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Brixton Bar & Grill (Bar)

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15 Atlantic Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8HX
Cuisine: Tapas
Tel: 020 7737 6777 | Email to Brixton Bar & Grill | Transport: Brixton | Write review

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“BBAG is a very cool place to hang out if you’re cool enough to handle the laidback pace and 'make the place your own' approach of the management and staff. The staff have a respectfully stand off ‘Mi casa es su casa’ vibe about them which is just perfect after a hard day at work the last thing you need is someone else’s staff hounding you. I've always felt relaxed and at home down there. The Tapas is a perfect way to chill and have a few nibbles either while waiting for the generous main courses with friends or just something to get your teeth into while waiting for friends to arrive. I never visited the BBAG before the new management took over in 2006. This should be noted and makes all previous revues prior to this date null and void. The food is alchemy of local produce from local suppliers. The selection of continental lagers whispers of a quite refinement of choice and the Cocktails are made in a truly slow and deliberate manner by caring professional Cocktail makers and shakers. The music selection in the front comes courtesy of the music professional DJ/proprietor and in the back, more private area, DJ’s are provided by a mixture of private party goers and the proprietors DJ friends. Who could ask for more from the infamously creative music scene of Brixton? ”
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Christian Foster, London (13 years 3 months 23 days ago)

“Love BBAG - some of my best nights are in the back room. Went there for a private party the other night and it was wicked. They also have some really top notch DJ's. I can never resist the tapa's - can recommend the prawns and yummy chorizo! Soooooooooooooooooooooo good.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jane, London (13 years 10 months 25 days ago)

“I love this place. The staff are excellent, the atmosphere is buzzing and the organic food is delicious, I can particularly recommend the chorizo al vino - one of the best I have tasted and the organic chilli & coriander burger. After a few visits the staff have continually made me and my friends feel welcome, all I have to worry about now is becoming part of the furniture.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Andy Jones, London (14 years 12 days ago)

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“Great atmosphere, very friendly waiting staff, but very slow service, and appalling food, the "luxurious" fish pie was a vile slop of boney fish and unidentifiable vegetables, and the accompanying rocket and parmesan salad contained, bizarely, neither rocket or parmesan! When I pointed this out, I was grudgingly given the salad that was supposed to accompany the meal, but the chefs tried to make the waitress add the cost to our bill! Really disappointing.”
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Pete, London (14 years 25 days ago)

“I organised a surprise birthday party for my boyfriend and had reserved the entire back area. The staff were lovely and the service was outstanding. I would highly recommend having a night there.”
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Ceire Gormley, London (15 years 6 days ago)

“This place has got it all. Great cocktails, Qaulity fresh food and friendly staff. I think its what a bar/restaurant should be, relaxed but with attention to detail and happy people, staff and customers. Definately going back to this place.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
anne, london (15 years 7 months 24 days ago)

“I was scared to go here after seeing your reviews but a friend had made the booking and it was too late to cancel. To my surprise though the staff were really friendly - almost too eager to please! Didn't have to wait at all and it was very busy.Drinks are pretty expensive and food portions are minute. After seeing your reviews I had a sandwich and a pint before going there, which helped. Atmosphere was fine, a bit 'rah, rah rugby shirt' downstairs, but generally can't fault the service or the staff. Perhaps they've fired the offending waiter/bouncer from hell?”
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Jane Joseph, London (15 years 11 months 1 days ago)

“A truly grim place to spend an evening. I waited a long time as they aggressively refused entry to the friend who suggested I meet him there to try it out. I wasn't aware of this till he rang me to suggest I meet him in the Ritzy bar instead. Very VERY expensive drinks, rude condescending staff who roll their eyes a lot when you try to get served because they'd rather be continuing their conversation about Celebrity Big Brother and the glass I was given was dirty (lipstick traces). I can't give it 0/5 as there is no option to do that, but it doesn't rate 1/5, in fact I'd rate it minus 5. I hope it goes bust soon and something better comes along. I've been in chip shops with more style and atmosphere.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Bibi, Brixton (16 years 3 months ago)

