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How And Where To Play Beer Pong In London

By Sophie Kelk (10 Jun 13)
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If you've not recently been a student then you might not have heard of the popular drinking game that is Beer Pong (If you haven't though, seriously, where have you been?!)

To play you'll need a competitive edge and a high tolerance for beer. A good aim and sense of humour are always a bonus.

Beer Pong originates in the US and as most of the best bar games usually are, it was the bright idea of a bunch of students.

Luckily for Londoners, it's since made its way across the Atlantic and all around our glorious capital you'll find fans playing it on a regular basis in homes, halls and bars.

There are even tournaments; The Exhibit in Balham holds one every two weeks, which is always books up early. Winners return to maintain their titles, whilst other regulars fight to make their way to the top. Entrance music is played when a team is up and you can be sure to have a small crowd watching you're every throw – not an evening for the faint hearted!

So if you fancy giving it a go, here's a simple guide to how to play beer pong:

1) This is a team game: 2-4 people on each team. Themed fancy dress, team names and team chants are all optional but recommended.

2) Take a long table and set up 10 plastic cups, each a quarter full with the finest quality beer, in triangles on each end so that the points of the triangle point at each other.

3) Each team takes turns to throw a ping pong ball into the opposite teams' cups. You can either bounce it before (only once) or get it straight in. You cannot lean on the table, though.

4) If successful, a member of the opposite team must drink the contents of the cup. If unsuccessful, the thrower must drink the contents of one of their own cups.

5) As cups are drunk, they are removed from the triangle and when possible, the cups are rearranged to form smaller triangles.

6) The first team to get rid of all of their opponents' cups wins. The losing team drinks all the remaining cups.

If you don't fancy the trip south of the river to The Exhibit in Balham, there are a few other bars in London offering a chance to hone your Beer Pong skills.

- Ping in Earl's Court - A ping pong bar serving delicious pizzas and cocktails. The tables are often used for impromptu Beer Pong Games.

- Blueberry Bar & Kitchen in Shoreditch – The cool East London bar has a table tennis table. Book it in advance to play Beer Pong with your mates and you'll be impressing even the trendiest tribes of drinkers.

- The Sports Café, West End - Every Tuesday night is student night at this Central London bar. Cheap drinks and Beer Pong create the perfect atmosphere for a night reminiscing those good old days.

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