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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

The Blagclub Canalot Studios, 222 Kensal Rd, Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BN (Map)

Hard to find but this should not deter a professional. I had a great laugh and there were some craking looking girls there,. When I left much later I got very lost.... More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, [ Unknown ]

The Blagclub
Picture of The Blackfriar, City of London, London

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The Blackfriar, City of London (Bar)
“This is a pub for pub bores and I don't mean it in a bad way. It looks Great on the outside and fantasic on the inside, a one off. Push past the pubspotters and enjoy a few.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, [ Unknown ] 03 Dec 03

Picture of The Anglesea Arms, Kensington, London

The Anglesea Arms, Kensington (Bar)
“A great pub in a quite barren part( Drinking wise) of wealthy London. Good if heavy food and a nice variety of beers. Get here early. Stake your place and watch, listen and smile at the Lords and Ladies getting hammered.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, [ Unknown ] 03 Dec 03

Picture of The Albion, Angel & Islington, London

The Albion, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“A lovely old pub in the heart of Islington. A great place for a drink in the sun. If there is no sun then a great place for a drink in the dark.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, [ Unknown ] 03 Dec 03

Picture of The White Horse, Fulham, London

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The White Horse, Fulham (Bar)
“Strong and strange beers, exotic lager, tasty food. Lots of sexy blonde ladies mixing with wallpaper city men. A fantastic night to be had.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, [ Unknown ] 03 Dec 03

Picture of The Blue Posts, Soho, London

The Blue Posts, Soho (Bar)
“A fantastic pub right in the heart of soho. Don't come and ruin it.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
fagin, London 03 Dec 03

Stamfords Wine Bar & Restaurant, South Bank & Bankside (Bar)
“Whilst the welcome was extremely warm and immediately you felt at home, the experience was not as good. We reviewed the menu on the official website and was disappointed as this is scaled down in the evenings but this was not clear from the website. One thing that did concern my party was that the wine bottle was brought to the table already uncorked, we were not given the bottle to review or taste. We asked why they did not uncork the bottle at the table and they said that it was not their practice, so who knows what we were served?”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
john orchard, [ Unknown ] 03 Dec 03

Picture of Aura Kitchen & Bar, St James, London

Aura Kitchen & Bar, St James (Bar / Restaurant)
“Well well well! Aura has to be the best club i've EVER set foot in. Almost impossible to get into unless you are a member or a guest of one, it is however out of this world. Table charges are minimum £1000 , and the crowd that go there are london's elite. People don't drink just anything there...the standard drink is a bottle of Magnum Cristal, and at £650 a bottle, it is sprayed all over rather than drunk!! Drinks are expensive, but the food is awesome, and the waitresses make it all a sublime pleasure. The crowd is seriously sexy, and the women are worth the price of the drinks alone. If you have a table, be prepared for the sexiest women in london to be rather friendly ;) Aura trumps china white, tantra and the rest so easily it almost hurts to think what you were doing there before. If you can go there...thank your lucky stars! membership is £2000 but you have to be forwarded by 5 other members, so it's not very easy, even if you have the money. The decor is decent, i've seen better. The purple lighting is cool, but it is easy to see that this is primarily a restaurant. But the crowd make this worth every penny spent. In a sentence...this is the best place this side of monaco.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
One Seven Two Eight Promotions, [ Unknown ] 02 Dec 03

Picture of The Fox & Hounds, Battersea, London

The Fox & Hounds, Battersea (Bar / Restaurant)
“The best pub south of the river. Quite out of the way but it's worth the trip - mediterranean style food served in a laid back atmosphere. Better yet the kitchen is open so you can see the chef cooking up your lunch. Also you know a pubs good when the old locals still keep coming although its not the old boozer they were used to.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jimigill, [ Unknown ] 02 Dec 03

Cumberland Arms, Kensington (Bar)
“Great little pub. Good food, great atmosphere and sexy staff”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jimigill, [ Unknown ] 02 Dec 03

The Atlas, Chelsea (Bar)
“Fantastic gastro-pub on the edge of Fulham. Unfussy Mediterranean style food with great beers and a fantastic wine list. Definite must visit pub in west london”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
jimigill, [ Unknown ] 02 Dec 03

