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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

B@1 (Be at One) 348 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NQ (Map)

Thank you Imogen. My hands are a little swollen due to the wonderful British weather. I am now converted to cocktails..... well nearly More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Laura, london

B@1 (Be at One)

Hammersmith & Fulham Irish Centre, Hammersmith (Bar)
“Needs more publicity overall now the only major Irish cultural centre in SW London or south London.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Richard Croke, New malden 28 Mar 12

Picture of Del' Aziz, Clapham, London

Del' Aziz, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Really enjoyed the food (a lovely cheese burger) although I did feel like a bit of a fraud in the somewhat opulent (and obviously arabic themed) surrounds of the restaurant! The restaurant is pretty big but tables are nicely spaced out and despite being near to a couple of groups of friends it wasn't too noisy. Fully agree with the reviewer on the puddings - they were huge and really good!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Tom Hellier, London 27 Mar 12

Picture of Rotunda, Kings Cross, London

Rotunda, Kings Cross (Bar / Restaurant)
“I went to The Guardian Open Weekend event last Saturday. One of the venues was where The Rotunda is so my two friends and I decided to go for the beer & burger for £10 offer. Service was bad. I'm not sure if the staff were badly treated volunteers because a) they appeared to have no clue on how to work in a restaurant, b) they didn't seem to care. I felt on several occasions I could read some of the waiters minds and they were thinking 'I'm not being paid enough or at all to do this.' In my experience volunteers always do a job to the best of their abilities because they’re supper keen to make a good impression. It’s only when you’re treated badly that one starts to behave in a bad manner. And so I question the management of this venue. Being seated took forever. Ordering took forever. Being served took FOREVER. While two of us got served after an age and a day my other friend (the hungriest one of all) had to wait a further ten minutes despite me seeing the dish already prepared and waiting under the hot light to be delivered to his hungry jaws. The bar looked atrocious with all the empty glasses piled up on the counter. A diner sitting on the table next to us tutted – she’s a waitress and was appalled that the empties were left in full view – “all empties should immediately be put in the dishwasher or if there’s no room under the counter out of sight!” I agreed completely. She also had to wait for longer than necessary for her order. To be fair the burger was incredible. The beef was cooked to perfection and the bun struggled to contain the numerous layers of cheese, gherkins, and relish. There was a generous portion of chips too. When we’d finished we kept on getting the Evil Eye from the staff as if we had to push off as soon as our plates were scraped and licked clean and the contents of the beer bottle glugged down. But we had no intentions of leaving so soon after eating a mammoth meal. Besides, our next booked event wasn’t on until 5:30. We would have ordered more drinks but we didn’t want to add to the ever growing mountain of empty glasses and bottles on the bar.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nina, London 26 Mar 12

Hand and Flower, Hammersmith (Bar)
“Disappointing. Service terrible and the poor kids they leave in charge don't even have the power to refund you a quid if the quiz machine breaks down, let alone a serious problem! Steer clear, there is a fabulous pub 5 minutes walk away called the Cumberland arms on north end road, a firm favourite with the Locals and for good reason!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Christopher, London 24 Mar 12

Picture of Metro Garden Restaurant & Bar, Clapham, London

Metro Garden Restaurant & Bar, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“A great find and charming hidden garden just a step off the busy high street in Clapham. Delicious food, generous portions and an inviting atmosphere make the Metro a great find!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Michael, London 24 Mar 12

Picture of Sheba, Brick Lane, London

Book a table at Sheba, Brick Lane now - fast, free and confirmed!

Sheba, Brick Lane (Restaurant)
“The food is delicious, I really loved the chicken tikka bhuna naga and the pilao rice. Nice service and good value for money.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Mandeep, London 23 Mar 12

Picture of Fluid, Clerkenwell, London

Fluid, Clerkenwell (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“Came to farringdon to go to Fabric and we found Fluid just by surprise after dinner. The cocktails were REALLY good, cant vouch for the food because we'd already eaten but the DJs were EXCELLENT...infact they were so good we didn't even go to Fabric!! So thats saying something!! Upstairs bar was more funk and disco, but really good deep house in the basement and the sound is really good down there! (dj was FITTT too which always helps LOL) Lots of smiley people and I liked the bar manager. Northern guy, very smiley and accomodating, they all seemed to be having lots of fun behind the bar too and thats really important in my book. Really recommend it actually. Best cocktail...try one of their Mortal Kombats with lychee liquor...was yum! :)”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Victoria Saunders, London 23 Mar 12