“I'm amazed that Patrick found the Brixton Bar and Grill so unpleasant. Having said that, if both him and each of his friends were only planning on spending £11.54 each then they possibly avoided further disappointment when they could only afford a single cocktail and a plate of ostrich each. The bouncer, I'll concede is not the most hospitable of people, however, the staff inside are courteous and friendly. The cocktails are not outstanding, but the food is imaginative and although the menu is limited, it is definitely not your usual London restaurant fare... Patrick's experience with 'incompitent' people, not limited to facing the mirror each morning, seems to have tarnished his impression of what is actually an enjoyable place to spend an evening. Great atmosphere.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Will, London (16 years 3 months 20 days ago)

“Top bar this one! I went last week - love the drinks, the style, the food, the service and the vibe! In fact the whole thing!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
dick, london (16 years 3 months 23 days ago)

“After visiting Brixton Bar & Grill last night i can safely say that i will NEVER go back again. Myself and my friends were subjected to hostility to the likes i have never experinced before. After planning to invite 25 people down to the venue we were told at 9.30pm that the place was full. You could clearly see that the place was half empty. The bouncer insulted me and my friends, I was called f**king queer, my female friend who happens to be a barrister was told that she was a white piece of trash and her face will be smashed in, my other friend was told to go to hell and shut the f**k up. After speaking to a incompitent manager, who did not have any control of the situation, myself and my friends swiftly left for SW9 were the staff were more than welcoming and deserving of the £300 or more we spent in their venue. I can safely say if you would like a stress free evening out stay away from the Brixton Bar & Grill.”
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Patrick, London (16 years 3 months 28 days ago)

“I came here with a big crowd a few weeks ago, having lived in Brixton for a few years I wanted to try this place out. NEVER AGAIN. The guy waiter is a complete ignoramous - he was extremely rude and very condesending to all of us. Several bottles of wine were ordered which he kept behind the bar (fine but..) he then forgot about us, each time we wanted a top-up we had to go through the same teeth pulling routine of trying to catch his attention. AND to top it all off he tried to double charge us for several rounds of drinks, when we pointed this out his rudeness was unbelievable. I would prefer a night in The Goose than to venture through BB&Gs door again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
sbakey, London (16 years 4 months 1 days ago)

“Worst service I''ve ever experienced - waiter was extremely rude sarcastic and aggressive. The food was good although not particularly good value for money. Atmosphere was totally spoilt by the attitude of the waiter.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Amy, [ Unknown ] (16 years 4 months 21 days ago)

“A really inviting menu - so nice to have the generous tapas portions when it all looks this good! We went on a Friday night, so had great service, with friendly staff able to advise on the best cocktail to fit our previous drinks and future food. Will returnagain soon .......”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Aly, London (16 years 5 months 7 days ago)

“Really trendy, just what clapham and brixton needs. Reminds me of something you''d find in east music, good cocktails which are worth the cash. really nice dim candle light and relaxed atmosphere....only probs are not enough staff so waiter service can take AGES on a sat night and if you order a cocktail thats hard to make you will be waiting for 30mins till they work out how to make it! Also communal loos are not good for girls when boys are pissing all over the seats!!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
katie, [ Unknown ] (16 years 5 months 8 days ago)

“Good Points - I''d agree with the previous reviewer, the beers and wines are pretty good, it wasnt too busy (god, now I feel old !), and the atmosphere was good. Not So Good Points - Quite pricey, was a tenner for a beer (a nice St Peters Bitter!) and a glass of wine. We did struggle to get the waiters attention though, as he spent more time on his mobile, than looking after his total of 6 customers!.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paul, [ Unknown ] (16 years 7 months ago)

“Finally a bit of laid back class in Brixton! Plan B''s all well and good but if you want a great atmosphere and somewhere to chill i can''t recommend this place enough. Bit pricey for things like GNT but a bottle of wine is about a tenner and the snacks are amazing. Lovely, cosy, candlelit, livening up later in the evening, definately the place for us southerners this winter.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Veda, [ Unknown ] (16 years 7 months 1 days ago)

Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
ian rogers, [ Unknown ] (16 years 7 months 3 days ago)

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