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Where to Meet Women in London - Top 10 Bars for Hot Girls

Picture of Where to Meet Women in London - Top 10 Bars for Hot Girls

We blokes aren’t particularly bright when it comes to the opposite sex. We know enough to get by. We realise that standing outside Clapham North or Angel tube stations at 7pm on any given day of the week will result in a constant tide of hot eye candy, but we’re not so smart on the specifics. As in, where do we go to find lots of beautiful girls and sexy ladies in London in one convenient bar, club or restaurant, at one convenient time? Relax lads, Fluid London has done the hard work for you (it was tough!). Enjoy this guide to the Top 10 places to meet women in London. Dress and groom yourself appropriately, and get that winning charism on show! If all else fails, you can always find hot girls at the best strip bars in London.

Image of Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at Sanderson

Restaurant / Hotel
Afternoon Tea

Menus are hidden inside vintage books; napkins wrapped with riddles; while teapots adorned with kings and queens; and sandwich plates feature zebras, birdcages, carousels and ticking clocks. Dainty sandwiches; home baked savouries; jam and cream and hot scones; all this plays the backdrop to a whimsical Alice in Wonderland afternoon tea, where hot women with priorities gather in groups of 3 or more, dressed in their finery, sipping pink champagne. This is a wonderful hidden garden of delights!

Image of Bar Elba


Climb the colourful staircase to find this rooftop bar near Waterloo station. Chilled Camden pale ale or Peroni in hand, look west across the rooftops of London, towards infinity and your ever-lasting dreams, the setting sun keeping your skin and mood sated. Go through the roll-call of standard, post-work lad chat - mortgages, football, work, politics - but keep your eyes peeled and surveying the delicious scene around you. The ratio of men to hot women up here is about 4:1 in your favour so pay attention. Female colleagues grab a quick drink after work, gal pal groups meet up before going out, and gorgeous ladies who commute enjoy its proximity to the station. Don't be shy, say hello.

Image of Number 90

Bar / Restaurant

Forget what the Pet Shop Boys sang about; it's the East End GIRLS that are the sexiest, most fun, and most likely to actually talk to you in a crowded bar. This spacious canal-side bar is brimming with beautiful ladies, grouped together in jolly packs, dancing, laughing and drinking the night away. Arrive early, grab a pale ale and sit in the middle of the room on a communal picnic bench, chomp down a delicious burger, and bop your head to the killer tunes the DJ is spinning. And wait for the magic to happen.

Image of The Book Club

Modern International

Whether its the exposed brickwork, the by-the-carafe wine, or the possibility of ping pong, girls love a good Book Club and this one is mostly frequented by those we label 'Media Types'. Asymmetrical haircuts, boutique clothing, and a massive pair of fek-off headphones. Throw in an Apple Mac laptop and a tendency to talk about perfecting the art of the flat white and you've got it. Tip: arrive early, eat, play pool downstairs, and watch beauty gather around you. You lucky lucky fella!

Image of The Old Blue Last


The indie chick: picture the scene, it's a night out in Shoreditch, you're with your closest compares and you're looking for a spot that offers a potent mix of trend-setting music and low maintenance female specimens. The Old Blue Last is the perfect pick and this notorious East London nightspot remains on the cutting edge of capital's underground music scene. Prerequisites include: dancing like a lunatic, a penchant for strong libations, and suitably coiffed hair. The music nights are usually free, so there's no excuse for not buying one of these gorgeous ladies a drink or two.

Image of The Ship

Bar / Restaurant

"It's a jungle out there," Randy Newman told us and we can't help but agree. On that basis, The Ship in south London would be our choice of hunting grounds. We make that choice fairly easily, too. You'll come off reasonably better in conversation here than on the dance-floor. The patio area is top of my list, especially as it is without music that sounds like a brain haemorrhage. Real ale and sunshine added to that combo and that's probably the most level playing field that you'll ever get, so The Ship would be our choice to meet someone sexy and smart.

Image of Tooting Tram and Social

Bar / Club

A healthy number of the gorgeous gals can be found flaunting their obvious beauty at this stylish south London bar and many of them will be employed within the nursing industry, what with St George's Hospital just up the road. And who ever met a nurse that didn't like to have lots of fun?! Those girls love to drink, dance, chat, sing, and, most probably, snog. What's more, the ladies working BEHIND the bar are also the most alluring you're ever likely to witness working behind the bar.

Image of Bounce


Any self-respecting lads' night out involves some form of competitive edge, a full range of alcoholic beverages to sample, delicious fast food, an ear full of big beats to dance along to, and, naturally, large groups of well fit birds. This basement bar, and surprising restaurant, in Shoreditch ticks all those requisite boxes. This is the best place to start your night out in Shoreditch, boys. Grab a bat and start swinging. Pro tip: wear white somewhere on your person and smile lots. The ultra violet lights will help you get your girl.

Image of The Cat and Mutton

Bar / Restaurant

If you the type of person who has a penchant for ladies who have an air of hipster about them, who wear colourful leggings, cut-off denim jeans, an array of tattoos, faux spectacles, and bright red lipstick, then this east London pub next to London Fields and Broadway Market is THE hotspot for beautiful women. By 4pm on a Saturday afternoon it's positively brimming with hot girls who most likely work in PR, fashion, media, or publishing. Plus, they gather in groups and the DJs play until 1am. So lads, get the beers in!

Image of Tiger Tiger

West End
Bar / Restaurant

From happy hour to late night dining or dancing, the huge Tiger Tiger venue near Piccadilly Circus offers five different zones, each with a different vibe and atmosphere, which will keep you going all night. Oh, and loads of hot ladies to hang out with, naturally. Maybe start the night by dining on some classic cuisine (with a modern twist, obvs) in the restaurant then move onto the basement club for some shape throwing with the girls, or a bit of pop classics singalong in the main bar. If you're after something more chilled, head to the lounge bar for jazz and soul, cigars and a long cocktail; this is where you get to practice your best chat up lines.

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