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4 Reasons Why Gatsby's 1920s Weren't As Roaring As London's 2010s

By Sophie Marie Atkinson (23 Jun 13)
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“And I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy." Jordan Baker, The Great Gatsby

Jay Gatsby et al may have had the roaring 20s, but we don't think that they hold a candle to London in the 2010s. Here's just four reasons why:

SS: Atlantica, a return to the golden age of luxury travel

The SS Atlantica – a beautiful, art deco Silver Sturgeon boat transformed into a luxury cruise liner circa 1931 – set sail from Savoy Pier recently for a magnificent evening journeying along the Thames, complete with an immense dance floor lined by round tables dressed with pristine white tablecloths. Guests – dressed in their finest 'at sea formalwear' – enjoyed Champagne and cocktails courtesy of Bourne and Hollingsworth and live floor shows and bands, with balconies holding up a string quartet. Keep an eye out for more events.

The Chap Olympiad – Britain's most eccentric sporting event

On Saturday 13th July, The Chap Olympiad once again welcomes the unathletic to this world famous ‘celebration of sporting ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases'. Hosted by The Chap Magazine – a bi-monthly journal celebrating tweeds, hat-doffing, martinis and all things gentlemanly – and Bourne and Hollingsworth, this is a delightful day of themed sporting events, live music, side shows and refreshments. Held in Bloomsbury's Bedford Square, the event's dress code is elegant finery, military wear, formal wear, dandy wear, but no sportswear, other than cricket whites. Denim is strictly prohibited. Mustaches optional. Tickets are £40.

Blitz Parties – run for shelter

Blitz Parties are a regular fixture on London's prohibition sceen (the next one takes place on July 13th), honouring Britain's finest with 1940s music and dancing in an underground venue transformed into a wartime air shelter, complete with a warren of rooms. Look out for the swing dance hall and a bunker complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains, oil lamps and military bunk beds. Ration books replace bar menus and scarce provisions will line the walls. War time snacks are always on hand to keep those jitterbugs going.

Hutch Club, underground pop-up glamour

From 1 June to 31 August, Quaglino's hosts a glamorous subterranean cocktail and jazz pop up bar, The Hutch Club. The new addition pays homage to the venue's hedonistic spirit, which began when flamboyant host Giovanni Quaglino opened the doors to a beautiful, decadent society crowd in 1929. Boasting an Art Deco inspired Martini Bar, a private Drinking Den and London's first boutique alcoholic Popcorn Bar (pictured above), The Hutch Club invites guests to also enjoy live music and alcohol-infused small plates including Salmon Tartar with Vodka Jelly & Herring Roe, Oyster & Gin Soup with Lime & Coriander and Smoked Chocolate Ice Cream with Whisky Cream & Mandarin Popcorn. Strictly by reservation only.

Have you been to the Blitz party or any other fancy dress costume event recently? If so, let us know by using the comments box below.

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