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Cittie of York (Bar)

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22 High Holborn, City of London, London, WC1V 6BS
Cuisine: [Other/Unclassified]
Tel: 020-7242-7670 | Transport: Chancery Lane | Write review

Cittie of York Review

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The Cittie of York predominantly serves cider and bitter, there's not a lot to it and it's situated in Holborn. All in all there's not much going for it. However, the Cittie of York is an okay pub and the fact that the closest pub you have to compare it to is The Melton Mowbray then there are many advantages about drinking there.

It may once have been an old coach house due to its high ceilings, or it could once have been an old brewery. Either way you can't really tell but the fact that you are left pondering what it once was is a good sign.

Huge barrels are displayed throughout the pub and a row of intimate boothes take up one side of this spacious freehouse. Due to the area I did not expect to see alot when I entered through the side door but I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the usual crowd of elderly locals and pretentious after work folk. The clientele however, were fairly varied with a youngish presence behind the bar as well.

The bar staff were both charming and helpful. Even the food was a bit of a surprise, you imagine roast dinners and cottage pies which they do also serve but the main menu consists of fries, nachos and burgers and I was told in a surprised tone of voice that 'it's actually quite good'.

There is a cellar bar, a front bar and the main bar allowing plenty of space to consume alcohol with your fellow friends.

I would never recommend making a special trip out to Holborn but if you do happen to be passing by then you can't really go wrong by popping into the Cittie of York, just don't expect a wild night out. more

Customer Reviews for Cittie of York

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“A good pub spoilt by one of the most ignorant gits of a barman ever to walk god's green earth. Stereotypical Aussie gobber with an attitude a mile wide. If you don't like serving people, don't work in a pub”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tony, Chelmsford (9 years 5 months 4 days ago)

“The best drinking establishment in Holborn. The beer is quality and extremely cheap, especially considering the area. The surroundings are proper old man style but with a younger crowd than you'd expect. The food is also very good. Just stay away from the fruit machine...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ben, London (13 years 2 months 24 days ago)

“Great Pub in Winter. Terrific beer, good atomosphere. Went to the Cittie of York with some mates from Law School. Some Aussies behind the bar!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Will, Melbourne (13 years 3 months 29 days ago)

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“Great little pub, really olde england main bar with high beam roof, wood panelling, wrought iron-work,drinking booths, and a most unusual and interesting free standing triple grate fire. The real ale/lager is from Sam Smiths, oldest Brewery in Yorkshire - so be careful you posing alchopop softies - this is serious stuff - and its at a very cheap price too! A proper pub. A+”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Big OXO, Cleethorpes (14 years 3 months 10 days ago)

“A real pub for real people who want to drink real beer and talk about real things standing around a real fire. If you don't want to do this go elsewhere.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tom, now and again (15 years 23 days ago)

“The Cittie of York was a regular of mine when I lived in London. If you judge a pub on whether you can have good time there and not on decor or whether it is 'kewl' this pub is for you. Despite being a lover of music the lack of it at this pub is quite good as you can have a decent conversation without roaring at people. An excellent winter pub where you can enjoy cheap drinks sheltered from the sounds, fumes and the dust-laden wind of that concrete canyon High Holborn. Not a good summer pub though.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Larry, [ Unknown ] (17 years 25 days ago)

“The previous review (surprisingly done by a member of the fairer sex) unfortunately missed the point of the Citie of York. Although there aren't many pubs surrounding it with a place such as this you don't really need one. Citie of York is one of those ye olde pubs that London needs more of. If you manage to get one of the booths which look more like confessionals then you're laughing. The one beer that you MUST try is called Ayingerbrau, trust me when I say that 3 or more of these frosty fellas will leave you with a big grin on your face. Although not as refined and trendy as other pubs the Citie of York is a great place to pop in for a swift half or a night on the ales and should be pencilled in as a 'must-visit' if ever in the area.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Brendan, [ Unknown ] (17 years 3 months 17 days ago)

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