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Top 10 Best Quirky Restaurants in London

Picture of Top 10 Best Quirky Restaurants in London

Let's say you're going on a first date, or you have clients in town who you need to entertain, or maybe you're treating your mum to a Mother's Day treat; whatever the reason, you need a London restaurant experience that your prey will never forget. Why bother spending hours trawling the internet for a pop-up, rooftop, organic, locally-sourced, sustainably raised, no reservation restaurant meal when we have done the hard work for you and found 10 of the most unusual, inspiring, and downright barmy restaurants in London?

Image of Bustronome London

West End
Modern British

Did you ever think that you'd be fine-dining on wheels as you cruise around London's famous streets and landmarks? Nope, neither did we. Bustronome is an authentic and original restaurant in a luxurious double-decker bus, showcasing the very best in fine French seasonal dishes. With huge panoramic windows offering 360 views, see London is a whole new way - with a belly of food and glass of wine in hand. If a memorable dining experience is what you're after, then this 2-hour culinary journey is like no other.

Image of Rainforest Cafe London

West End
Bar / Restaurant

Rainforest Cafe is a tropical hideaway in the heart of the West End. This unusual restaurant recreates the sights and sounds of the Amazon Rainforest with the help of stunning special effects such as thunder and lightning storms, tropical rain showers and cascading waterfalls. The restaurant is also home to a cast of astounding, lifelike, animatronic inhabitants including chattering gorillas, a menacing jaguar and our trumpeting elephants. Rainforest Cafe offers a varied menu of American and tropical cuisine made from the freshest ingredients. Combine this imaginative food with the magical scenery and you have a great time out for the whole family.

Image of The Gallery at Sketch London

Bar / Restaurant
Modern European

Spread over two floors of a converted 18th-century Mayfair building, Sketch marries food, art and music in happy partnership. Dining at The Gallery - Sketch's more casual eatery - you become completely immersed in Turner Prize-winning artist Martin Creed's work. You sit on it. You eat off it. You drink from it. A mismatch of colour and design, the space is matched by a culturally mismatched menu which features Japanese, Spanish, British, French and Italian. 

Image of Mari Vanna


Vintage quirk in all its glory, Russian Mari Vanna guarantees a memorable experience. The unusual decor - a catacomb for everything every grandma has ever owned, including tapestries, crockery, lace, knick-knacks and endless china dolls - is only overshadowed by the even more unusual menu. Visit for homemade vodka, shuba, kholodetz and an out-of-this-world experience. 

Image of Bel Canto


Opera is a beautiful art that is enjoyed by many. Music lovers pay a lot of money to watch performances in some of London's illustrious venues. Singing waiters, however, is something you mostly tend to find in America. It's highly cheesy and embarrassing. Bel Canto, however, have combined fine French dining with the art of opera singing. This uniquely quirky themed restaurant which is situated in Hyde Park allows diners to eat sumptuous dishes whilst listening to waiters singing beautiful arias. Join the Opera Diners Club and enjoy La Boheme with your rabbit Ballantine. It is something Pavarotti would applaud.

Image of London Shell Co.


There are a variety of reasons why this unusual dining experience is included in this Top 10 guide. Firstly, the wine list: a concise menu of Old and New World finds and one-offs from places as exotic as Hungary, Turkey and Hampshire. Secondly, the seating arrangement: here you're asked to make friends with people you don't know and eat dinner with them. Thirdly, this is a floating restaurant, that moves: disembarking from Paddington, this round-trip dinner takes you up to Camden via the Maida Hill Tunnel, providing plenty of Instagram moments. Also, the food menu: different each day, and based on whatever the crew can find and forage. Exciting!

Image of The Brunswick House Cafe

Vauxhall & Oval
Bar / Restaurant

Brunswick House is home to Lassco, seller of architectural antiques (which, if you were wondering, is things like interesting door knobs) and, well, it's just full of, you know, lots of stuff. The café is also full of stuff. They serve deceptively simple sounding food, which is also delicious; dishes such as baked aubergines, courgettes & Neal's Yard ricotta. And if you like any of the stuff you see decorating the café, you can buy it and take it home with you. Stuff yourself!

Image of Circus

West End
Bar / Restaurant
Pan Asian

A Pan Asian dinner menu; nothing out of the ordinary there. A Covent Garden location; seems pretty standard. Lively cocktails and refreshing punches; so very London. So what's the big diff with Circus? Look to the restaurant's name and therein lies your answer. It's not every meal at which you sit, en masse, along one long communal table, eating, drinking and being merry, whilst acrobats, contortionists, fire breathers and burlesque dancers parade up and down the table (pictured above). Keep hold of your drink! An unusual way to do 'dinner and a show in the West End'.

Image of Sarastro

West End

Walk into Sarastro on Drury Lane and you may think you are in a shop in Venice looking at costumes for a carnival. It is extremely lavish with tapestries hanging alongside flamboyant, decorative artwork. Keepsakes of past shows adorn the walls as you sit on gilt furniture and order food from a menu designed to rebuff the pretentious. Salad, pasta, mezze platters or lamb can be enjoyed alongside a string quartet and opera singers who hold performances on a Monday. Watch from the balcony above or in the opera boxes below. Indulge in their uniquely deluxe show after the show.

Image of Maggie Jones's


It doesn't get any quirkier than quintessentially British restaurant Maggie Jones's, which has been open since the sixties. Originally entitled Nan's Kitchen, the restaurant was renamed Maggie Jones's in honour of its most famous client, Princess Margaret, who used to book under the alias "Maggie Jones". Maggie's has been a favourite haunt among Kensington locals for over 50 years. Cosy, rustic, informal and incurably romantic, the family-owned restaurant is tucked away in a little cul-de-sac. It is warm, friendly and traditional, with a generous menu full of classic dishes, beautifully cooked, including a selection of pies, as well as daily soups, salads and roasts.

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