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Top 10 Best Bars in Shoreditch, London

Picture of Top 10 Best Bars in Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch and Hoxton remain two of London's most popular suburbs for drinking, dancing and dining. The home of lounge bars, cocktails bars, live music bars, good old fashioned pubs and DJ dance music bars and clubs, East London has some of the best bars the capital has to offer. Whether you're on a girls' night out, a birthday celebration, post-work drinks, weekend trashbag shenanigans, or looking for a quite hidden gem of a bar, Shoreditch is London's number one suburb for top nights out in town.

Image of The Nightjar


Again, the words 'speak easy' and 'Prohibition Era' come into play and again, it's an underground cocktail bar. This cocktail bar is even more hidden than all other cocktail bars on this list with nothing more than a small plaque to give any indication you've arrived. Bygone era cocktails - using house-created liqueurs, bitters & botanicals - coupled by the rattling high octane rhythms of live jazz, swing, tap & blues.

Image of Happiness Forgets


"Finally, some common sense, and what comfort! The place will never be overcrowded, which means no jostling or squashing. For once you won't have to exchange bodily fluids to get a drink. And wow! A bar where everyone gets to sit down? If you thought it not possible, I tell you it is." Kind words from our bar critic who visited this new basement cocktail bar on Hoxton Square recently. Most definitely a Shoreditch cocktail bar for grown ups.

Image of The Book Club

Modern International

A relative new kid on the Shoreditch block that fuses together elements of cafe culture, high brow intellectualism, ravey davey dancing, and killer cocktails for a one-stop shop for bar, club, restaurant hedonists. If you like art, if you like music, if you like fashion and beautiful faces, then why aren't you there right now?! Shoredtich just got a little bit better.

Image of The Blues Kitchen Shoreditch

Bar / Restaurant / Club

Shoreditch's own juicy cut of burly Americana does exactly what it says on the tin, serving up live blues bands, jam sessions and DJs for your ears most nights of the week, and down-home bluesy bites for your taste-buds every day. Jambalaya, chilli, burgers, smoke chicken and ribs are all on offer, as, at weekends, is that most famous blues ("Woke up this morning, life treatin' me mean, so went out for a cup of tea, and some fresh Eggs Florentine"). Rooms with private bars and personal DJ booths are available for party hire.

Image of The Crown & Shuttle


In London we're somewhat starved of beer gardens, so when this bar/pub launched, it combined a great range of beers and ales with a large, and beautiful, outdoor area for a welcome addition to Shoreditch High Street. The Crown and Shuttle was a strip club in a previous life but there are no signs of that now. Instead you'll be greeted by comfy mismatched furnishings, exposed brick work and weather-beaten wood, and a barrel of beer the size of a small silo. The beer garden is big, quirky and rustic and, importantly, keeps the sun until the stars, and the heaters, come out. Great nibbles too.

Image of Barrio Shoredich

Bar / Restaurant / Club

Anyone with even the slightest of penchants for Latin spirit, music, food, love and dance will need to make their way to Shoreditch High Street. No need to look up the address. You'll know when you're getting close thanks to the live music and DJs pumping out the tunes 7 days a week. What a party atmosphere (the late license, the street food, and the premium rums and tequilas might also have something to do with that).. An excellent place for a birthday (or likewise) celebration - larger groups head for the hidden Barrio Uptown section at the back; smaller groups, we recommend booking the 4-bearth caravan for premium vantage views. What quirky, colurful decor too!

Image of The Hoxton Pony

Bar / Restaurant / Club

The Hoxton Pony boasts some of the best cocktails in the whole of London, let alone Shoreditch. The food is 'propa east end grub' which includes 'bangers and mash', 'fish n chips' and 'slow roasted pork belly'. The decor is fresh bold and extravagent, with post box red tables, black leather chairs and two impressive bars. The whole venue is ridiculously intoxicating (a bit like the cocktails) but if you just want to dance and have a fabulous time, then The Hoxton Pony is for you!

Image of Bar Kick

Bar / Restaurant
Modern European

A relaxed spot to play a few games of table football while munching on some homely chorizo sandwiches by day. A lively venue to tackle an extensive continental beer and cocktails menu by night. Bar Kick manages to score highly at both ends of the pitch. With an ample number of widescreen TVs and atmospheric flags hanging from the walls, it is Shoreditch's prime location to watch live football, but be warned - arrive very early to catch any glimpse of the remaining World Cup matches.

Image of Hoi Polloi


Touting itself as more of a modern brasserie, but we know that's just drinker's speak for "a classy place to have grown up cocktails and some food maybe." Nestled beside the Ace Hotel's packed front foyer and cafe, Hoi Polloi's strong cocktail and all-day a la carte menus offer opportunities to have a quick drink, a fast nibble or lengthy and lovely afternoon tea if you so choose all surrounded by retro-chic decor that is sure to make whatever you're after here feel just a tad more elevated than your local pub. Treat yourself.

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