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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Angel

Picture of Top 10 Best Restaurants in Angel

Step into Angel’s world of food and you could be almost anywhere on Earth, with this guide to the top 10 restaurants in Angel. This hip, little part of Islington is definitely the place to go for a lesson in worldwide gastronomy. It is home to masses of restaurants, offering dishes from nearly every country and cuisine across the globe. From Asia to Europe, South America to North America, and with a few burger joints to boot, you really will be spoilt for choice when choosing which fare to indulge your taste buds. Don’t let your indecisive side take over though. There is a much easier option. Fluid London has devised this guide to Angel’s Top 10 restaurants, so stick a pin in your atlas and pick a venue from the following list.

Image of Skål

Angel & Islington

Venture into the heart of Islington and discover SKÅL - the neighbourhood Nordic restaurant located in a Grade II listed building at 149 Upper Street - a well-known address for high-quality Scandinavian food and drink. SKÅL, meaning ?Cheers? in Swedish, prides itself on serving up a menu full of traditional home-cooked Nordic recipes but with a modern, seasonal twist. This family run restaurant is accompanied by a fully formed Scandinavian team and the clean, earthy, minimalist interiors set the tone for cosy dining experience with whitewashed walls, wooden table tops and piles of logs stacked up in front of the open kitchen to fuel the grill.

Image of Oldroyd

Angel & Islington

If you want to try a few small plate continental dishes, look no further than Oldyord. All under one roof, step into a world of Spanish, Italian and French cuisine. The atmosphere and design is minimal, but the flavours are bold. Enjoy homemade gnocchi in pergola truffle for £8. You can also sample the set lunch ranging from £16-£19. Start with rose veal meatballs and end with a toasted almond for dessert. You can make a reservation or just walk in - only 8 minutes from Angel tube by foot.

Image of Hoxley and Porter

Angel & Islington
Bar / Restaurant

Tucked within a sumptuous hideaway on Upper Street is a sensory cocktail of Victorian décor (pictured above) - a sort of mash-up combining Cairo, the Cape and a chintzy train carriage - with jaunty 20s music and mismatched lighting, all conspiring to make a fabulously evocative setting. The drinks are no less enthralling, with a cocktail list ready to intoxicate; one, wryly entitled 'Whatever Doesn't Kill You', changes colour and comes with an absinthe-coated scorpion garnish. If crunchy bugs won't sate your appetite, turn your attention to the nibbles which proffer tasty British morsels. A simple menu, and cheap at 3 course for less than £16.

Image of The Gate

Angel & Islington

You know how vegetarians always get stuck with one option in a restaurant, and that option is invariably a sticky mushroom risotto. No more! Stand up for the beloved vegetarians in your life and take them to The Gate. It's an upmarket, sophisticated restaurant where all the food is vegetarian (and most vegan), so they have put thought and love into making interesting vegetarian food, that looks and tastes beautiful. It's five minutes from Angel station and five minutes further takes you to Sadler's Well Theatre, so you can take your beloved vegetarian to a show after. Date night, sorted.

Image of Mem & Laz

Angel & Islington
Bar / Restaurant

Mem and Laz could be awarded many accolades but if it was to be honoured for one thing, it would have to be the extensive menu. There is an enormous choice of amazing and affordable fare on offer. Mem and Laz is a bustling Mediterranean joint, which has a certain Middle Eastern twist. The cosy, busy setting oozes charm and character; the dutiful staff and colourful interior make for a delightful dining experience. I could never tire of Mem and Laz. Book a table though - this place is popular.

Image of Rodizio Rico

Angel & Islington

Rodizio Rico is my excuse to enjoy a barbeque all year round. It also allows me to learn Portuguese - a talent I'm going to share. Rodizo Rico is a Brazilian Churrascaria (barbeque) that serves perfectly grilled meat. The experienced passadors (meat carvers) even slice the skewered meat at the table, known as rodizio (rotating). The menu doesn't stop here - there are also traditional Brazilian dishes and exotic salads on offer, as well as a buffet and huge wine list. Fantástico! (fantastic!)

Image of The Breakfast Club

Angel & Islington

It's Saturday morning in Angel. Where do I head? Camden Passage - the perfect start to the weekend. The quaint street offers vintage boutiques, antique stalls and an addictive laid back vibe. It is also home to The Breakfast Club, a tiny joint that exudes popularity and taste. The queues may be out the door but the Eggs Benedict are out of this world. I even set my alarm clock for them. If an early start doesn't appeal though, a mean brunch, lunch and dinner menu is also on offer.

Image of Moro

Bar / Restaurant

The delights of Moorish cuisine were relatively unknown to me until I stumbled upon Moro. After my voyage of food discovery, I was hooked. Moro offers both a weekly and a tapas menu, which take inspiration from Spain, North Africa and the Muslim Mediterranean. The tantalising food is cooked using the wood burning stove or the charcoal grill. The impressive wine list is just as addictive, with sherry as the signature tipple. A meal at Moro is always a treat and is definitely money well spent.

Image of Rosa's Thai Cafe

Angel & Islington

This is the sixth Rosa's Thai Café in London from the ever-popular Saiphin. It follows the successful formula from the other branches, offering authentic Thai food with a modern twist at affordable prices. The menu includes the classics like Thai green curry and pad Thai, as well as some of Saiphin's newer creations. Their beverage selection is equally extensive offering Monmouth coffee, herbal teas and Thai-inspired cocktails. It is centrally located just off Upper Street close to Islington Green and the local cinemas nearby.

Image of Vivo

Angel & Islington

Located on Islington's ever-busy Upper Street, Vivo has become the standout spot for authentic Italian cuisine and all of its central functions; bakery, café and bar. The roof terrace creates an intimate space, effectively adorned with romantic lighting and authentic olive trees, the design makes for the perfect backdrop for authentic al fresco indulgence. Upon entry, the impossible-to-ignore 14.3 metre counter displays culinary delights, ranging from beautiful cakes and pastries to robust meat and fresh pasta dishes. Highly-trained baristas man the extensive coffee and tea offering and the evening sets a different tone with the cocktail bar's lively atmosphere.

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