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Top 10 Best Steak In London

Picture of Top 10 Best Steak In London

Are you looking for the best steak restaurants London has to offer? Excellent news because we have all the steaks you could ever need. To find a decent steak in London, if you're a carnivorous foodie, just book yourself a treat: a table at one of the Top 10 best steakhouse restaurants in London, serving succulent delicious cuts of rib-eye, sirloin, rump and onglette beef steak as well as grilled and roasted lamb, chicken and pork dishes. Below is your meat-lover's guide to the best restaurants in London for your hearty beef fix.

Image of Mash (Modern American Steak House)

Steak House

Inspired by traditional American steak houses, MASH (Modern American Steak House) has a strong focus on excellent Danish and American steak. Two Michelin-starred head chef Francis Cardenau and his team offer a choice of three Danish steaks that are dry-aged for up to 70 days in a traditional process which allows the meat's natural enzymes to tenderise the cuts. The complete menu, with a burger for £15 and a steak and fries priced at £25, also includes meats from all corners of the globe including corn-fed beef from America, 'Kobe-style' beef from Australia and specially selected Uruguayan meats which diners are welcomed to view whilst they hang and mature in a display cabinet.

Image of OXBO Bankside

South Bank & Bankside

Led by Executive Chef Paul Bates, formerly of The Beaumont and Intercontinental Park Lane, OXBO Bankside has a very British dining menu, with heavy emphasis on meat. Much of the produce on the menu comes from the nearby Borough Market and a lot ends up in the open-plan kitchen's Josper grill. Stylish, secluded, fun and welcoming, this is a steak-lover's hidden gem of a restaurant.

Image of Silk & Grain

City of London
Bar / Restaurant

If the church pew seats in the window don't convince you, the leather-aged, nuclear strength cocktails will. If the modern, colourful and carefully considered decor doesn't convince you, the lively playlist of tunes will. If the secret barrel aging vault doesn't convince you, the craft ales certainly will. And if the Isle of Man scallops with English garden pea puree and smoked Trealy Farm bacon starter doesn't convince you, then the moist cushion of rib-eye steak (hung on the bone for 35 days) we guarantee will (It's one of the best steaks in London). Oh, and they have four kinds of chips to choose from. This restaurant near Bank station is where you go to eat steak in the City of London.

Image of JW Steakhouse & Bourbon Bar

Bar / Restaurant / Hotel
Steak House

This old-fashioned and luxurious steakhouse is appended to the Grosvenor House hotel, with an outdoor terrace facing Hyde Park. Inside, the high ceilings, wood and brass fittings and abundance of blackboards and chandeliers create a vintage atmosphere that's both welcoming and comfortable. The food is top-notch - hand-cut selections of dry-aged American prime beef with all the trimmings - while oak barrels line the shiny main bar, which comes with its fair share of tasty libations too. Excellent service and a high-class clientele help contribute to the glamorous Park Lane experience.

Image of Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar

Bar / Restaurant / Hotel
Steak House

Gillray's steakhouse restaurant London can be found in County Hall, deep in the heart of tourist country on the South Bank and allowing for impressive views of Big Ben and the London Eye. Its exorbitant prices are matched only by the heft of its steaks, which come from the best British stock and don't cut corners, age-dried as they are for 35 days. The menu points suggestively to a whole host of intriguing entrees, roast options and desserts, but the question is whether you can handle anything other than the big, beefy and beautiful steaks on offer here.

Image of Hawksmoor Spitalfields

Bar / Restaurant
Steak House

As well as an excellent location on the cusp of the City of London, Hawksmoor Spitalfields restaurant is blessed with a hallowed reputation for superlative steaks, and with good reason. The British meat is cooked to perfection on a charcoal grill, in often-daunting configurations like the rump of longhorn beef for Sunday's popular roast, and the surf 'n turf dish alongside half a grilled lobster. The meals cost a pretty penny, but justifiably so given the prestige and quality on show here, and the meat extravaganza is backed up by an extensive wine list and quaintly-named cocktails from anti-fogmatics to post-prandials.

Image of Gaucho Tower Bridge

London Bridge & Bermondsey
Bar / Restaurant
Steak House

This steak restaurant is where London goes when it's planning to woo someone; be it a new client, your boss, your ex-boyfriend or a forgiving relative. If you need to make a good impression, this is the restaurant to book a table at. The steaks are outstanding, as is the frankly silly Argentinean wine list (it's BIG). Make sure you pop into the bar for a pre-dinner cocktail, and skip dessert in favour of the rather inspired starters and sides. Romance with an amazing view.

Image of Macellaio RC

Borough & Southwark
Steak House

Macellaio RC steakhouse in London is the third restaurant from Roberto Costa, with other steak restaurants already in South Kensington and Exmouth Market. This restaurant is housed in the redeveloped Union Yard Arches and introduces two exciting unique concepts - a theatrical in-house butchery and a Ligurian bakery. Inspired by the numerous theatres in the local area, the beef is dry-aged on site, dramatically hung behind glass. There's a stage which extends into the restaurant between two large banquet tables, upon which the Macellaio RC team showcase the best steak cuts of the day. Make sure you order the beef tartare with gorgonzola on top. It'll change your life.

Image of Florentine

Lambeth & Elephant & Castle
Modern European

This all-day, casual dining room in a Park Plaza hotel doesn't tout itself as a standalone steakhouse but there is a 32-day aged steak on the menu that is worth making the journey for, especially as an after-work treat perhaps if you live somewhere that requires you to travel home via Waterloo Station (nearby). When the steak arrives, don't be deterred by its average presentation. This steak's qualities are not dependent on its looks. Once you take that first bite of the soft, meaty texture, you will forgive a multitude of sins. If you're gathering together some pals who also love steak, consider the 1kg Tomahawk sharing steak with béarnaise sauce and fries. You've worked hard and deserve it

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