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On The Pull: Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs For Finding Love

Picture of On The Pull: Top 10 Best Bars & Clubs For Finding Love

Valentine’s: the one day of the year when women all over London get a rush of excitement every time a delivery man arrives at their chosen place of work. Meanwhile, the men folk spend their Valentine’s Day counting - on their fingers AND their toes - the months since they last got any action.

For those that aren’t lucky enough to be getting lucky on a regular basis, Fluid London brings you the Guide to Best London Bars, Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants to find yourself a bit action on Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year, for that matter).

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Elk Bar
Fulham / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: Pub

On the pull in West London - Thursday night is 2-4-1 mojito night and a healthy mix of lovely looking 20-30s crowd comes out to play. Guaranteed dancing and fun with the possibility of more (depending on how good your moves are on the dance floor). Friday is an after-work and local crowd night, and Saturday is Glam night, so all the boys and girls come out dressed in their finest, looking sharp and sexy. Best nights for pulling: either Thursday or Saturday. Great place to pull if you particularly like Antipodeans. Contact Elk Bar directly

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Clapham / Bar / Club /

Clapham - If you've ever taken the N155 night bus into south London on a Friday or Saturday night you will have seen the multitude of revellers spilling out onto the Clapham High Street from Infernos bar and nightclub. Make no mistake, if you unable to 'find love' at this club, you might as well give up now. Everyone who enters this club sober exits several hours later with a boozy smile and a new 'friend' attached to their face. Cheesey old school tunes and cheap drink deals are to thank. The age range is roughly 22-27 and Saturday nights are the busiest (if you're purely playing the numbers game). Contact Infernos directly

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The Roadhouse
West End / Bar / Restaurant / Club / Cuisine: American

Covent Garden - The name Roadhouse says it all. Found in a basement by Covent Garden market this is an American 1950s styled bar with an American dinner on the side of an expansive bar floor. Book a table at this bar & restaurant. Contact The Roadhouse directly

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Tiger Tiger
West End / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: European

Piccadilly Circus - You've probably heard all the rumours about this popular West End bar and club, right? If not, it has 5 bars, 3 dance-floors, and truckloads of opportunity. Sexy men and women come from miles (even outside of London) specifically enjoy a night out here. Which means, you're bound to enjoy success on your quest to get some action. What you might know is that this bar and club also boasts a rather nice restaurant as well so you can impress your new date with food too. Contact Tiger Tiger directly

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Clapham Grand
Clapham / Bar / Club /

Clapham Junction - With Club Classics on Fridays, Comedy nights on Saturday followed by more Glamourous shenanigans on Saturday night - when drinks are buy 1 get 1 free b4 midnight - and the Sunday afternoon Antipodean institution known simply as The Church, this bar and nightclub, replete with disco floor, has been pulling in a long line of single boys and girls for some time. Sundays are you best chance for pulling. Crazy shows, loads of booze, lots of sing-along classics, fancy dress, and striptease. This spells just one thing: everyone?s getting horny! Most Church guests aren't backwards in coming forwards. Contact Clapham Grand directly

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Shoreditch / Bar / Club /

Shoreditch - Many believe that the name for this east London club - XOYO - is actually just an acronym. XY refers to the male chromosome make-up and OO being an abbreviated version of oh-oh so hot. The guys in this Victorian loft-style arts and new music space are hotter than a summers day in the Iran desert; so hot, in fact, that you'll think they're a mirage. They're not. Rehydrate girls and drink them up, drink them up good. Easy pickings. Contact XOYO directly

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Electricity Showrooms
Shoreditch / Bar / Restaurant / Cuisine: English

Shoreditch - With a capacity of 400, this bar and club in east London is always packed with beautiful people and you're bound to bump into someone who you fancy, especially on the popular disco floor. Great things can happen on a disco floor. All a far cry from the 1920s when the good folk of Shoreditch shopped here for toasters, hoovers & the lastest brand of gramaphone. Now Darts, Billiards, pie & mash and a vast selection of fine ales & draught beers attract the sexy crowds. Bring your A-game Contact Electricity Showrooms directly

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Soho / Bar / Club /

Charing Cross - It'd hardly be fair to have a 'love' guide without at least one gay option to shout about. A fun, up-for-it, young crowd, with plenty of drinks offers, a plethora of rooms and camp, 80s and 90s music to dance to. "A great place to pull," say the Fluid London experts; especially if it's the G-A-Y Camp Attack event. Contact Heaven directly

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The Hawley Arms
Camden / Bar / Cuisine: Eclectic

Camden - an obvious one maybe but still well worth the effort, especially for the gents. Girls dressed to kill and on the hunt (mainly for celebrities) - and the barmaids aren't too bad either! If you're in a band or famous, you'll do well. Contact The Hawley Arms directly

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