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Recent bar & restaurant customer reviews in London

Satay House 13 Sale Place, Paddington, London, W2 1PX (Map)

The food is sublime - this is simply the best Malaysian restaurant in London. More Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Steff Green, London

Satay House
Picture of Bamboo Grove, Sutton & Croydon, London

Bamboo Grove, Sutton & Croydon (Restaurant)
“We had a lovely evening in the very modern and sleek Bamboo Grove. The food was very good particularly the Oxtail and the 3 fish curry.The service was very prompt and it was refreshing to see the chefs at work preparing our food. For 2 courses and non-alcoholic drinks we paid about £25.00 a head. We were too stuffed to try the time! I would go there again and recommend it to friends”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
valerie, South Croydon 14 Oct 08

Moonlighting Club, Soho (Bar)
“One of the best clubs in the west end.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
john abimbola, London 13 Oct 08

Le Piaf, Wimbledon (Restaurant)
“Possibly the worst restaurant in London. Went for lunch on Saturday afternoon. The place was half full, not busy. Seated promptly and then waited for 10 minutes to order. Add another 10 minutes for the drinks to arrive and then another 5 for the food. I had a steak sandwich with fries, the fries were hard and cold and my wife had a chicken, brie and cranberry ciabatta. The chicken was raw, totally under cooked. We then waited for someone to bring the bill but had it never arrived. In the end we had to walk up to the counter and pay. They had the cheek to charge us service! We did not have any. I will never ever go here again. Worst restaurant in London by a mile.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
james, london 13 Oct 08

Picture of The Pembroke, Kensington, London

The Pembroke, Kensington (Bar)
“Is there anywhere in Earls Court gay any more, to think of the wonderful gay haunts in this part of london and now gone, The Coleherne, The Redcliffe, Bromptons.... It really is too sad. Poor little Balans on its own.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Leonard, London 12 Oct 08

Picture of Hi Sushi, Soho, London

Hi Sushi, Soho (Restaurant)
“Went for the buffet and found the quality to be awful. The fried food was all tasteless and designed solely to fill you up so that you can't eat as much sushi. The sushi was the worst I have ever had, almost completely salmon based and with all the rolls containing more rice then any others I have had. Even the seaweed wrapping was chewy. The atmosphere downstairs is poor, nothing like it looks in the photos. You are sandwiched between the kitchen and what appears to be the bin area. The only plus side of this place is the huge amount of food you are given. Nearly all of it went to waste however. The worst sushi restaurant I have even been to. Avoid!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
James H, Chester 12 Oct 08

Picture of Carpenter's Arms, Hammersmith, London

Carpenter's Arms, Hammersmith (Bar)
“A really pleasant local pub with a great courtyard - perfect for sunny day lunches. The short and punchy menu does veer towards game - steak and chips with bernaise is venison rather than beef for example. Not a child friendly menu and not for fussy eaters or vegetarians - only one veggie option (mushroom and dandelion risotto- so if you are a vegetarian with you have a mushroom allergy, or a vegan you'll be hungry!) That said, the cooking is well executed and the surrounds are extremely nice. A great find if you live near but probably not worth a special journey.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Kristina, London 12 Oct 08

Picture of La Maja, Notting Hill, London

La Maja, Notting Hill (Restaurant)
“The food was of a decent standard and the atmosphere was calm and the walls pretty. However, upon my last visit, I noticed the restaurant were keen to serve what looked like underage teens alcohol downstairs. I was under the impression the youngsters had been allowed to have a party downstairs. Also, I noticed an odd sour odour downstairs but thats another tale. Hmm The food was also pricey. Frankly, I would have been better off in KFC. That is all.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Franklin Smith, London 12 Oct 08

Picture of Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, London

Book a table at Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch now - fast, free and confirmed!

Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch (Bar / Restaurant)
“H&M chic, over styled décor and ok food describes this venue best. It certainly isn’t the buzz that has been made of this new Shoreditch ’fashion’ venue. Under staffed and poorly planned menus led to a disappointing evening which was suppose to be ‘fabulous’ Even the manager with his charm couldn’t fix a failing combination of dim witted staff, poor kitchen preparation and OK food. No amount of charm could have save this train wreck.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Scott Pearson, london 12 Oct 08

Picture of Cavendish Club @ No. 5, Marylebone, London

Cavendish Club @ No. 5, Marylebone (Bar / Restaurant / Club / Hotel)
“Venue now old and shabby. Staff were rude. Food was frankly disappointing. Drinks were horrendously expensive.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Adrian, London 11 Oct 08

Picture of B@1 (Be at One), West End, London

B@1 (Be at One), West End (Bar)
“I agree with the other reviews, this used to be a fun bar for a cocktail and great service. Unfortunately it's become a bit too successful and so the good service and drinks that made it great have been replaced by passive-aggressive bar staff who'd rather dick around and laugh at you than serve you. The new staff have lost the charm and enjoy making you feel like an outsider. Avoid at all costs, unless you enjoy being insulted.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Jake, London 11 Oct 08

Picture of Balham Firefly, Balham, London

Balham Firefly, Balham (Bar / Restaurant)
“Recommend by a mate to go on a monday when they do half price burgers. Great value, good burger, does exactly what it says on the tin! Beats cooking on a monday.....”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
rob, [ Unknown ] 10 Oct 08

