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The Angelic (Bar)

Picture of The Angelic in Angel & Islington, London

57 Liverpool Road, Islington, Angel & Islington, London, N1 0RJ
Cuisine: British
Tel: 020 7278 8433 | Email to The Angelic | Transport: Angel | Write review

The Angelic Review

Situated just enough away from the main heaving crowds of Upper Street, the Angelic provides the atmosphere of a friendly pub with all the benefits of a trendy wine bar. Offering a wide selection of drinks including freshly squeezed fruit juices such as “Red eye goodbye” for those of us who tend to over do it on a Friday night and end up with a horrendous hangover that lasts all weekend.

The Angelic is very spacious with plenty of seating and even some sofas. Huge windows cover two sides of the building so there is lots of opportunity to watch the world go by… There is an extensive menu using lots of fresh ingredients, supplying nutritious delicious alternative to the usual bangers and mash.

Along with mood lighting that illuminates without being intrusive, the Angelic has background music that you don’t have to shout over. For any of you who live in the area, you will have already noticed this bar as it has a huge painting of what we presume is an Angel on its south facing wall.

Easily found, the Angelic is the perfect place for a drink after staggering round the shops, somewhere you can have good food, a few drinks and feeling very at ease.

Customer Reviews for The Angelic

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“I'd say that the biggest pro for this pub is its proximity to Islington Academy. To be fair, the food I had was good (pretty average) but very overpriced. AS per the post below, it's very hard to get a seat, let alone table. All in all, a pretty average pub that does the job, but not a lot more than that”
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Tubki, London (10 years 7 months 8 days ago)

“Came here on Wednesday before The Walkmen gig round the corner at O2 Academy round the corner. Glad we got there about 5.30 as it soon filled up and table space was limited. Non-distinct looking pub, good service and drinks were the (now getting too common) £4 mark. Ordered some food and was surprised at both the quantity and quality - burger & chips was excellent but not sure if it was worth almost £12.... in a pub! Toilets downstairs are worth mentioning for their uniqueness - nothing quite like it in London. And The Walkmen were great!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
The Walkmen, London (10 years 7 months 13 days ago)

“visited the angelic on thursday 28 may 09 around 19 hours, after living in islington for nearly 2 years and hearing about the "angelic" serveral times a decide to bring some friends there even that was my first time too, unfortunately after waiting quite long time to be able to order drinks the female server asked me to repeat my order as i had a terrible accent, unfortunately she brought me down and the way she came across was rude and unacceptable in a multicultural city like london (such a attitude should not be tolerated no where!), Angelic in fact was a Hell thanks to a rude bar tender”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jonathan marc, london - islington (11 years 10 months 10 days ago)

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“The fresh juices are great here, also just noticed they serve Baltika on draft too. A great russian larger! Great bar.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tom dennis, London (15 years 18 days ago)

“Found this place whilst out shopping with the missus. With dozens of carriers bags hanging off every limb i wanted nothing more than to sit down, put the old pins up and supple a sneaky half. I remember thinking as i left the Angelic, that i don't think we could have found a more perfect place to chill out mid shopping hell. If you're one of the lucky ones you might manage to snaffle one of the big sofas, and if you're extremely lucky you might get the sofa by the fireplace!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ben, london (15 years 2 months 5 days ago)

“What a nice surprise to finally find a bar ready for Christmas, so tired of places 'not ready with menus', 'unsure of availabilty', or 'we can take your number and give you a call..' They never do! Not the case at The Angelic. On arrival I simply asked for some details and was promtly given a Christmas pack complete with 3 different menus and booking forms. Good menu too. Nice work guys, you will be seeing me in December.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
tommy d, london (15 years 5 months 19 days ago)

“I dont normally write in to these kind of things ,but on this occasdion i felt i had to spread the word its sunday evening 10th of october and i have just spent the day in the Angelic in angel. I could not think of a nicer north london pub to spend a day in. Great varity of booze and the lamb shank was bang on the money .The surroundings are sumptious and the staff were friendly but not over bearing ,top day and fantastic bloody mary''s”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Neil Wilkinson, [ Unknown ] (16 years 5 months 27 days ago)

“This is one of my favourite bars in Islington. Good atmosphere and nice decor from the dungeon like toilets downstairs to the heavenly ceiling painting upstairs. The best seats in the house are upstairs in the chaise longue area and the round window seating is really good for people watching or chilling out with a few friends. The food is very impressive. I've been a few times and there always something different on the menu to try. Big portions, so starve yourself before you come and enjoy.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jane, [ Unknown ] (16 years 10 months 4 days ago)

