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Top 10 Date Ideas for Single People Dating in London

By Matt Janes (11 Mar 15)
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Hi, I'm Matt, co-founder of the activity-based dating site where members post ideas of things to on dates in London. Dating is more fun when you're doing something together, hence the name!

We created the site to put an end to the tyranny of boring drinks-in-a-pub interview style dates. We want to save the world from awkward, one date at a time. Far better to have a laugh over a shared activity than worrying what to say next. At the end of the day, dating should be fun, right?

Here are some quirky date ideas for single men and women, boys and girls, in London, who just want to take the awkwardness out of dating:

1) The Inexpensive Date

Inexpensive sounds so much better than cheap. And just because you're on a budget, doesn't mean you can't do some kick-ass stuff. How about Hoopla Improv comedy? Every Saturday at The Miller near London Bridge. Three acts, completely improvised and at the mercy of you, the audience. Be warned: it can get really weird (last time we got ‘Osmonian Smith and the Deleted Browser History').

2) The Romantic Date

Boris Biking is a classic DoingSomething date. You can check out your fave quirky places, stop off for a picnic in Hyde Park, cycle side by side, or just have a good old cycling race! Cabs are expensive, tubes are a nightmare (awkwardly shouting at your date not the best ice breaker), and although walking is good, unless you're power walking you won't cover much ground. Besides, first date power walking never gets you a second date. Fact!

3) The Quirky Date

Anthropomorphic mouse taxidermy classes help to get rid of fidgety fingers and anxious nail biting. You'll learn to stuff about the dead mouse with Margot Magpie and the art behind taxidermy. We would assume your date wont already know their way around a dead animal (if they do, run). Makes for a great conversation starter, because let's face it; it's just a ridiculous date idea.

4) The Active Date

Gorilla Circus bills itself as ‘the primal side of circus'. The folks at Gorilla Circus will teach you how to fly through the air and catch a trapeze. Nobody is in their comfort zone on this first date. Unless you're a circus performer, in which case that's just showing off.

5) The Creative Date

Lionel Rich Tea at Drink, Shop, Do will take the edge off a first date. Competing to ice the best Lionel Richie face on a digestive biscuit is certain to raise a few laughs. You're already onto a winner if you both find this date idea hilariously genius.

6) The Spooky Date

Forget taking your date to the cinema for a scary movie. Treat them to Ghost Bus Tours, the fun way to explore London's back alleys and see the Capital's best haunts. You'll not be alone on the bus though. Look out for ghouls and zombies as you hear gruesome tales of all things grisly and supernatural. Perfect excuse to snuggle up to your date in the dark.

7) The Foodie Date

Looking for a food date somewhere very London? It doesn't get much better than grabbing a bite to eat on a tube carriage. Don't worry about the logistics of sitting next to or across from one another. Basement Gallery have made it easier with their 1967 Victoria Line carriage turned 21st century fine dining booth. Oh, and you're guaranteed a seat (no need for a ‘Baby on Board' sticker). Just book in advance.

8) The Cinema Date

Treat your date to more than just stale popcorn and rubbery hotdogs with a trip to Edible Cinema. You'll be given food parcels throughout the film (snacking at its best) which will recreate the scene that you're watching. Ofelia's mum in Pan's Labyrinth drinks a sedative. You drink a pipette of gin. Our kind of movie experience.

9) The Nerdy Date

There's nothing more romantic than scurrying after your date dressed as an insect. Not your regular kiss-chase but a fun way to explore the Science Museum and its latest exhibition. So (cockroach) suit up! And share the life of a bug with your date.

10) 'Balls to Dating' Easter Sunday @ Bounce Ping Pong Date

Are you sick and tired of awkward traditional dating? So are we! So this Easter Sunday say Balls to Dating and grab a ticket to join like-minded single Londoners at Bounce for a night of ping pong madness. We're talking round robin ping pong tournaments. Sounds from DJ Pete Pong. And a guaranteed awkward-free night. 7pm-2am this Easter Sunday. Tickets selling fast. Tickets selling fast.

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