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The Best Sandwiches in London

By Verity Nelson (23 Feb 15)
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In the same vein that I declared pubs unfit to make a good Bloody Mary cocktail, I have a familiar sentiment for sandwiches from supermarkets.

Supermarket sandwiches can be bland, dry, under filled and possess weird smells. A good sandwich is a pleasure to eat, look at, be around and even talk about. So to celebrate the breaded wonder, here's a compiled list of (some) of the best sandwiches in London.

Verden in Clapton has laid claims to make the best sandwich in London. The Verden Club sandwich itself is a mouth-watering compilation of freshly made sourdough bread, lardo, gem lettuce, warm roast chicken, pancetta, cheese, Italian tomatoes and celeriac remoulade. A feast for the eyes and mouth, this sandwich is absolutely beautiful paired with fries and a glass of Dom Achard Vincent.

Scarfes Bar in Holborn is the home of great sandwiches that need not be fussy. The Reuben sandwich is a tip of the hat to NYC that comes with pastrami, sauerkraut, cheese and Thousand Island dressing. Or you can go for the cheesily-simple cheese and onion toastie on sourdough. Both will not let you down.

The Lockhart near Marble Arch serves The Muffuletta sandwich; so big, you can order it in portion size. If you want to share it with those you're dining with, just go the whole hog and order the entire thing, some drinks and share amongst you. The Muffuletta is Napoli salami, Mortadella cheese, Capicola, Provolone and olive tapenade in Foccacia bread. Served with homemade crisps, the Muffuletta is a sandwich you could live on for many days and not get bored.

Red Dog in Hoxton Square have taken the best parts of American cuisine and brought it to East London. Their meatiest (one of many) stomach pleaser is the Chicken Club, a Hickory smoked chicken, applewood-smoked bacon, lettuce, confit tomato and Vidalia onion dream.

Brindisa is a bit of Spain in Borough Market. The Brindisa sandwich is a toasted bap filled with chorizo, red pepper, rocket and some olive oil. Simple but incredible.

Bao in Hackney: a pillow; a cloud; a Vietnamese bun made with milk in which sits slow braised pork belly, coriander, peanut and pickles. You can't have just one.

Chickeliquor in Brixton: who doesn't like Korean food? A soft white sub baguette filled with chicken thigh nuggets, peanuts, daikon, spring onions, Chinese cabbage and chilli mayo. It's soft, crunchy, not at all greasy and has enough greens to keep you feeling guilt-free.

Brick Lane Beigel Bake in Shoreditch has a hot salt beef beigel that is a London staple. One thing you should know is that simplicity is the building block of a good sandwich. The Beigel comprises salt beef and hot mustard on a chewy bagel and nothing else.

Burger and Lobster in Mayfair, the sophisticated meat and fish restaurant, has been a prime location for a while. Burger and Lobster boasts about flying in live lobsters from the Atlantic, yet its strength lies in the lobster roll. A simple homemade brioche bun filled with lobster, creamy yet light mayo and chives, the Lobster roll is simple but packs a punch.

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