“been to the angelic quite a few times as the place itself is pleasant and very chilled. we've always had to wait a long time for our food, which has been decent enough (a little bit up it's own arse, a lot bit expensive). however there always seems to be something wrong with the place (they're shortstaffed, the kitchen's closed, the chef's dead etc etc) that seems to guarantee poor service. today, we waited 45 minutes only to be told there'd been a mix up and the order hadn't been processed. fair enough, this happens sometimes. when told we could re-order and wait again, we asked for a refund and maybe a free drink (as we'd specifically gone there and waited for food). the barmaid (tubby, pierced lip) informed us that she didn't like the fact that we'd asked for it and therefore wouldn't compensate in any way. when i worked in the service industry i did exactly that - offered the customer the best service possible without unnecessary attitude. its a shame that such a good venue is being run by people with clearly no comprehension of this. shalln't be returning.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
will, [ Unknown ] (17 years 9 days ago)

“I came here 2 days ago and was very happy with everything about the place. The toilets were wicked with blackadder soundtracks playing (although someone should tell them that earlier blackadder is best!) The atmosphere was chilled yet bustling and the place seemed well organised. The drinks were as you'd expect, apart from the fresh juice bar which is a nice touch, and i thought the food was outstanding. I usually avoid sausage and mash because it seems like a bit of a cop-out, but i couldn't resist pepper and garlic sausages with red wine gravy! I'm glad i didn't it was wicked! The good lady had goats cheese and spinach parcels with pesto, which looked a bit weird but was apparently amazing!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nick, [ Unknown ] (17 years 2 days ago)

“Nice place, but the worst service I have ever had. Advised not to have the lamb rack off the new menu, and not to order if you have a set time frame.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Sarah, [ Unknown ] (17 years 2 days ago)

“I brought the whole family the other day. We enjoyed it immensely. My mother enjoyed the light and I particularly appreciated the easy access to toothpicks.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
SwedishChef, [ Unknown ] (17 years 2 months 25 days ago)

“I have recently been to the Angelic in Islington and found it to be of pleasure to me. The knots in my back were eased by the tasy sofas, which I can say are not in possesion of unlikeness to the ones in my living room. This is good as I would like them ones there in my living room thankyou. Whence I did travel down to hell-toilets in place afore mentioned to do a chocolate otter, I too spent a moment of silent mirth with myself and no others but the otter. At the sounds of Delboy and Rodders I did giggle with no audio whilst feeling the porcelain frontage of the bowl touching my purple end (Mmmm). "Aaah the joys of public humiliation" I thought as I wet myself walking out of the Gentleman's special place for gentlemen. Two girls look'd South at my personage and in disgust they did mew like filthy stray cats on heat as they enjoyed what could only be described as an eyeful of Gomorrah whilst supping beer served by a ginger elf. Upon ordering some of this food in that place I found myself looking hither and thither at the morcels of tasy food finding it's end in the wet holes of the patron's fat, smiling, faces. Eat now! eat! I did cry to my brethren and a hearty feast we did have and all were merry that eve. Yay oh yay, yay and never nay. Long live the Angelic and the delights of the ginger elf for it is heavenly.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Danishblacksmith, [ Unknown ] (17 years 3 months 10 days ago)

“I stumbled across this place whilst recovering from a particularly nasty case of the shingles, and contrary to the advice of my medical practioner I proceeded to purchase several beverages of beery goodness from the stout yeoman of the bar. When I say stout, I really mean small and ginger but he was a cheery fellow and does a great line in condom and nasal cavity based party tricks. My apologies I digress, anyway the fluids consumed were tasty yet still left enough change in my pocket to pay for my over-priced medication from my local pharmacist. The musical entertainment was quite literally music to my ears, but somehow also lifted my spirits from the boggy mire of self pity that only scabies can inflict. Following this remarkably successful visit to the Angelic I have decided to recommend it to all my parishioners, brethren and other heavily soiled individuals as if it does them half the good it did to me then the people of Islington will have a lot more joy in their hearts and lot less warts on their tadgers.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
MonkeyMatt, [ Unknown ] (17 years 3 months 25 days ago)

“a great pub away from the crowds of upper street. the angelic is a better than average conversion of a traditional old man's pub-pub into light and airy bar. the reasonably priced modern-british menu changes monthly and theres always a good range of beers. Oh, and any place that pipes only fools and horses into the toilets gets my vote!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
edmundg, [ Unknown ] (17 years 5 months ago)

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