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London's Best & Most Unusual Wine Tasting Events

By Fergus Price (01 Jul 13)
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Wine tasting, according to some, is all a load of cobblers, apparently. That said, whether or not you can tell a Shiraz from a Chardonnay shouldn't determine how much fun you can have sampling the fruits of the vine.

When it comes to a good wine tasting, the key is excellent company, witty repartee and, of course, the three L's: location, location, location. Hence, here are my recommendations for the most interesting and out-of-the-ordinary wine-tasting venues in London.

Bordeaux Jardin du Vin, London Zoo

London Zoo's Lates series (Fridays, 6-10pm) has been a godsend for city-dwellers who want nothing more than to dress up, get merry and spend the evening looking at wild animals. The sun-dappled Jardin du Vin wine bar (pictured above) lends a touch of class to proceedings at the heart of the Zoo, with comprehensive tastings hosted by the Everyday Bordeaux team. Sample the best bouquets that the region has to offer in an informal setting, before ambling off to make insulting gestures towards the gorillas and the tigers.

The SkyRoom, London Bridge

Every Wednesday, this quirkily-designed rooftop conservatory on Tooley Street plays host to a pop-up wine bar from the good folks at A Grape Night In. The views are spectacular and the wine isn't bad either, selected according to varying themes and paired with matching side dishes and complementary patter from the organisers. Ideal for those balmy summer nights that we're reliably informed are just around the corner.

The Yapp Brothers Pop-Up Wine Shop, Exmouth Market

For the first week of July, French grape connoisseurs the Yapp brothers will be operating a pop-up wine shop in collaboration with the stylishly retro Medcalf restaurant & bar, offering tastings and other events throughout the day in the venue's picturesque gallery space. Even without the optional 4-course meal devised by Groucho Club head chef Tim Wilson, this one-off venture should make a trendier-than-thou wine expert out of you in no time.

Berry Bros. & Rudd, Green Park

This hallowed St James winery offers the very best in tastings and tutelage from its intimate Napoleon Cellar, staging themed “walkaround" workshops that will leave you feeling like a regular Robert Parker, or at least relatively confident when backed into a corner at dinner parties. When you absolutely, positively have to learn about every Chablis in the room, accept no substitute.

Now your interest in wine is aroused, how about checking out some of the best wine bars in London too?

And if you know of any unusual or interesting wine tastings that happen on a regular basis in London, please leave a Facebook comment below.

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