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New Bar Game That’s Strictly Boys Only

By Christian Rose-Day (11 Dec 11)
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It’s not often we bring you technology news on Fluid London but this new interface was too intriguing to ignore. This one is only for the boys, but not for long.

Gents, those uncomfortably awkward moments you encounter when stood next to another bloke at the urinal in your favourite London bar or pub are now over.

South London’s bar, restaurant and cinema, The Exhibit in Balham has allegedly become the world’s first bar to install hands-free pee-controlled console video games in the gentlemen’s facilities.

Developed by Captive Media, the system is very simple and involves infrared wizardry, a 12 inch LCD screen, and a bog standard urinal. Walk into the men’s toilets after a pint or two of lager and you will witness various types of targetted advertising and videos such as awesome snowboarding tricks or sexy ladies promoting beer.

Nothing new there, one might assume, until you peer into the urinal itself and spot three highly visible targets: Start; Left; and Right.

Once in position, your stream suddenly becomes a joystick and, with an average of 55 seconds spent dispensing of the lagers you’ve just drank, you now have the power to rack up some serious points.

This reporter has tried and tested the facilities on a skiing challenge - hilariously named ‘On The Piste’ - which involved murdering as many penguins as possible. I managed to kill 19 of the little blighters. Can you do better? (quadruple points if you’re a lady and fancy giving it a go; bring forth the Shee-Pee!)

The aim of the device is not only to advertise (sales of Corona rose 50% in a trial run) but also to engage chaps in repeat visits to beat the ‘high score’.

Bored ladies, your time will come. Captive Media have plans to install versions for you in the near future too (because clearly girls don’t spend enough time in the loos already).

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