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Monopoly Pub Crawl: Part 2

By Rebecca Brett (16 Aug 10)
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Image courtesy of Flickr user Mark Strozier.

Don’t be cheating now. If you haven’t started Part 1 yet, proceed straight to Go, but do not collect £200.

Monopoly Pub Crawl: Part 2

Pinks and oranges come next on the board, starting with the regal areas where you can take in the sights of Buckingham Palace, the Royal Parks and Whitehall before heading to the trendy Soho area where you can hit the shops in between destinations.

Pall Mall

Restaurant: Jom Makan

Travel: Work up an appetite before lunch by walking to the next destination via Buckingham Palace for a good mile.

Time for lunch; for a fresh and delectable Malaysian feast head to Jom Makan, on Pall Mall East. Fill up on Roti Canai, a traditional Malaysian flatbread cooked on a hot grill accompanied by Udang Masak Lemak, or to us London folk, marinated prawns poached in a rich coconut chilli sauce with okra and tomato. Wash lunch down with a Tiger or Asahi beer and then chill out in tranquil surroundings while watching the world go by the huge glass windows at the front.

Electric Company

Restaurant: Criterion

Travel: Walk north up Regent Street for two minutes to the next destination.

Thought your electric bill was abysmal? Just imagine the size of the invoice that the Electrical Company send to Piccadilly Circus! Admire the world-famous glowing lights and bright neon advertising billboards with a coffee after lunch at the Grade II listed building that houses Criterion, on Piccadilly Circus. It’s been open since 1874, so we reckon the bartender will know a thing or two about making the perfect post-lunch cocktail. Sip on anything from a rose petal bellini to cucumber and elderflower martini while taking in the bright lights.


Restaurant: The Clarence

Travel: Time for another walk, this time head to Trafalgar Square then south for the next visit on the board.

Time for a good old fashioned beer, we can’t think of a better place to do it than at The Clarence on Whitehall. Close your eyes and you’ll forget that you are in the middle of London, with big comfortable chairs, exposed beams, wooden flooring and huddles of friends having a gossip, it feels like a home away from home. The Clarence is the best place to relax after a filling lunch with traditional ale from the vast selection.

Northumberland Avenue

Bar: Boyd’s Brasserie

Travel: It’s another two-minute walk to the next destination, but you can make it longer by taking in river views of The London Eye, Big Ben and Westminster.

From pub grub to glory and splendour! Boyd’s Brasserie on Northumberland Avenue is situated in the Northumberland Hotel; it’s the kind of place 007 would be seen sipping a martini. With high ornate ceilings, chandeliers, marble walls and luxurious furnishings, Boyd’s is the perfect place to drink champagne on the Monopoly tour; and at less than £10 for a glass, it’s too hard to resist.

Marylebone Station

Pub: Victoria & Albert

Travel: It’s a quick walk to Charing Cross tube where you’ll take the northbound Bakerloo line to the next destination.

The Victoria & Albert pub is the only pub in Marylebone Station. It’s certainly not The Ritz but is ideal for commuters who want a quick pint before catching their train home. Watch the world (or the trains) go by while you have a game of pool and enjoy one of the six pints that are available on tap.

Bow Street

Bar: The Globe

Travel: Back on to the Bakerloo line down to Piccadilly Circus and then take the Piccadilly line two stops to Covent Garden for the next destination.

Get in the spirit of Theatreland by taking a visit to the newly refurbished The Globe on Bow Street. The pub is under new management with a Bistro diner upstairs and traditional English pub downstairs. It’s not time for dinner yet so don’t get comfortable! It gets busy before showtime so you might not be able to get a seat. Take this opportunity to have a quick pint at the bar before heading off to the next stop.

Malborough Street

Bar: Liberty Champagne & Seafood Bar

Travel: The next bar is less than a mile away, so work up an appetite with a quick trot.

Liberty’s on Great Malborough Street is famous world wide with the rich and famous for exclusive shopping all under one roof. Thankfully the Liberty Champagne & Seafood Bar is the perfect respite from carrying all those designer bags. Follow the shoppers to the bar for an elegant glass of champagne and, if you are feeling peckish, try some oysters as an amuse bouche.

Vine Street

The Cuckoo Club

Travel: Time for dinner. Depending on how hungry you are you can walk, jog or run just 0.8 miles to the restaurant.

Just off Regent Street is a tiny little road called Vine Street. There’s not a lot on it but of course go there for the obligatory picture with the road sign. After that take a swift left and you come to Swallow Street, a hub for all things foodie. The Cuckoo Club is a three-in-one restaurant, bar and club, so head to the restaurant first for a delicious modern European dinner of beef carpaccio, followed by roasted Cornish monkfish with a side of French fries, and if there’s room, dig into Clover honey crème brulee or a selection of cheeses from the fromagerie. When dinner has gone down, head upstairs to the club area, a plush space perfect for sipping on delectable cocktails and dancing the night away.

Free Parking

Bar: The Shadow Lounge

Travel: It’s a short walk to your destination so avoid getting a taxi as there are so many one-way streets in Soho that you’ll pay through the nose for such a short journey.

If you’ve still got some dancing spirit left in you see if you can strut your stuff as good a the gays at The Shadow Lounge on Brewer Street, home of not only the number one gay venue in Soho but also the absolutely un-Free Parking NCP multi-storey car park. Open until 3am every day (closed on Sunday), there are plenty of disco divas to give you a run for your money and lots of cock(tails) for your pleasure. Ooh-er!

Now move onto Monopoly Pub Crawl: Part 3.

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