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Top 10 Korean Restaurants

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Use the words ‘annyong’ (hello), ‘juseyo (please give to me) and ‘gamsa hamnida’ (thank you) and Korean restaurants needn’t be an uphill struggle. A brief introduction to the Korean menu: Kimchi (fermented cabbage, stewed in a chilli sauce) is a must. Even if you don’t like it, tell the Koreans that you do. Bibimbap is the national dish – a mixture of rice, egg, vegetables and chilli pepper paste – so should be sampled no matter which Korean restaurant in London you visit. Galbi is the BBQ grill, which explains why every Korean restaurant in London has a silver vent or grilling facility at each table. To discover the hot side of East Asian cuisine, use this Top 10 Best Korean restaurants in London guide.

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Bo Drake
Soho / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Asian

Bó Drake is a modern East Asian BBQ restaurant and the brainchild of Jan Lee, alumni of the award-winning Roka, who grew up in his parent?s restaurants along the Scottish borders. Jan?s inspiration to open Bó Drake stems from his Chinese heritage, British upbringing and extensive travels throughout East Asia. Serving a modern East Asian BBQ menu with an emphasis on smoked cooking methods, alongside more traditional sweet and pickled influences from South-East Asia, Bó Drake also offers a small al fresco dining space. Influenced by Korean dining traditions, the intimate bar area serves Anju style drinks as well as a concise wine and cocktail list. Contact Bo Drake directly

City of London / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Holborn - This Korean restaurant is busy any time of day, which is always a good sign. As soon as I close the door on busy Kingsway, care and attention is taken as we're seated at a traditional wooden table, complete with grill set. Coming to a restaurant and cooking your own food is still a novelty to some, and by ordering a portion of galbi Korean BBQ, I work for my dinner. The Kimchee set is also a thorough, albeit spicy, introduction to the cabbage speciality of Korea; worth every mouthful. Contact Asadal directly

Fitzrovia / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Fitzrovia - This Korean restaurant is must, simply for the spectacular BBQ nights. It's time to party. The large portions are great for sharing as a mix of beef and seafood is seared and grilled right before our eyes. We all become chefs, but in safe hands as the friendly staff check progress. A mixture of pickles, kimchee and seafood speciality pajun complete the meal, with no room left for desserts. I also like how the sophisticated silver chairs match the ceiling-hung vents. Contact Koba directly

West End / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Bloomsbury / West End - This inviting little Korean restaurant near Tottenham Court Road is kitsch with traditional flower lanterns on every wall. An informal lunch is on the menu as the girls and I enjoy a simplistic setting of wooden chairs and tables and no-nonsense service. It's lunch and it has to be quick. The highlights include Kim Chi Jji Gae and Dolsot Bibimbap, both hissing in old style Korean bowls when they arrive at the table, ready to be devoured by us hungry Londoners. Contact Naru directly

Bibimbap Soho
Soho / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Soho - Quirky is the only word to describe this little Korean diner. Soho is for the young and I like that its youth hangs from its mural-esque heart on the wall. With the Korean flag hanging proudly at the window, it?s not hard to find; but a wait is inevitable as its popularity precedes its available tables. The best Korean fare: Bimbimbap with noodle, salad & rice. Worth a look for the atmosphere and a light or sturdy lunch. Next time, I want to get my Polaroid on their photo wall. Contact Bibimbap Soho directly

Myung Ga
Soho / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Soho - The stars frequent this Korean restaurant, but there were none around on the night I went. However, all dressed up, this simple yet tasty option even has grills in the middle of the table so I can make my own celebrity Korean meal. Five star service (practice for the stars no doubt) meant speedy service and a smile. An understated restaurant, with the potential for steamy and smoky nights from the grill at busier times. Contact Myung Ga directly

Po Cha
Soho / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Contact Po Cha directly

Soju Korean Kitchen
Soho / Restaurant / Cuisine: Korean

Contact Soju Korean Kitchen directly

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"I was with my friend for dinner tonight, everything was fine until the waitress dropped the oil on the floor. All oli spilled over my new shirt and my hair. I didn’t even hear a word, I'm sorry. After..." Which venue is this?


"I was with my friend for dinner tonight, everything was fine until the waitress dropped the oil on the floor. All oli spilled over my new shirt and my hair. I didn’t even hear a word, I'm sorry. After..." Which venue is this?

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