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4 Best Gin Cocktail Recipes London Gin Experts Don't Want You To Know

By Sophie Kelk (11 Mar 14)
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Gin has been a favourite drink for Londoners for centuries and it is currently seeing an even larger boost in popularity, with new boutique distilleries and gin brands popping up all over London and the UK.

One such gin brand is the newly launched Cremorne 1859 range; a London Dry Gin and Wild Blackthorn Sloe Gin named Colonel Fox and Gentleman Badger respectively.

We were lucky enough to corner professional cocktail-maker and barman, Nick Wright, at the launch, and get him to reveal four secret recipes for the best gin cocktails recipes in London:

20th Century Fox

35ml Colonel Fox London Dry Gin

15ml lemon

15ml white cacao

15ml lillet

Shake and strain into coupette

Southside Fizz

50ml Colonel Fox London Dry Gin

20ml lime

20ml sugar

4-5 mint leaves

soda water

Shake all except for soda and strain into highball. top with ice and soda. Garnish with lime wedge and straw and mint sprig

Badger fizz

50ml Gentleman Badger Sloe Gin

20ml lemon

20ml sugar

Top with soda

Build all in ice filled highball. Garnish with straw and lime wedge

Badger Flip

40ml Gentleman Badger Sloe Gin

10ml campari

1 egg

15ml sugar

Dry shake then shake hard with ice. Pour into coupette and grate with nutmeg

To learn more about gin, check out our guest feature on gin and food pairings, or the importance of gin in literature.

If you have any gin-related comments, use the box below to share your thoughts.

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