Picture of Bourne & Hollingsworth, Fitzrovia, London

Bourne & Hollingsworth, Fitzrovia (Bar / Club)
“Went to The Wandering bar a couple of weeks ago (set up in the Amnesty International HQ). Such a fantastic night. I love the quirkiness of Bourne & Hollingsworth in Fitzrovia - everything from the cocktails in teacups and jam jars, DJ and decor are just wonderful. Only thing with the wandering bar was the cocktails weren't up to the high standard set by B&H - at times they were way too strong and one friend commented that the cocktails tasted like rocket fuel and I was inclined to agree. We stuck to gin and tonics for the rest of the night.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nina, London 23 Mar 12

Picture of Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush, London

Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush (Bar / Club)
“What a magnificent venue for gigs and performances! I went here last night for an installment of the Lost Lectures series. My first time here. It reminded me of the Rivoli Ballroom in south east London. Very grand and opulent looking. The sound isn't perfect for public speaking (through a microphone) but I'm sure live gigs are much better. Make full use of the upstairs bar and small terrace if you get a chance. Booze is from cans.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
The Restaurant Hunter, London 23 Mar 12

Picture of The Green, Shepherds Bush, London

The Green, Shepherds Bush (Bar)
“Not as crowded as the Defectors pub across the road (which is where the BBC congregates after a hard day at the TV coalface). A good selection of guest ales. Had a decent Timothy Taylor or three. Youthful tunage too (was humming along to a spot of Passion Pit at one point). Minus points for the congregating smokers on the front door step (us non-smokers would like to get in please) and the God-awful decor which hasn't been updated since the 1970s I think. The toilets are horrendous. Possibly the worst toilets in London. A good pub for a swift pint before a gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire or Bush Hall, and nothing else.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
The Restaurant Hunter, London 23 Mar 12

Chiquito Mexican Grill & Bar, Soho (Bar / Restaurant)
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
howard latham, london 22 Mar 12

Picture of The Brompton Asian Brasserie, Knightsbridge, London

The Brompton Asian Brasserie, Knightsbridge (Restaurant)
“Delicious food. I recommend anything that once lived in water. Outstanding, healthy dishes (until dessert turns up). It's very bright so not a great place for first dates but would suit family get-togethers and dining after a shopping hunt.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
The Restaurant Hunter, London 21 Mar 12

Picture of Chakra, Notting Hill, London

Chakra, Notting Hill (Restaurant)
“Andy Varma's new menu at Chakra is just exceptional! The food is so mouth watering. My friends and I also really enjoyed the cocktails! Especially the passionfruit mojito! Definitely reccommend it for a girly lunch/dinner with your best friends :D We had a fantastic time!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Carly, London 19 Mar 12

Picture of The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood, London

The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood (Bar)
“I was there and it was a very bad experience. The service in incredible slow and the food is fnot good. I prefer don't talk about the manager.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Franck, London 18 Mar 12

Picture of Metro Garden Restaurant & Bar, Clapham, London

Metro Garden Restaurant & Bar, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Fabulous find, Fabulous time! My main was divine and lovely! Will definately be back soon!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Modernista, London 16 Mar 12

Picture of Ben's Canteen, Clapham, London

Ben's Canteen, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“I love this place. I'm live in North Londoner, I work in North London and I normally dine in North London. For Ben's Canteen I'll make an exception and venture over the river down to Ben's. The burger alone is worth the trip.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nina, London 15 Mar 12

Picture of The Mudlark, London Bridge & Bermondsey, London

The Mudlark, London Bridge & Bermondsey (Bar)
“All the Nicholson's pubs have an amazing atmosphere. The Mudlark is probably my favourite because it's tucked away from the hectic hustle and bustle of London Bridge. The selection of ales is incredible. Frank As Apollo is my ale of choice for the season.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Nina, London 15 Mar 12

Picture of Khamsa, Brixton, London

Khamsa, Brixton (Restaurant)
“Simple as that one of the best North African restaurant I ever been to. Algerian food has took its place amongst other cuisines ,thank you to khamsa.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Drew, London 15 Mar 12

Picture of Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet, London

Thalassa Restaurant & Bar, Enfield & Barnet (Bar / Restaurant)
“we had a fabulous time at thalassa the food was spectacularily fresh, the service fantastic and the atmosphere relaxed i will definitely go back”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
dee, Greenwich 13 Mar 12

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