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Top 10 Unusual Bars in London

Picture of Top 10 Unusual Bars in London

Inspiration; it's a tough notion to master. So when you've been tasked with finding a bar in London that is different from all the restaurant, be it for a birthday celebration, girls night out, or romantic date, leave the hard work to Fluid London. We've got your back. Below you will find a top 10 guide to the most intriguing, quirky, weird, strange, odd, and totally unusual bars and pubs in London. From secret bars to hidden gem bars to garish, loud, live music-loving bars, we've got it covered. Now get on the phone, call your friends, and get out there and explore London's bars.

Image of Mr Fogg's Residence


Mr Phileas Fogg is famous amongst the well-heeled of Victorian society as a great explorer of the world's four corners. Here at his residence in the back streets of Mayfair, you are cordially invited to sample a selection of his greatest finds from around the world. Every type of libation is covered on an exhaustive (and expensive) cocktail list, each crafted with delicate precision. To enter the home of Mr Fogg, make a booking first and when you arrive, the doorman will allow you to enter. Inside there's a delightful array of decorative items from the private collection of the intrepid adventurer. A great date night bar if ever there were one.

Image of Barrio Shoredich

Bar / Restaurant / Club

Anyone with even the slightest of penchants for Latin spirit, music, food, love and dance will need to make their way to Shoreditch High Street. No need to look up the address. You'll know when you're getting close to this bar (pictured above) thanks to the live music and DJs pumping out the tunes 7 days a week. What a party atmosphere (the late license, the street food, and the premium rums and tequilas might also have something to do with that). An excellent place for a birthday celebration - larger groups head for the hidden Barrio Uptown section at the back; smaller groups, we recommend booking the 4-berth caravan for premium vantage views. What quirky, colourful decor too!

Image of Cahoots


Late night bar, Cahoots, transports guests back in time, to post-war 1940s and to a disused underground tube station featuring dazzling cocktails, swing dancing and sing-a-longs around an old piano. As well as serving classic cocktails, black market liquor and post-war favourites are also available, in particular rum and gin based drinks. For those that simply want to enjoy the comfort of a classic ale, Spitfire Kentish Ale is also available to sip, alongside a portion of spam fritters, of course.

Image of Wunderlust at The Big Red

Bar / Restaurant

Not only do you want the kind of bar that, when you leave, you walk 50 metres away, and then realise you just have to go back in, but you also want a bar that's got a rowdy student vibe, cute girls, hot guys, an inside-outside communal table area, live music and DJs, a fussball table, a secret cinema, a fine selection of cheap cocktails, a dancefloor, and a double decker bus, all parked beneath an underpass in deepest darkest Deptford. The one stop quriky shop for bar lovers!

Image of The Four Quarters

Peckham & Camberwell

Four Quarters is not your average bar or café, the owners have a huge passion for craft beer and classic arcade games, and also offer film screenings, tournaments, great food, coffee and all sorts of other treats. Driven by a thriving art scene, a vibrant local community and nearby universities, Peckham has become one of London's most diverse and liveliest areas and The Four Quarters is a valued addition to it's stand out nightlife. Try out the vintage gaming cabinets and re-live your teenage years, beat your 15-year-old-self Street Fighter score board position, get immersed in 80's Tron, Pac Man, Outrun, Asteroids, Defender, and Space invaders.

Image of Little Nan's Broadway Theatre Saloon


Catford's art deco Broadway Theatre is now home to the multi award-winning, and slightly crazy, bar and tea parlour Little Nan?s. Marvel at their tropical forest of dreams where inventive cocktails come served in fishbowl-sized glasses, teapots and goodness knows what else. For those looking for something more straightforward, there are also fridges full of craft beers and taps pouring lager and ales. Fine wines and fizz are available by the glass or bottle and premium spirits are served in vintage cut glass. Alternatively, pop in during the afternoon for a pot of tea and a humongous slice of cake. If it's not tea in that pot, they won't tell on you!

Image of The Last Tuesday Society Bar


This cocktail bar in trendy Hackney is hidden within The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities; a no-brainer for a quirky bar top 10. Expect to find taxidermy and shrunken heads alongside your Beetlejuice or Sex for Irish Farmers cocktails. The fact that the happy hour from 6-7pm is known as absinthe hour (no prizes for guessing why) should give you some indication of the requisite behaviour at this establishment. Take a guided tour with the man himself and do ask about their enticing events, there's a good sort.

Image of Ninetyeight Bar and Lounge


Perhaps if we mention that at Ninetyeight Bar and Lounge in Shoreditch you're able to order a candy floss margarita, that will help you conjour an image of the bar itself. Desiring above all to be different and unpredictable, Ninetyeight cocktail bar uses mixology and molecular cocktails to draw in the curious customers and then knock them bandy with loud, vibrant events like burlesque, high tea or cocktail classes in their own fashion. A place where the pillars of Shoreditch - art, music, cocktails, fashion and social trends - all come together in one eclectic buzz.

Image of Bounce


This lively ping pong-themed bar in Shoreditch makes the unsual top 10 by the virtue of the fact that it?s just a haven for mayhem. Music, UV lights, overusing the word "balls", eye candy of both varities, street art, a bible of gins, killer tunes, and a load of fun-loving Londoners who are up for a collective good time. It draws inspiration from the authenticity of ping pong as a high society parlour game, juxtaposed with the rich culture of urban graffiti style. Have yourself a riotous night out in London. Get wiff-waffing!

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