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12 People & Brands You Need To Be Following on Twitter

By Fergus Price (08 May 14)
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“I don't get Twitter", says your generic, out-of-touch elderly relative of choice; “it's just people talking about what they're having for lunch".

Even if that were true, it's still be worth dipping your toes in the technological torrent of Twitter to follow these fine upstanding digital denizens, as they strive to deliver all the best bits of London wining and dining, straight to your smartphone. And not a poor-quality snap of baked beans on toast in sight.

@glpLondon – the format is simple: submit your requests for Great Little Places to eat around London, and arrive at a Twitter-crowd-sourced solution in no time.

@lecool_London – this weekly magazine makes it its business to present only the hippest, most cutting-edge events throughout London, culinary or otherwise.

@William_Curley – four-time winner of the London Best Chocolatier award, Curley's feed is a veritable font of chocolate porn and canny recommendations.

@RebeccaSeal – a tenacious journalist, Rebecca covers more ground reviewing top London eateries and bars than just about anyone else in the game.

@EatFIFA – two gents attempting to sample the cuisine of all 208 countries in the FIFA football world rankings, in London, in descending order. They've covered the first 18 so far.

@gourmetraveller– Windswept and interesting food enthusiast delivers regular restaurant tips, reviews and mouth-watering pics from London and beyond.

@Goodforlunch – an informative, ready-made and London-centric answer to the most important question of the day: “What's for lunch?"


– in which charismatic and hirsute columnist Tom Harrow swans around town drinking wine for a living. Essential for any budding oenophiles.

@jayrayner1 – the undisputed don of restaurant reviews occasionally weighs in on Twitter with foul-mouthed bon mots about food and just about anything else.

@malcolmeggs – a pun-tastic digital shrine to the humble London breakfast, featuring off-the-wall contributions from “Haulin' Oats" and “Pam O'Raisin", among others.

@LondonEater – a dedicated and voracious foodie who trawls through the best London eateries so you don't have to, and can sit at home eating cereal in peace.

@ValentineWarner – top chef, industry insider and Twitter addict Valentine Warner always has his fingers in lots of London pies, probably literally.

Who have you been stalking of Twitter lately? Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments box.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Karunakar Rayker (Share Alike).

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