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T.G.I. Friday’s Flairing World Record Attempt

By Christian Rose-Day (28 Mar 11)
Tags: Bartenders from TGI Friday's bar & restaurant group attempt a Guinness World Record for Synchronised Flairing in London's Covent Garden.

Header image for T.G.I. Friday’s Flairing World Record Attempt
10.30am, Monday morning, London’s West End; possibly not the most obvious time to be thinking about cocktails but this morning 120 bartenders from the flamboyant bar & restaurant group, TGI Friday’s, gathered in Covent Garden to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for Synchronised Flairing. The fact that TGI Friday’s managed to find 120 bartenders who were awake at that time on a Monday morning is a worthy of an accolade itself.

To beat the record at least 100 bartenders needed to flair for a minimum of two minutes without dropping their apparatus. There were three attempts at the record and the final outcome can be seen in the video below.

The event was part of the celebrations taking place this year for the 25th anniversary of TGI Friday’s in the UK. TGI Friday’s is well known for moves such as the shadow pass, the gun roll, and the c-turn and anyone who has ever seen the movie Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise, will have witnessed what the TGI Friday’s team are capable of (it is they who trained Tom for the movie).

TGI Friday’s bartenders are also known for their own personal flair and there was an abundance of unusual hairstyles, hair colour, piercings and waistcoat paraphernalia on show this morning. Another interesting point to note was the fact that, amongst the 120 bartenders attempting the record, less than 10 were women. There’s your next Guinness World Record attempt TGI Friday’s: the highest number syncronised, flairing, female bartenders. Come on girls, grab a bottle!

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