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Tourist Pubs: Top 10 Best Pubs For Sightseers

Picture of Tourist Pubs: Top 10 Best Pubs For Sightseers

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So keen to find the needle in the haystack, or the cosy London gem, we tend to overlook the most obvious. There are any number of places in Tourist London that we somehow forget. Wide-eyed London guests who can’t make heads or tails of the Underground really need a pub for a quick pint just around the corner from London’s national treasures. So here are those pubs, without the fuss.

Fluid London have done the hard work for you! We’ve spelt it out for the fresh-faced and the old souls alike. Here’s where to go in London when the only guide you need is the classic Monopoly board. The landmarks that put London on the world map, and the pubs that ensure they stayed there.

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By Omer Hamid

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The Clarence
Westminster / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Gastro

Whitehall - Another triumph for Geronimo Inn pubs that preserves the finest British cuisine in a more upscale than traditional venue. Conveniently located between Trafalgar Square and Big Ben, and only moments from Downing Street, it is truly loyal to the bustling atmosphere of London's political district. A worthy candidate for our top 10 for its integral cuisine and the sense of inside knowledge that customers can enjoy, whether civil servants or tourists. Great wine list too. Contact The Clarence directly

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The Phoenix
Victoria / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Gastro

Buckingham Palace - A pub that caters to the needs of famished tourists or haggard mums, The Phoenix is one of those venues that seems to know exactly how to pick your spirits up. A menu that can be tailored to the express eaters or for a snack and a pint, it's very difficult to not feel at home in this pub; something everybody looks for at lunch. What's more is that the buzz of a comfortable meal is just a stroll from where the Queen lays her head. A true tourist haven. Contact The Phoenix directly

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St Stephen's Tavern
Westminster / Bar / Cuisine: Eclectic

Westminster - Through the dusty windows, in the stately, Parliamentary interior of carpet and polished wood, drinkers enjoy their pints in the shadow of our noble icon, Big Ben. The Tavern's former patrons include Winston Churchill and Benjamin Disraeli. To top off this historical gem, the pub still rings a bell two minutes before a vote in the House commences. Polished, refined and classy, the Tavern is the quintessential Brit. Contact St Stephen's Tavern directly

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The Silver Cross
Westminster / Bar / Cuisine: Pub

Trafalgar Square - This Taylor Walker pub lies right under the nose of Admiral Nelson and is a popular spot to pour over a steaming plate of fish and chips or dive into a steak-and-ale pie. Sprawled out over two floors, the Cross attracts tourists and theatre fans from around the heart of the West End and invites them to enjoy a glass of wine and talk to a stranger. Where it lacks in originality, it makes up for in heart. Contact The Silver Cross directly

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The Queens Arms
Kensington / Bar / Cuisine: Pub

Kensington - Just a hop, skip and a jump from the breathtaking Royal Albert Hall, the Queen's Arms is a refreshingly down-to-earth pub to calm your emotions after enjoying a performance at London's greatest concert hall. The Arms are particularly proud of their ever-changing English cuisine, from Devon crab to tender West Country roast beef. A charming venue with a youthful popularity and a hell of a menu. Contact The Queens Arms directly

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The Euston Flyer
Bloomsbury / Bar / Cuisine: British

King's Cross - The heart of intellectual London, the British Library is home to the Magna Carta and Darwin's handwritten Origin of Species. Just a stone's throw away is the Euston Flyer; handsome, cheerful and perpetually popular. The food is uncomplicated but brilliant, the Fuller's ale spectacular, and they take pride in their reputation as a lover of sport. A pub that's tradition is social; a tourist's favourite. An easygoing, comfortable venue that transforms on Match Day. Contact The Euston Flyer directly

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Sherlock Holmes
West End / Bar / Cuisine: Pub

Embankment - OK, maybe this one is a little cheesy. Adorned in the beloved detective's memorabilia and merchandise complete with a makeshift study on the second floor, this pub is probably best appreciated with a wry smile. Pipes, crocheted hats and scrawled notes aside, this pub serves a delicious eponymous ale and can end up being quite charming. A quick stroll brings you to the banks of the River Thames and the grandeur of the London Eye and South Bank. The cheeky venue gets an A for Effort. Contact Sherlock Holmes directly

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Hung Drawn & Quartered
City of London / Bar / Cuisine: Pub

Tower Hill - No tour of London is complete without a visit to the Tower and this aptly named pub overlooks the solemn Tower of London. The pub and clientele are distinctly masculine; ladies may find this venue not particularly to their taste. The large pub's high ceilings and second floor balconies provide an impressive space to unwind. And just across the road are the Trinity Square Gardens, where the very last beheading in England was carried out. Talk about tourist attraction. Contact Hung Drawn & Quartered directly

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The Wellington
West End / Bar / Cuisine: Pub

The Strand - The Duke of Wellington was the man in whom Napoleon finally met his match. That considered, having this pub named in his honour is probably the Duke's second greatest achievement. A true relic from 1903, the pub has maintained its original long, polished wooden bar and every ounce of charm possible. A popular spot for patrons of the Strand's many theatres including the Savoy and Delphi, the Wellington is an upscale but welcoming venue that is as cultured as it is comfortable. Contact The Wellington directly

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