Picture of Storm, West End, London

Storm, West End (Bar / Club)
“I can't say much about this place except it is a club (or should I say 'club') for the sake of a club. It's like dancing in someone's garage, to sh*t music and a sh*t sound system. What's more, you have to pay £12 (!!) to dance in this sh*t garage. Their smoke machine would be more effective if I stood at one end of the place and blew out a pathetic puff from a ciggie (I don't smoke, but even nothing would be more effective). The place is full of bad-looking people (I'm sorry to all the regulars!) who look wasted, desperate, and obviously go there every weekend. Either that, or the place is full of bemused-looking people wondering how the fu*k they ended up there (I'm this category, ta). Don't waste your money. Go somewhere bigger, better, and just a whole lot more credible than this.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ali Coleman, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Picture of Ruby Blue, West End, London

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Ruby Blue, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“On entrance, Red Cube looked to be an exclusive, elite type of place, mysterious and promising to give excitement. The bouncer on the door asked how many there was in my party, then nodded us through (as if it would have made any difference to three pretty young things such as myself and my friends, haha!). I was quite excited about what would be on the inside, but that went out the window when I had to pay £10 (give me a BREAK!!), only to find myself walking into the dingiest (word?...) place I've ever been in. The music was crap, and the clientele consisted of boring-looking snobs and pervy businessmen - it only took two minutes to have my arse felt by one, oh yes. I can't say much else about the place except it felt like being in some underground strip-club with practically no lighting, and slightly less nakedness. My advice? Just don't!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ali Coleman, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Picture of Jerusalem, Fitzrovia, London

Jerusalem, Fitzrovia (Bar / Restaurant)
“Nice decor, music goes a bit ghetto and you get sick of shouting at your friends, but unbelievable staff. Girl on the door made me pay to get in at 8:02, when it's free before 8, even though I'd set up a guestlist and was guaranteeing loads of business for them. Then the bar staff refused to serve food since they just "got a big group in". Shouldn't a restaurant be able to handle their reservations? Finally, the girl on the door tried to charge me again since I was forced to go outside for food. The bouncer was the only decent worker in the place - you don't hear that too often. Too many people on power trips, with no regard for customer service or repeat business. I speak for a group of 20 friends who will never be going there again.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
RK, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Dog & Bull, Sutton & Croydon (Bar)
“Splendid traditional market pub serving the best pint of Youngs south of Wandsworth. Welcoming and friendly. Will be dismissed as an "old man's pub" by the bacardi breezer swilling cretins so uniquely abundant in Croydon but has more character in one well trodden floor board than the legion of sterile, overlit, overpriced, blonde wooded, travelodge-like Croydon chain pubs put together. If in the area also try the Royal Standard down the road under the flyover. Truly outstanding Fullers beers in this tremendous boozer. There really are some delights in Croydon for the beer drinker - but they are very well hidden.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kelly, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Elderfield, Hackney (Bar)
“An oasis, a sanctuary, blessed relief. When in E5, go to the Eclipse for a good pint and some peace. The best non-canal side pub in E5. The area is changing but it's slow going and the Eclipse is way ahead of its time. Instead of turning all the existing Hackney pubs into flats, developers could learn alot from the Eclipse.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kelly, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Cafe Sol, Clapham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Great place to get drunk, drink tequila and eat good food. Never been disappointed - staff are great and i've never seen any sign of trouble - simple, cheesy and good fun all the way”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

The Kings Head Theatre Pub, Angel & Islington (Bar)
“Best pub on Upper Street. Outstanding ale.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
kelly, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Picture of The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon, London

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon (Bar)
“Brilliant atmosphere and the staff are very friendly and welcomeing. Over all very good.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Star, [ Unknown ] 01 Dec 03

Picture of The Grenadier, Knightsbridge, London

The Grenadier, Knightsbridge (Bar)
“While I know this is a very famous pub in the heart of the city - I have to say I think it is overrated. Their infamous bloody mary left something to be desired. All in all I am not sure what all the buzz is about...”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Julie, [ Unknown ] 27 Nov 03

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"Had the best Taglioni Salmone, lovely wine with it, great family friendly atmosphere. Free glass of Prosecco on arrival because it was Father’s Day. Excellent pricing and we were fitted in seamlessly despite..." Which venue is this?


"Girls were rude demanding tips for a poor show. If this is the best club London has to offer don't bother going anywhere else in the city." Which venue is this?

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