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Meat Cocktails: The Fleshy Delight Of Carnivores Across London

By Christian Rose-Day (21 Jun 12)
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Heston Blumenthal is probably to blame. Soon after he started messing around with gastronomic flavours in his lab, dishes such as snail porridge began to appear on the menu at his Fat Duck restaurant in Bray. And then, suddenly, everyone was at it. Creativity in the kitchen became fundamental to any restaurant business plan in London and the realms of fantasy and decency were no longer taboo.

Who can forget The Icecreamists in Covent Garden and their former menu option (PR stunt?), Baby Googoo, the human breastmilk ice cream? It's now also possible to purchase a new range of Hoxton Street Monster Supplies salt, allegedly created using tears from humans in various emotional and physiological states (Anger, Sorrow, Laughter, Sneezing and so on)? This Salt Made from Tears is apparently not just for monsters.

It wasn't long before the boys and girls behind the bar started to get a little jealous about the open displays of innovation that their colleagues in the kitchen were flaunting. Hence London now has the biologically aged “Living" cocktail - containing penicillium roqueforti - at The Whistling Shop in Shoreditch, and the barrel-aged Bergamot Grog at VOC bar in Kings Cross which has fresh tobacco leaf as one of its many ingredients.

It may not come as too much of a surprise, therefore, that Shaka Zulu South African bar and restaurant in Camden has recently launched London's most carnivorous cocktails with a new menu of meat-infused libations.

Yes, MEAT cocktails.

The three cocktail options currently on the Shaka Zulu meat cocktail menu are as follows:

*Bloody Bacon - 24 hour mature Bloody Mary mix, bacon vodka, garnished with celery, crispy smoked bacon and a skewer of soft cheese and cherry tomatoes.

*Meatequita- tequila reposado infused with chorizo, vegetable juice, balsamic vinegar, smoked sea salt pepper and port, served with beef biltong strips and chorizo.

*Wheeling Salmon (pictured above and my personal favourite of the three) - smoked salmon-infused vodka with lemon pepper and ice, served with a host of traditional martini accompaniments including smoked salmon, stuffed baby red peppers and olives.

Although meat flavoured cocktails are nothing new to London - The London Cocktail Club's Bacon & Egg cocktail (smoked bacon infused Jack Daniels with egg white), for example - Shaka Zulu has taken the idea to the next level by serving actual meat in and with the cocktails. Plus, the 27,000 square foot venue is such an impressive auditorium within which to sip cocktails that it recently won the 'Best Interior Design' 2012 at the London Club & Bar Awards.

Book a table at Shaka Zulu by using the reservations calendar below.

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