Blue Ocean Restaurant & Lounge, Chertsey (Bar / Restaurant)
“The food was very bland and overpriced. The fact that there were very few diners and therefore very little atmosphere in the place didn't help either. For modern asian food, i'll be sticking to restaurants in London.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Ashley, Chertsey 10 Oct 08

Satay Bar, Brixton (Bar / Restaurant)
“Last night my partner and 2 friends went there for the first time in 8 years. Before we even entered, my partner was asked by the burly bouncer (who himself had a hat on) to remove his cap, only to walk in and see three other people inside with their caps on! The waiter then proceeded to show us to a table for 2 when there were 4 of us. After waiting 20 mins to order, we waited another 20 mins for our drinks (which weren't even cocktails.) The starters arrived and my partner and I had ordered a Satay platter to share. The squid was not cooked, and the lamb was so tough it looked (and tasted) like it had been cooked many night's before and reheated. The prawn satay was one tiny prawn holding on for dear life to the satay stick, also bizarrely there was no peanut sauce in sight. For the main course the four of us shared a very chewy 'Lazy Beef', a Snapper that was covered in onions and peppers with no taste whatsoever, a Lamb Massaman which was really oily and tasteless and a Thai papaya salad which consisted of shredded lettuce, carrots, 3 beans and a sprinkling of papaya drowned in sweet chilli sauce. I had to ask for extra limes and fish sauce as it was so sickly sweet. The fish sauce finally arrived after 2 waiters telling me that the kitchen did not have it(!). As everyone knows fish sauce is a staple ingredient in Thai/Malaysian food. Overall we were all extremely disappointed, especially when the bill included service charge, and the waitress had spilt the fish ”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Karen, London 10 Oct 08

Picture of Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing, London

Book a table at Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing now - fast, free and confirmed!

Flava's Lounge Bar and Grill, Ealing (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“A great place to book a party for food was excellent and the chef is very positive friendly and had good communication rather than the waiters. But love to be back.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
william henry, ealing 09 Oct 08

Picture of The Lodge Tavern, Ealing, London

The Lodge Tavern, Ealing (Bar / Restaurant)
“I love this place, really nice atmosphere and it is different from everywhere else in ealing...Quite interesting cocktail list, usually in ealing you are given the choice of sex on the beach or blue lagoon...eugh!:( The Lodge has a really nice cocktail with Raspberries and Chilli in it, sounds weird I know but trust me it is amazing! Definitely a good place to go, to escape the boring chain pubs of the area!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Claire , London 09 Oct 08

Picture of The Plough, Barnes & Sheen, London

The Plough, Barnes & Sheen (Bar / Restaurant / Hotel)
“I agree totally with the last review. Since the Plough has been done up, it's atmosphere-less and the management made a major mistake not correcting the problem soon enough. It has lost huge local custom. Here's a 'Strong' hint. Fire your french chef or get a spine and put on what locals want. Add some TV's for sport to get the punters back in and some background music and take full advantage of the status of cosy country pub you once had when the pub was packed every night!! It may be a posh area, but surely you know us posh folk are scrooges!! As an aside, I still drink here as it's about a foot from my house!!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Paddy, London 09 Oct 08

Picture of Dirty Martini Covent Garden, West End, London

Dirty Martini Covent Garden, West End (Bar / Restaurant / Club)
“I would like to thank the staff at Dirty Martini for looking after me and my friends, we were celebrating my birthday. No complaints from any of us, will definitely be going again. Cocktail menu is amazing. Was slightly disappointed the DJ would not take any requests, but that was a small thing, on the whole a very nice experience!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
V Mistry, London 09 Oct 08

Picture of The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood, London

The Black Sheep Cafe Bar, Crystal Palace & Norwood (Bar)
“Drop in this bar for a pint or two, especially over the Summer, usually afternoons ar early evenings. The garden is good, gets a fair bit of sun, and has some plants greenery around (but could do more with it!). Inside it can be a bit dark, but the sofas are comfy. Bar staff are very cheerful and helpful (at the time of writing they were Ibby, Natalie, Barbara and Joe) and the range of beers good (Hoegarden and Leffe being my faves). They're trying to bring in a lot of people earlier in the week by having Mojita Mondays and double cocktail Tuesdays etc, and I hope they succeed. Food is ok, but the fave for food seems to be the nearby White Hart. All in all, probably the best pub to chill in the Palace, and if you see me sitting by the bar there come up and say hi!”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Colin, London 09 Oct 08

Picture of Borscht n' Tears, Knightsbridge, London

Borscht n' Tears, Knightsbridge (Bar / Restaurant)
“I work in Corporate Travel in the City of London for one of the largest Japanese banks around and have been to restaurants, good and bad, posh and quirky, all over the world. Please do NOT do this restaurant any favours by lining their pockets with your hard-earned money. The food is absolutely terrible, the waiters completely indifferent. I questioned the bill as it included some drinks we had not had. I was then subjected to a barrage of abuse.”
Atmosphere: Value: Quality:
Philip Fairnuff, London 08 Oct 08

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