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Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants For Buffets Under £10 in London

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When the penchant for Chinese fare arises, lucky Londoners have a vast array of choice. If fresh air calls and a takeaway on your lap won’t do it, then it’s easy to wander out to find a Chinese restaurant to satisfy that craving. As we all know, however, done too often and the cost can mount up. Given that, it makes sense to take advantage of the well priced all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet restaurants dotted around London. However, if the draw of a reliable regular stops you from experimenting, then read on for more on what’s out there in London, in terms of the Best Chinese buffet style restaurants; and not every Chinese buffet restaurant in London has to be in China Town either, although the above photo of China Town might suggest otherwise.

By Claire Roberts

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Max Orient
Camden / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Camden - Set amidst the tattoo parlours and studded belts of Camden's High Street, this slick modern Chinese restaurant offers a huge array of Chinese dishes. Contemporary decor with banquette seating for those who want to get comfy, this Chinese restaurant is immaculately clean, the food is fresh and desserts are included in the very reasonable set price. Though I don't see it (perhaps it's broken), they also advertise a chocolate fountain for those who really want to indulge. Contact Max Orient directly

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Gourmet Buffet
Angel & Islington / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Angel - This large airy Chinese restaurant, across the road from Angel tube station, is a great place for a quick bite to eat. That said, you can bide your time too; the staff are warm, polite and stress free. The buffet offers a good selection of Chinese from Wonton soup to Singapore noodles. No padding out with carbs here either; the chicken pieces in the Chow Mein are huge as is the beef in the Black Bean Sauce. The price rises after 4.30pm but dinner can still be had for less than a tenner. Contact Gourmet Buffet directly

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Sinh Le
Whitechapel & Wapping / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Whitechapel - This large 250-capacity Chinese restaurant, just along the road from Whitechapel tube station in London's east end, has a strong local following. Whilst not a buffet restaurant in its truest sense (Sinh Le offers a Chinese buffet on Sunday afternoons only), the price is under a tenner for as much as you can eat. As with any restaurant, there's only one reason why customers return: because they like it. Contact Sinh Le directly

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Regent Peking Cuisine
Fitzrovia / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Fitzrovia - A Chinese restaurant which definitely favours function over form in terms of decor, this small local diner, just round the corner from Warren Street tube on the northern edge of Fitzrovia, offers an extensive Chinese buffet menu. Loads of choice and a favourite of the Evening Standard's food critic when she's in the area. It's licensed too. Contact Regent Peking Cuisine directly

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Young Cheng
Soho / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Chinatown - This very busy Chinese restaurant offers a good range of Chinese food. Prepare to share tables, though. Set by the window, punters can see the day's offerings before going in. One dish includes a generous amount of large mussels, a nice divergence from the usual chicken chow mein. One of the best priced Chinese restaurant buffets in London. Contact Young Cheng directly

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Noodle King
Greenwich / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Deptford - Similar to other Chinese buffet restaurants of its ilk, Noodle King by Deptford Bridge tube, is cheap n' cheerful, there's a good range of dishes and while it may not satisfy the gastronome in everyone, the Chinese food is plentiful. The cost per person, again, is under a tenner. Contact Noodle King directly

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Mr Wu
Soho / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Chinatown - Just around the corner from its sister Chinese restaurant, Little Wu, this cheap, cheerful, yet busy diner with seating upstairs and down offers a smaller selection of dishes than other Chinese buffets but as the dishes are constantly replenished, you're guaranteed fresh and hot Chinese food. The ethos is clearly "get 'em in, fill 'em up, get 'em out" so no fine dining here but it's a good alternative to a lunchtime sandwich. Similarly priced, too, at just under a fiver. Contact Mr Wu directly

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China Buffet
West End / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Chinatown - Set on the Leicester Square side of Chinatown, this Chinese buffet restaurant is less diner and more restaurant in terms of decor and atmosphere. Though small, the seating area is smarter and the vibe is calmer than other Chinese buffets in the area. You pay a bit more for the calm vibe; though it's still under a tenner. China Buffet offers a similar range of Chinese dishes to its competitors; though not highly imaginative, it's fresh, hot and plentiful. Contact China Buffet directly

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Hong Kong Buffet
West End / Restaurant / Cuisine: Chinese

Chinatown - Another diner style Chinese restaurant, Hong Kong Buffet offers a good selection of Chinese food buffet style. Similar to other Chinese buffet restaurants in Chinatown, the food can be viewed from the window and there's seating towards the back of the restaurant. Again, it's fresh and hot, though as with all buffets, it's best to eat when it's busy as the dishes are replenished quickly. Hong Kong Buffet also has a function room which can be used for group bookings of up to 30 people. Contact Hong Kong Buffet directly

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