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Cocktails in London That Actually Make You Healthier

By Nina Koo-seen-lin (07 May 15)
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London can be exhausting. Don't get us wrong, it's an awesome city but boy, can living and working in the Big Smoke really take it out of us! Thankfully, London bar tenders are seeing the need to perk up their punters and adding an extra string to their cocktail-shaking bow – that of medicine man or woman.

Feeling exhausted? Have a cocktail. Feeling the sniffy symptoms of spring? Have a cocktail. Feeling…oh, you get the idea.

The bar: Reform Social & Grill

Cocktail cure: Prescription Cocktails

Why go there: It's the fun alternative to a Boots counter

Have you reached that age when Calpol (Strawberry flavour, of course) just doesn't do the job of curing your colds and sniffles? Fear not, The bartenders at Reform Social and Grill have developed a cocktail menu of remedies for when you're feeling a bit under the weather. Their medicine cabinet is stocked with a variety of spirits, cordials and tonics to shake and stir a prescription that will soothe your ailments. If spring time brings on symptoms of hay fever then a generous dose of spiced rum, caramel and pineapple is in order.

The bar: Parissi

Cocktail cure: Karma Libre – gold rum, lime juice, karma cola

Why go there: When your aura's feeling down, you need to karma up.

There are Brixton locals that get nostalgic about the days when the area's market and village remained their little secret and the emergence of independent bars and cafes was left to launch in the nearby Clapham area. Then there are the south London hipsters who have migrated to Brixton who have encouraged the growth of hipster bars so their hipster bottoms can perch on hipster bar stools. You're either going to embrace or scorn this culture. Whatever camp you fall into, make sure you visit Parissi on Atlantic Road. As well as cocktails, Parissi serves homemade mezze platters, coffee, tea, cakes and pastries. The bread is supplied from the Bad Boy Bakery (HM Prison Brixton).

The bar: The London Cocktail Club

Cocktail cure: Penicillin – scotch, ginger and honey syrup, and smoke and citrus

Why go there: There's something quite intriguing about the idea of a pharmacy speakeasy, no?

LCC on the Essex Road may look a little rough and tumble on the outside, but behind the Apothecary Off Licence door lies a room waiting to cure you. Head downstairs to the ‘doctor's waiting room' and order your medicine, either a classic cocktail or trial twist. Medics, or staff, are on hand to provide cocktail masterclasses. You can even buy bitters, liqueurs and vermouths from the chemist bar so you can administer your own dose in the comfort of your home. Outside is A&E (Alcohol & Entertainment, of course).

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