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Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in London

Picture of Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants in London

Dating is a tricky concept. Men have to deal with that age-old preconception that they have to be the initiators, the providers, the ones to do the proposing and all that jazz. Even more taxing, women have to deal with the men. A beautiful, romantic view is a saving grace, particularly in London. So whether you're planning a proposal or the all-important Valentine's Day, Fluid London is here. The best restaurants in London for romantic views are here for your benefit - because once the night sky is awash with city lights she'll be weak at the knees, he'll finally drop the front and maybe, just maybe, you'll find that spark. If not, no problem. It's a long list and a big city.

Image of Aqua Shard

London Bridge & Bermondsey
Bar / Restaurant

Within just a few days of its opening in 2013, aqua shard (pictured above) had already rung up ten marriage proposals, and continues to be a very popular spot for popping the question. The low, louche lighting, energetic yet elegant atmosphere, potent cocktails and breathtaking views from Level 31 of The Shard make for an intoxicating combination whether for a first date or 40th anniversary. Love struck diners covet the hard-to-come-by window tables; in the bar meanwhile couples will want to bag one of the discreet corner tables where mirrored pillars conceal their canoodling?

Image of Galvin at Windows

Bar / Restaurant / Hotel

Park Lane - An elegant restaurant with a view over London that showcases our city from one of its most beautiful angles. From the towering City and its smattered reflection of the starry sky above, to the leafy canopies of Hyde Park there is something for every observer here. And it is worthwhile to bear in mind that, should the romantic dinner go particularly well, the same building contains 250 rooms provided by the Hilton Hotel for your convenience.

Image of Brasserie Zedel

Bar / Restaurant

Art Deco is all the rage thanks to Hollywood. Whilst flapper dresses and gold décor as far as the eye can see, may not suggest romance, the devil is in the details. At Brasserie Zedel, French Art Deco combined with an entirely French menu is your reward for surprising your loved one for the night. Located in Piccadilly, impress your Mrs/Mr with dinner after the show; and beautiful music to make her/him swoon; and sigh as you make her/him laugh with flirtatious jokes and chat up lines. Embrace your inner Parisian and enjoy the sumptuous beef bourguignon with your loved one(s).

Image of Clos Maggiore

West End

The French are famous for two things: their ability to cook and their ability to love, making French the most romantic of national cuisines. Clos Maggiore, a Covent Garden restaurant, will help you woo your beloved with an open fire, candles and delicious French dishes. Oh, and did we mention that it's in a conservatory so that you can take a momentary break from staring at each other's eyes, to stare upwards to the stars, whatever the weather.

Image of Bob Bob Ricard

Bar / Restaurant

Add a little fizz to your dinner date at Bob Bob Ricard, where your love for champagne needs no holding back thanks to your table's "Press for Champagne" button. Or why not kick things off with a couple of shots of vodka chilled to -18°C? This flamboyant Soho restaurant, with its glamorous décor, intimate booth setup and luxurious Anglo-Russian menu of caviar, oysters and tartare, features all the ingredients for a passionate evening.

Image of The Bingham Riverhouse

Richmond & Kew
Restaurant / Hotel

Love knows no barriers. It will make you go to the ends of the earth to succeed. Or, more conveniently, Richmond. So hop aboard on of those romantic river boat ferry things and head along the Thames. Once docked at Richmond, take the stroll along the bank to The Bingham where the balcony table you cleverly booked ahead of time is waiting for you, along with a splendid view across the perfect garden, the river, and into the beautiful sunset. Then ask for the 'mystery menu' to bring a bit of sensual intrigue to the table. Once dinner has been consumed, stay in one of the hotel's 15 boutique rooms and finish the job off. Romance knows no end!

Image of Sushisamba

City of London

Liverpool Street restaurant Sushi Samba ticks all the right boxes for a romantic evening with your partner. Ascending to level 38 is breathtaking in itself in the glass elevator, matched only by the view from the restaurant, which is made entirely of ceiling to floor glass. Low level lighting creates intimate atmospheres whilst the beautiful orange tree on the terrace is beautifully artistic. To top it off, the menu which is a mix of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian, is fantastically eclectic, allowing you to experience different cuisines. Whether outside on the balcony or inside sipping cocktails, Sushi Samba breathes elegant intimacy.

Image of Daphne's


It is a well known fact that an open fire increases the chance of romantic instances by about 1000%. The heat, the flickering light, the earth woody smell reminding us that we are part of nature, its unavoidable. Daphne's restaurant in South Kensington is set to make winter a loving season, with winter log fires to make people snuggle together in the warmth and a traditional Italian menu, to feed their stomachs and souls. Fifty years since opening it had recently been refurbished, so you can be romantic and stylish at the same time.

Image of Meson Don Felipe


Now, as far as we're concerned, nothing says ROMANCE, like sharing. One of the main reasons that people decide to find a boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner/spouse is so that when someone else's dinner looks better, you can just casually lean over and eat it. Enter tapas the most romantic of food, food to be shared, lovingly. At Meson Don Felipe restaurant on the Cut in Waterloo, you can sit crammed in, elbow to elbow, eating delicious tapas, while being serenaded by a Spanish guitar playing man, tucked into a corner of the restaurant. Let the love flourish.

Image of L'Amorosa

Bar / Restaurant

Soft lighting, quiet corners, attentive service and Italian food to die for - yep, we can think of a few good reasons why this small, local restaurant may have won a Michelin Bib Gourmand. It should probably also win an award for being such a spectacularly perfect place for a romantic lunch or dinner with your loved one. Feast on sirloin steak, homemade truffled gnocchi, fresh pasta and boozy tiramisu. If you're looking to impress someone without breaking the bank, L'Amorosa is the restaurant for you.

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