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Which Pubs Are Part Of The London Waitangi Day Pub Crawl

Picture of Which Pubs Are Part Of The London Waitangi Day Pub Crawl

Kiwis of London, get your pens at the ready. Saturday 7th February is the day of the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl. For New Zealanders living in London, Waitangi Day is a day for drinking beer, fancy dress, and walking the streets of London. Fluid London has drafted in expert advice for this particular Top 10 Waitangi Day pub guide. Veteran crawler picks the best bars and pubs in London to go to in order to be part of the Waitangi Day pub crawl. If you want to find out more information about the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl on Saturday 7th February, check out the Waitangi Day Pub Crawl Facebook page.

Image of The Pride of Paddington


Paddington - The Waitangi Day Pub Crawl kicks off here at 10am! The staff at this pub are very patient with the Waitangi Day pub crawl crowd and don't blink an eye when you turn up in full body lycra asking for a shot of Jagermeister at 10am. Once the first drink is down the hatch, it's time to head West to Queensway.

Image of Prince Alfred

Notting Hill

Bayswater / Queensway - Bayswater is a mad area to drink in and the Prince Albert is one pub that is heaving on Waitangi Day. Popular and plenty of good quality cold beer! That is if you're not joining the masses playing cricket on the street for our annual pub crawl cricket game. Once that's out the way, head south along Queensway past Bayswater tube station to Hyde Park, then turn right and head for Notting Hill.

Image of The Old Swan

Notting Hill

Notting Hill - The Old Swan pub has been a Waitangi Day pub-crawl staple for those who start at Notting Hill Gate. It's situated conveniently on the corner, but as every single experience Waitangi Day pub crawler knows, you can think about getting in but unless you're of the lucky ones, you'll need to move on to the next pub, down Kensington High Street, past all the fancy shops in High Street Kensington. Only window shopping allowed this time, ladies!

Image of Prince of Wales


Kensington - Now we're well into the Waitangi Day pub crawl and in the vicinity of High Street Kensington, the next stop is the Prince of Wales pub on Kensington Church Street By this stage there are so many Kiwis on the streets we don't get too fussy but in recent years this bar has always been good to Kiwis, and they do like our costumes a lot! From here it's a bit of walk through the back streets of Gloucester Road

Image of Duke of Clarence

Bar / Restaurant

South Kensington - Directly across the road from Gloucester Road tube station is The Stanhope Arms pub. This pub is usually rammed on Waitangi Day so we like to head out to the Duke of Clarence pub instead. The beer there is always cold and the bar staff welcoming. From here it's a simple stroll along Old Brompton Street towards South Kensington tube station for the next pub on the Waitangi Day pub crawl.

Image of The Zetland Arms


South Kensington - The stop off pub at South Kensington is the Zetland Arms. It's a bar we loved in 2012 as it was ready for us with pints ready and patient staff! No need to resort to our private beer stashes here! From here move on Eastward towards Sloane Square and Belgravia.

Image of The Phoenix

Bar / Restaurant

Victoria - Victoria is a free for all on Waitangi Day because it's just too difficult to get a thousand or more Kiwis to compete with locals, tourists and workers all at the same time. The Phoenix pub is a hidden gem with some really delicious ales and bar snacks plus it has a decent outside area for us New Zealanders to spill into. From here it's a fairly simply stagger through the back streets of St James Park to the next pub.

Image of The Old Star


St James Park - St James Park is one stop away from our final destination at Westminster. However, the brave, or those still standing, claim The Old Star is THE pub to go to for the penultimate pint. From here it's a mass brawl towards Westminster and the House of Parliament where thousands of Kiwis in fancy dress take control of central for a big old singalong and dance.

Image of The Chatsworth Bar


This popular Kiwi bar has been a regular haunt for most Kiwis who reside in West London mainly because Ronnie and the team here like to look after Kiwis with Kiwi beer cheaper than what you'd find at home and excellent food. They will be hosting a Waitangi day party on February 6th with live music, drinks specials and of course their Kiwi themed shots!

Image of Temple Brew House

City of London

This bar is where our official after party is being held.

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