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Monopoly Pub Crawl: Part 1

By Rebecca Brett (16 Aug 10)
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Monopoly Pub Crawl: Part 1

Monopoly is definitely NOT fun for all the family. It’s a hard core game, if you’re playing the life size Fluid London version: 22 stops, four stations, an Electric company, the Waterworks, free parking (just avoid those double yellows), plus a visit to the cell. Pick your weapon of choice - be it a dog, old boot, or ship - and come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. The idea is to spend a weekend in London visiting all the streets on the Monopoly board – eating and drinking your way around some of the finest, chicest, shabbiest, oldest and newest parts of town. Don’t forget your A-Z map and Oyster card!

Let’s get going with what has been described as the ‘poo browns’ and the blues on the first side of the board. We’re going South of the River Thames to begin with, before heading back north of the river. Get ready for brekkie, gangsters, basins and chilled punch.

Old Kent Road

Gastro Pub: The Garrison

They say that your first meal is the most important of the day and with a busy day ahead the first stop can only mean one thing: breakfast. We spoke about shabby earlier, there’s a reason why it’s only £60 on the Monopoly board. There isn’t a lot on the first brown square, so after meeting at Old Kent Road (you need to take a picture of the sign) head north to The Garrison gastropub on Bermondsey Street (open from 9am on Saturday) and tuck into a delicious Garrison Full and Proper Breakfast or French toast, banana, bacon and maple syrup.


Pub: The Blind Beggar

Travel: The next stop is only two miles away and they say the best way to see London is to walk it. So walk off breakfast with a brisk trot north to Whitechapel.

Feel like a gangster at your next stop, The Blind Beggar on Whitechapel Road (open from 11am on Saturday), the notorious hangout of the Kray Brothers and where Ronnie shot and killed rival gangster George Cornell. Don’t worry, that kind of occurrence is a thing of the past; nowadays the pub is more known for it’s huge selection of spirits. Why not wash down breakfast with a delicious Bloody Mary.

Kings Cross Station

Restaurant: Rotunda

Travel: Take the Hammersmith & City Line to Kings Cross.

Kings Cross Station, home of Eurostar, the backdrop to the Pet Shop Boy’s video for Rent and location of secret platform 9 and ¾ for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts Express. Behind the commuter hustle bustle and the busy roads, there’s only one place to visit next. It’s no wonder that Rotunda at Kings Cross was deemed an Honourable Mention in Fluid’s Top 10 on the River Thames (even though, technically, it’s not on the Thames). The al fresco seating enables you to watch barges docking at the stunning Battlebridge Basin while supping on an organic beer, classic cocktail, or one of the specially selected ‘Showcase’ wines.


Pub: The Angelic

Travel: Take the Northern Line one stop to Angel or go for a mile stroll to the next destination.

If the Monopoly board were remade, the now uber trendy Angel Islington would be situated much later on around the board than the sixth square. With a plethora of great bars and pubs to visit, we suggest The Angelic on Liverpool Road, a homely pub that is popular with shoppers and business people alike. Try and snag one of the huge comfy sofas to enjoy a beer from the huge selection available at the bar.


Pub: O’Neill’s on Euston Road

Travel: Take the Northern Line two stops to Euston.

Sports fans will love O’Neill’s on Euston Road so if there’s a game on your chosen weekend then fear not as this is the place to be for all the top football/rugby/tennis matches. While you suck in all the Gaelic charm of this Irish pub you can sup down a traditional pint of Guinness or not so traditional bottle of Magners.

Pentonville Road

Bar: The Big Chill House

Travel: A 5-minute walk to the next stop.

Popular with students who go for the laidback atmosphere, The Big Chill House on Pentonville Road is a bar spin-off from the festival, just think of a bar with all the essence of the outside music but without the rain and wellies. With lots of live music every week you might be lucky enough to catch a new act on the scene while swigging on you share of a pitcher of delicious Big Chill Punch.


Bar: The Courthouse

Travel: Take the southbound 73 bus all the way to the next destination.

Time to give you a taste for what life behind bars entails. You might only be ‘Just Visiting’ this time but you’ll be standing in the same place where the likes of John Lennon and Mick Jagger were trialled at The Courthouse on Marlborough Street, opposite Carnaby Street. Chill out in the original prison cells while supping on a legal themed cocktail – Prisontini or a Gin in the Slinger anyone?

Now move onto Monopoly Pub Crawl Part 2.

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  2. Sunset Strip (W1)
  3. The Dove (W6)
  4. Freemasons Arms (NW3)
  5. Nanban (SW9)
  6. Ristorante Frescobaldi (W1)
  7. Reun Thai (W6)
  8. Bucket (W2)
  9. The Eagle (N1)
  10. Founders Arms (SE1)

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