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Top 3 Gin Cocktail Recipes To Suit All Tastes

By Sophie Kelk (04 May 14)
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Do you think you know everything about gin? Did you know you can eat it? Or even inhale it? Did you know that whatever you're touching or listening to whilst drinking gin will make it taste sweeter or more punchy?

Thanks to Gordon's, I was given the opportunity to learn more about gin at their recent Flavourmasters Event, held to launch the brand's new Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower.

Our tastes and how we react to different foods and drinks are very much linked to the environment around them. Touching a rough object, or listening to low-pitched music whilst enjoying your favourite G+T, will make it taste much harsher than if you stroke silk and listen to the tinkling of a piano. Better get rid of that deep bass background noise and plastic glasses for your BBQs this summer then!

And if you inhale gin, you will still taste that distinct gin flavour; an interesting way to experience an old favourite.

We learnt this from two strangely dressed people from The Robin Collection, futurologists in food and drink, who also helped us determine whether we were SuperTasters, with more tastebuds on our tongues, or MildTasters, with significantly less.

Unsurprisingly, if you're a SuperTaster, you're less likely to enjoy short, strong cocktails which will taste very strong and alcoholic to you. Likewise, these very drinks are likely to be those sought out by the MildTasters.

Gordon's helped us out, by developing the perfect cocktail to suit everyone's tastebuds. Here's a home-grown method to check what kind of tastebuds you have:

Put some food colouring on the tip of your tongue. The pink taste buds will stay raised.

Hold a ring-binder re-enforcer over your tongue and count the dots in the circle. If you have over 30, you're a ‘Super'. Anything under 15-20, you're a MildTaster.

SuperTasters gin cocktail: Summer Blossom

Easy to make and suiting any drinking occasion, Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower, white wine, apple juice and a dash of Earl Grey syrup – it's a simple and elegant mixed drink, a real crowd pleaser.


40ml Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower

20ml Sauvignon Blanc

20ml cloudy apple juice

15ml Earl Grey syrup*

Glass: Coupe

Garnish: Elderflower

Method: Shake all ingredients, double strain and add garnish.

*Earl Grey syrup can be easily made at home by soaking sugar water with an Earl Grey tea bag overnight.

Units: 1.7

Inbetweenies gin cocktail: London's Port of Call

The hint of natural cucumber blended with classic juniper-rich Gordon's London Dry gin provides a fresh, crisp finish that balances perfectly with the delicious taste of port and watermelon juice.


40ml Gordon's Crisp Cucumber

20ml Tawny Port

50ml Watermelon juice

15ml Lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Slice of cucumber & a sprig of mint

Method: Shake all ingredients, strain and add garnish.

Units: 1.9

MildTasters gin cocktail: Southwark Sour

The powerful sweet and sour flavour, attractive garnishes and tasty mixers of this cocktail make it the ideal party serve.


50ml Gordon's With A Spot of Elderflower

25ml Lemon juice

50ml Citrus honey water

15ml Raspberry vinegar

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Dehydrated lemon, raspberry

Method: Shake all ingredients with ice, strain and garnish

Units: 1.9

If you cant be bothered to make your own gin cocktails, here are 5 of the best bars in London for gin cocktails: City of London Distillery Bar, Worship Street Whistling Shop, 214 Bermondsey Street, Graphic and Portobello Star.

What's your favourite gin cocktail? Share your ideas in the comments box below.

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