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Blue Monday: 11 Reasons To Be Cheerful On The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

By Christian Rose-Day (21 Jan 13)
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Today is no ordinary day, it is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the calendar year. Thanks to the post-Christmas and New Year's Eve come down, the lack of funds in your bank account, the adverse weather conditions, the insurmountable diet, detox and fitness regimes you've placed upon your shoulders, and the lengthy time period until the next public holiday, this is as bad as it gets London!

Or is it?

Here are 11 reasons to be happy on Blue Monday.

1) Your next pay day is closer than your last one.

2) FREE Steak! Soho's new meat-loving restaurant, Flat Iron, is GIVING AWAY 100% grass fed, pedigree Wagyu Picana steak from New Zealand. From 5pm today all you need to do is pay for any drinks or sides that you order. It's that simple. Wrap up warm, expect queues!

3) There's snow outside so go play! Build a snowman; build a snowwoman. As the temperature rises, watch as they melt into a pool of watery love, together in a snow romance; a snowmance, if you will. Yeh, you did that.

4) Happy Hour Cocktails: New Shoreditch cocktail bar, Barrio East, is practically giving cocktails away tonight for 4-8pm for only £4.50 each! Here's your cocktail hit list for the evening.

5) The first 35 seconds of New Order's famous Blue Monday track is medically proven to cure any sadness-induced lethargy. You will not be able resist the urge to dance; so DANCE!

6) Kilts, bagpipes, whisky and haggis always put a smile on your face - Burns Night is only 4 days away and the pick of the bunch is at Blueprint Cafe where head chef Mark Jarvis is offering guests his creative take on Haggis - 2 courses at £20 or 3 courses at £25 - with riverside views and traditional music.

7) Omega-3, Phenylethylamine and Seratonin - these proven ‘happy' inducers can be ingested through various mood-enhancing ingredients. Seafood restaurant, Pescatori, in Mayfair has all three covered. Fish - such as the pan-roasted Icelandic cod, crab lentils and red pepper sauce - provides the omega-3, whilst for dessert, the dark chocolate tart with mandarin compote stacks up your phenylethylamine and seratonin levels. Extra smiles come from watching your wallet as well as your waistline because two courses are £19.95 (3 are £22.95).

8) Australia Day falls on a Saturday this year! - a weekend Aussie Day celebration doesn't come around too often, so make full use of this opportunity to get sh*tfaced on Aussie beers, fully fuelled on Aussie pies, and then cop off with some random Aussie on the dancefloor. We'll be hanging around at Infernos' 12 Hours of Power from 9am-9pm, so maybe we'll be snogging each other this weekend. That's got to cheer you up. More info at

9) BOGOF! - Monday Madness at The Candlemaker involves Buy-1-Get-1-Free Angus Beef Cheeseburgers (3-9pm) AND a brand new Comedy Quiz hosted by comedian Christian Steel at 8.30pm (£2pp, min 4 people, winners get £30 bar tab and chance to win the cash pot). Cheery stuff.

10) Dim Sum makes for a happy tum - Cocochan pan-Asian restaurant in Marylebone is offering 30% discount on most of its a la carte menu at the moment. Even sushi, dim sum and black cod are included in this offer (excludes lobster).

11) Get loved up - Valentine's Day is fast approaching so plan your evening of sweet, sweet love wisely. There are plenty of romantic restaurant offers to get stuck into, so start booking! It'll make you less grumpy.

Image courtesy of Flickr user paul.orear (Share Alike).

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