter but not the other two! what use was that we asked? She then started getting quite nasty before turning and letting other people in that weren't wearing anything 70's! There was a friendly guy at the door but he couldn't help us as the girl was the girlfriend of one of the owners. After it was clear she wasn't budging, we insisted that we got a re-fund. She marked my name on the guest list and guaranteed we'd be re-funded. Two months later NO Refund. Can you believe it?! On phoning, the club were absolutely no help! If that's the way they treat their customers I strongly recommend you stay well clear of Club Aquarium - waste of time and money and they're Liars. There are much better venues in Shoreditch”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
michele, paris (15 years 2 months 9 days ago)

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